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Thrill Me Thursday…Just Du it!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Yeah you know where I’m going and you know what you gotta “Du.”

1) Steel reinforced shmanties…Check!
2) Shamwow…Check!
3) Fan for vajayjay…Check!
4) Seatbelt…Check!
5) Protective head gear, just in case…Check!
6) Bucket to catch drool…Check!
7) Protective cover for keyboard…Check!
8) Fire extinguisher…Check!
9) Porn~folio at the ready for sharing…Check!
10) Cold drink…Check!
11) Muffle or Gag if you are at work to keep the moans from escaping and causing suspicious glares in your direction…Check!
12) Knee pads for bowing down to the great Melbie Toast in gratitude for all the pics I stole Borrowed from her tumblr…Check!
13) Paper bag for hyperventilating *thanksRobbieElise for this visual LOL and the next*…Check!
14) Hubs, BF or favorite toy on stand~by!…Check!
For those of you who have been hiding under a rock,  been too busy with RL shizz, don’t know, there is a Film Festival in Berlin tomorrow and our Boyfriend has already departed for Berlin earlier today. Go HERE if you want to see the Pap Pics at the air port.

Now let’s Du it!

Melbie Toast Tumbler


Melbie Toast Tumblr


I wanna Kiss the boo boo's away!

Now this song is older than dirt but under the circumstances I’m sure you will agree the words are going to be what we are all going to be singing when (IF) we ever get to see this movie…
Melbie Toast Tumblr

Yeah, DU that to me one (a million) more times.

Whatch planning to DU there Uma? Hhhmmmm???
 F*cking Sexpenders FTMFW!!
Melbie Toast.Tumblr

This post is gonna get you wet one way or another!

 I think this calls for a little Rhianna don’t you?
“…Take Me for a ride…Take me…Let me make you rise…Make it last all night…I’ll make you feel like a man…”
Hell Yeah!

That's it Baby, Take it all off! Better yet, Let me DU it for you!!


Yeah, give me half a chance and I'll put a bigger smile than that on your face Rob!

 A woman could happily drown in those blue eyes! *swoon*

Is that an invitation to sit on your lap? YES PLEASE! Squeeeee.... We can talk about the first thing that pops UP! *snickers*

UNF! Could you imagine holding that chin/jaw in your hands and staring DOWN *ahem* into those eyes! DED!

OH! Those Blue eyes again! Have mercy on me Rob!

Tickets to Bel Ami anyone?

I don’t know what else to tell you ladies besides this…

**Special thanks to Melbie Toast, InRobWeLust, IceAngel 34, and Pull My Daisy Too for having such great tumblrs for our perving pleasure!***


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Surprise Rita!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies,
As we ring in the New Year tonight we will als be ringing in our very own Rita01tx’s  Birthday! Rita and I met in April and since March I don’t think a day has gone by that we haven’t chatted or e-mailed each other every day. (except for when she was on vacay) She offered to fix my boo boo in WIT and we’ve been tied at the hip ever since and I must say having her as my friend has been one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me!So from the bottom of my heart I wish you a

 Very Happy Birthday Girlfriend!!

MidNight Cougar was kind and thoughtful enough to make up the Banners from all of us to You on your Birthday Rita!!

Heh heh heh We knows how muuch you like “WET ROB”

And the “Happy Trail” Too

Oh And Rob Stopped by with a special birthday wish of his own fr you. He told me he would be waiting in his Penthouse Suit with your “gift!”

Love You Girl,




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The Twilight Before Robmas

So it’s not quite the twilight before Robmas but you won’t mind, right? When you have an idea you have to Carpe Diem, even 3 days early!

Twas the Twilight before Robmas, when all through the RA mansion,
Not a h00r was stirring, only their passions.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Robert soon would be there.
The angelz were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Robporn danced in their heads.
And RF in her pj’s and I in my LB cap
Had just settled down for a short little cat nap.

Just a little less creepy!

When on top of the penthouse there arose such a clatter
We sprang from the suite to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a flash,
Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.

Hey, if Rob was outside my window I'd be jumping out too!

 The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below.
When, what next I saw would for sure seal my fate,
His Holy Hotness, and eight of his mates.

Well, most of them are here

 With a sexy Brit actor, a wonky heart throb,
I knew in a moment it must be Saint Rob.
More rapid than fangirls, the Britpack they came,
And he whistled, and shouted and called them by name.

Lips perfect for whistling (among other things)

  Now TomStu! Now A. Garf!  Now Johnny and Lee!
On Samuel! On Marcus! On Bear and Bobby!
To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall!
Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!
And then in a twinkling we heard on the RA roof,
The prancing and dancing of each little foot.
As I drew in my head and was turning around,
Down the chimney Saint Robert came with his hound.
He was dressed like a hobo, from his head to his foot,
And his clothes were all tarnished with dumpster soot.
A bundle of Twi toys, he had flung on his back
And he looked like he was homeless, just opening his pack.
 His eyes-how they twinkled! his dimples how merry!
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!
His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
But the beard on his chin was just, HELL NO!
 The stump of a cigarette he held tight in his teeth,
And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath.
He had a strong face and a happy trail belly,
That gets us all going, like a bowlful of jelly!

Smokin Hawt!

 He was adorkable and filter-less, a right giggly old elf,
And I gaped when I saw him, in spite of myself!
A wink of his eye and a smirk of his lips,
Soon made me think, I sure hope he strips!

GAH!!! That smile!

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
And filled all the stockings, then turned with a smirk.
And giving his knuckles a jolly good crack,
He thanked us for supporting him through Rob Attack!

He sprang to our bed while  his team gave a whistle,
 But he sent them away, like the down of a thistle.
Then we  heard him exclaim, ‘ere they drove out of sight,
“Happy Robmas to all, I’m staying with my girls tonight!”



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Monday Madness… NSFW!!!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies!!

I’m sure you will all think I have gone mad now LOL *puts on Mad Hatter top hat* Have any of you ever heard the song “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”??

Well, If you haven’t here it is! Listen to it or this post will make absolutely no sense! LOL *I’m sure you’re use to that from me by now*  😀

Now that you are familar with it you should know I got that song stuck in my head *yeah it’s a scarey place up there LOL* and after it played in my mind for the 100th time I started replacing the words here and there and… Well, This is what I came up with. Just sing along to the above tune.

 I Want A Robert Pattinson For Christmas!

Oh I want a Robert Pattinson For Christmas
Only a Robert Pattinson will do

Don’t want a Lautner, no dinky little boy
I want a Robert Pattinson to play with and enjoy!

I want a Robert Pattinson for Christmas,
I don’t think Santa Clause will mind do you?

He won’t have to use our dirty chimney flue
Just bring him through the front door, that’s the easy thing to do

I can see me now on Christmas morning, creeping down the stairs
Oh what joy and what surprise when I open up my eyes
To see a nekkid Robert standing there!

I want a Robert Pattinson for Christmas,
NO Taylor Lautners NO Viggio Mortensens’
I only like Robert Pattinson
And Robert Pattinson likes me too!

Mom says that Robert is a dating that Kristin
But I say That’s too bad because I am better for him!!!

There’s plenty room for him in my king sized bed
I’ll massage him there and love him there and make sure he’s well fed!

I can see me now on Christmas morning, creeping down the stairs
Oh what joy and what surprise when I open up my eyes
To see a nekkid Robert standing there!

I want a Robert Pattinson for Christmas,
NO Taylor Lautners NO Viggio Mortensens’
I only like Robert Pattinson
And Robert Pattinson likes me too!

So Ladies, got any Rob or Twilight versions of Christmas songs dancin around in your heads? Let’s hear em!!
Happy Monday Ya’ll\




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TheMissMod’s Rob Dream Surgery

Hello all, it’s me again, TheMissMod – RA’s Resident Brit! This week, with the end of “King Of…”, I thought I’d try something a little different. So ladies, without further ado, I would like to welcome you all to:

*Puts on glasses and invites you to sit on the chaise longue*

So ladies, tell me – have you had any Rob Dreams lately? If so, what happened? Were they sexy, silly, funny or just plain weird? Were they inspired by things that happened in your waking life? Perhaps they were dreams inspired by a book you’ve read recently, or a movie you’ve seen – or maybe even a fanfic. Whatever the case, if you’ve had a Rob Dream lately, feel free to share it in the comments!

Alternatively, has it been hard for you to dream of Rob lately? Or if you’ve been lucky enough to dream about him, has the dream turned into a nightmare? Or is your own RobDreamland barren and in desperate need of some care and attention?

Every week, we will give one of you lovely ladies a Star Dreamer award and, with your permission, feature your dream on this post.

Hope you’ll all pop by the surgery!

Peace out and happy RobDreams to you all xoxo

UPDATE: *Rob walks onstage in a fancy suit*

The results are in, and we have this week’s winner. But first, let’s take a look at the nominees: First up, it’s Rita01tx. Then, it’s Robsfuturemate. And our final nominee is Robshandmonkey. *Opens gold envelope* This week’s STAR DREAMER AWARD goes to Rita01tx!!! *Applause* CONGRATULATIONS, RITA!
This is Rita’s dream:

“Takes place in what looks like a dimly lit, abandoned warehouse of some kind. Huge, wide open space with glass windowed offices along one side. I think I’m part of Rob’s entourage as there are a few other people walking along with us…maybe we’re scouting a location or something…dunno.
The others walk ahead and Rob suddenly pushes me into one of the empty offices and lays me out on the dusty desk. He moves between my legs and leans over to take me in his arms and kiss me as he pushes his jeans clad erection into me…hard! My legs go around his waist and we both thrust against each other frantically until we cum screaming!
Then I woke up!”

*Rob presents Rita with her award and a kiss (of course!)*


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Pick The Pick 5 anyone?


"Hello Everybody! *Waves*

It’s been a week or so and I’m back to challenge your knowledge of “The Precious Pretty Parts in your Pervy portfolios!” LOL (try saying that three times fast! *snickers*) Pick the Pick Pictures come from our very own Cared this week. so here we go.

Can You find me?

I see you!!!

If This one is found quickly I will post some more throughout the day…
Ready, Set, GO!

rdmickey 1989 *Wink*

           rdmickey1989 Wins round 5!!!

Laters BBez…


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Rob~a~licious Yum!!


Well girls, I’m feeling a little Nostalgic today and since I am, I thought we could share a few giggles about the good old days. How you ask?  By remembering and teaching all our new friends, hOOrs, Angelz and Sistas WTF we are talking about  when we use terms like SWMNBN, Sofa King HAWT and FTMFW (yes there are many who do not know what this means. That’s ok! Ain’t no shame in the game Ladies!) and about a gazillion others! So, I was planning on making this a Three Part post {And we are going to have to make it three parts cuz trust me, the “Robcabulary” Is bigger than the “JaPEEN” *GASP* Yeah! I said it! LOL}  and maybe, just maybe, with the Bel Ami Clip, *DED* The New BD Honeymoon Clip *Sigh* and The *giggles* Comic Con Appearance, we might just come up with a few new words for the “WikiPEENia” And The “Robster’s DICKtionary” So I’m going to start us off with some of these from the “Good ‘Ol days at RAoR” And we can Build on it from there! If you’ve seen or Heard one that you do not know Please, don’t be shy, just ask and we will Tell ya all what it means! If you have a NEW ROBISM to add to the collect let’s hear it! OK, are you ready? Got your “DICKtation” pads out and ready to start? Here is just a VERY SMALL portion of the RobCabulary.
Robgasm – what you have when you look at a particularly hot-sexy pic or video of Rob
Robgasmic – *see Robgasm*
Robsession – the feelings his fans have toward Rob and basically what you feel which is Why you are here now.
Robs-lumber – aka Mr Winky aka pEEn. 😛
St Mattress – the church where Rob worships.
Robtastic – referring to Rob pics or videos, manips, edits wall papers etc.
Robtacular – *see Robtastic*
Robs-happytrail – that line of hair that starts below that freckle and leads down his chest to Robs-Lumber.
Perfect??? OH YES!!!!!
Happy Trail…Happy gurl : )
DirtyRob – Rob in any state of sexy slobbery – scruff, plaid, unkept hair, shiteous Nikes, drunkeness. *See any Rome Rob Pic*
RobCrotch – do you need to ask?…worshipped by many, longed for by all.
Good Robmorning – how you greet fellow Robsessed fans in the am.
Robfix – daily dose of Rob required to get through the day. That’s why we are here!
Robscars – the Actual name of the Oscars when Rob attends.
Robstalking – how fans refer to their daily hunt for info and new pictures of Rob. (How I got started! LOL)
JawPorn – created by Rob’s strong jawline.  Used to refer to any photo or image where this is prominent.
JAW Porn! *Squeeeee*
*Nuff Said!*
Robdreams – what fans wish for every night!
Robattack – similar to a heart attack but can only be induced by Rob! Yup, this Robism is Where I got the name for this site!
Robaholic – as in “my name is Rita and I’m a Robaholic“  [Hello Rita & Welcome to the Party] *snickers* Sorry Rita, Couldn’t
resist!!! 😀
Stay-at-Home-Rob-Stalker – stay at home RobStalker *ME! THAT’S ME!*
Cream-of-Rob umm no explanation required here.
Robscars” – the Actual name of the Oscars when Rob attends
 “Rob-a-licious” Pretty Self Explainitory!
“Robnesia”- that thing I get that makes me forget to feed the family and do the laundry, dishes, etc….
“Robgob”: that piece of drool you discover running down your mouth after staring at Happy trail pics….
“Spunkpack” what a “Normal man *snickers* would call a six-packAKA ROBpack
“RobEnvy”-what every man in the world has. Their women are all just slipping away at the slightest thought of RPattz.
“RobSexplosion” = Explosion of a great deal of RobPorn showcased very, very quickly in a video montage
Example: “Faster Kill Pussycat” video, I have floved this video since I first saw and it is still in my top 5! *SQUEEEE*
Or this one! Oh La La!!! Also in my top 5! *humina humina humina*
Errrr…Make that top 3!!! *whew! it’s hot in here??? *THAT Ma Dears is every freakin form of Robporn Known to Woman kind! and all I can say is DAY~UM!!! That’s HAWT!!!
“Robpack”: Marcus Foster, Bobby Long, Johnny Flynn and others.
“Robnana” – if ya have to ask, ya shouldn’t be reading this blog…leave NOW!
‘Robnana Nut Muffin” – seriously, if ya don’t know go NOW, go play with Justin Bieber!!”
‘PattinPervs – gender neutral term to describe the fans with one-track-mind
“PattinSluts” – see previous definition, female specific. *GUILTY!!* I owns it!
“FBR” – Federal Bureau of Robstigation-  
“PSI=Porn Scene Investigator”: For photo see closest mirror! LOL
There are many many more my Sistas I know you know them. I have a Full list and will be adding a full DICKtionary/WikiPEENia Tab once I have all your input! So post away and add to the list. (porn to accompany said definition is always welcome!!)
Note: Most of these came from RAoR but I did try to reword them a bit to make them current and new again.


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What Does It For You?


Well, I finally finished building my Robalicious web site. Now I’m writing my first RoBlog and I can’t think of a better topic for any Blog other than Rob can You? I Mean, You just have to LOVE a man who says things like, “I’m just a tool. I’m just A Big Hard Tool!” *LMAO*
As I was lurking around from site to site teaching myself about blogging and Building websites and basically Rob-stalking, (Yes I said it! I Own it! Can you blame me? *LOL*) I realized every one likes him for different reasons. Many, Many different reasons. So to get things started I want to know, What is it about Robert Pattinson that just Drives You WILD? I mean seriously,

      Was it his role in Twilight as the Gorgeous Vampire Edward Cullen
                                                 that captivated you…?
(Amber eyes to Ambush your heart!)
    Is it that GQ look he can pull off so well that makes your heart race….?

OH YEAH!!! C*H*O*M*P!!!

And then there’s his hair that is so often Messy and yet somehow Always Perfect…?

YEP PERFECT! A woman could happily get lost forever looking in a face like that!

 Or could it be those Long, Lush eyelashes, or maybe is it those Haunting Blue-Gray eyes that are so easy to get lost in you forget what you were saying….?

*Le sigh* *faint* *Thud*
 Uumm…where was I? *rereads blog & skips over pictures*…oh Yeah, is
                                           it those full, pouty lips….?
(Those lips are just begging to be kissed, and OFTEN!)
*Shakes away the day-dream* (Hmmm this may take longer than I thought.) I’ve learned that some people have real attraction for that
                                            Strong Gorgeous Jawline….?
(Rob’s Profile. Strong Jaw. ‘Nuff said. *Pffftt*
Could it be, like so many others, (and I absolutely agree with them) that   you’re attracted to his big, strong hands, with those long elegant fingers?
(Yup! That Works for ME!)
 Of Course, there’s always that Amazing torso to tantalize your thoughts…?
(Gah! Happy Trail! Happier Blogger!)
                        Is it that Tush that turns your insides to mush….?
(You Know! BWAhaahaaa)
Could it be that it’s the way he can be Red Carpet Glamourous one minute…?
      And then turn around and he’s completely “Adorkable” the next….?
(Damn! Even “Adorkable” he’s Sexy!)
And then the next time you see him he’s got that drop dead, Take your
                                breath away, “Come Hither” Stare….?
(Too…Pretty…Can’t Take it…)
          *Gah!!! Gotta… concentrate, Can’t. Get. Distracted. By. The. Pretty.*
                   There’s always his Amazing, Soulful, Beautiful Voice…?

(Lord, THAT VOICE goes through me like Liquid Gold! *Shivers*) 
                         And of course there’s that Wonderful Giggle….?

(Go on, admit it, you’re either laughing your butt off or grinning like an idiot trying not to! Ain’t no shame in that!)

 Is it the way he’s Swamped by all his adoring fans to whom he is always so Gracious and yet, he still manages to remain humble and disbelieving
                                               that so many adore him…?
(AWWW!!! Even when he’s shy and Bashful he’s HAWT!!!)
                                    I don’t know about you, but as for me,…


 So tell me, What Does it for you? What is it about Rob that gets you hot? Have I overlooked something? have I left something out? Please leave me a comment and a little love too. Mwah! 




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