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Sensual Sunday ~ When Your Jaw Just Drops!

Wet Rob Avi

It’s GOT to be DiorRob today, ladies!

They didn’t give us much and most of what we DID get was bootlegged and very poor quality, but DAYUM!!!!!

We’re in so much trouble when the actual Dior Homme campaign starts in September *GROAN!* Why the long wait *le sigh!*

So, here’s what happens in Rob’s fandom when his girls get so excited we pee our panties!


We jump in feet first and edit/enhance the shit outta whatever we get!


Thank you, Fearlessmore, for prettyin’ up what was a bootleg screenshot!


When it comes to enhancin’ one of the few originals, I knew we could count on our ol’ Cougar Mama, MelbieToast *fist bump!*


Cricrila‘s sepia is just a taste of all the different ways our girls saw this pic!


FeistyAngel34 wasn’t satisfied with b/w where Rob’s concerned…she gave us COLOR!


Although PattinPerv2 likes a blue sweater {jumper *sigh*}, most kept the black!


Socalmom2four bathes Rob in a warm glow!


Love her meldin’ of these two photos, but don’t blame NereCullen… this is how Rob is quoted everywhere I’ve seen! Either it should have been “As an actor you are ON your own” or “As an actor you are in your own {world?}”


I could not resist this one by Dazzledbyrp {Maggie!}


Before any of the rest of us could get to him, Jayme DuRob claimed him LMAO!!!

IBR 123

IveBeenRobbed reminds us that Rob is always superHAWT in black sweaters {jumpers *groan*}!


There’s no tag on this one but the source is Keepcalmanddazzle, whose comment was: “#DiorRob ribbed for her pleasure!!! LOL {FIST BUMP AND AMEN TO THAT!!!}


Every edit I’ve seen of this original is an improvement! Verena rocks!


I love Swovie‘s subtle tints in her edit!


SteffySwan77 brings the focus to Rob’s eyes!


I do believe another FIST BUMP and AMEN is warranted for Robsessed1123‘s edit LOL!


Kill me now! I’m so lovin’ the crisp colors in MySexyVampire‘s edit!


Untagged and tilted but I KNOW this one belongs to Keepcalmanddazzle!


If it says RPAustralia, it’s CreationbyJules! {I’m a JulesH00r…I know these things LOL!}

Francies67 1302

Francis67 made several sweeeet edits of this pic and I chose 2 to share with you!

Francies67 1300

I almost thought this was an edit of the sweater/jumper pic, but the lips are the tell!


One of these days, imma feature Edbellfan cause I love the dramatic darkness of her edits!


Oh, Cricrila! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… LMAO!!!


Can I get a final FIST BUMP and AMEN, Sistas!!!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider


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Sensual Sunday ~ Pucker Up, Dollface!

Alright, ladies!

Who has the most kissable lips God ever gave man? ROB!

Can we ever get enough of lookin’ at ’em? NO!!!

We all have a whole bucket list full of things we’d like to do with {and/or to} Rob, even if it will only ever be in our dreams…and dream we do!  But, suckin’ face with The Pretty is way high on that list!

First time I saw this photo of Rob at the Tokyo premier of Goblet of Fire is when I went “DAYUM! That’s ROB?” Cause I hadn’t started seriously huntin’ down RobPorn until Twilight came out!

And while I am completely enamoured with Rob’s PantyMeltin’Pout {I refuse to call it a TroutPout cause that’s just nasty}, what I will be focussin’ on today is the Mother of all Puckers, aka Rob’s MotherPucker!!!

Jayme! What did I just say? ME has no control LMAO!!!

See, every now and then, someone catches Rob puckerin’ those sweet lips like he’s sayin’ “Oooooh!” and I just fuckin’ SWOON!

You can see ’em  beginnin’to loosen up…

just a little bit more…

Until they look as soft as downy pillows! MWAH!!!

Aw, now that’s just overkill! And who the H E double hockey sticks put lipstick on our man!?!?!

Rob pops that MotherPucker even when he’s not aware of the cameras….

Or, maybe he IS aware of the cameras!

{Needed to see that one up close!} DAYUM! That upper lip just begs to be attacked!!!

Either way, I’m pretty sure he’s flirtin’ with us when pops it durin’ personal appearances!

How he keeps switchin’ from top lip pucker to bottom lip pucker, I’ll never know!

But MotherPuckerin’ both of ’em together? Must take a lot of practice LMAO!!!

MotherPuckerin’ even gets to us when it’s framed by Rob’s glorious scruff…

OK, so a more subtle approach to highlightin’ Rob’s MotherPucker with a little red might just grow on me…or, maybe it’s just because it’s BIEL!

Melbie’s black ‘n white just proves that Rob doesn’t need color to suck us in with his MotherPucker!

Give us a profile, MotherPucker! {wipes tear…I just kill myself sometimes!} {Click on it if it turned tiny on me!}

Three-quarter profile? Yeah, better…

OMG! The half-open MotherPucker! *THUD!*

Well, that’s me DIED, so I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Clairebamboozle…my partner in crime on this post. She provided the gifs and some of the photos! Thanks, BB!!!

Thank you, Rob!

Happy Sunday, y’all!



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Sensual Sunday ~ Rita’s Recipe for Rob Soup!

Good mornin’, Ladies ! {Well, it was mornin’ when I started this…been addin’ ingredients all day!}

My inspiration is all over the place, today…it’s like comin’  face-to-face with one of RF’s Alien Invasion Robs and not knowin’ where to grab onto him first, so this “Rob Soup” is gonna have a little bit of everything LMAO!!!

Can’t go wrong with a large dollop of RobSpice!  Think I’ll just start with one of the hottest, steamiest, sexiest NSFW Rob vids I’ve come across in a looooong time!

What else can I use?  Oh, yeah…a stalk of RobStalker! Remember this photo I posted recently?  Remember I told you about that girl stalkin’ Rob all over NYC?

Recognize a certain person in the background as Rob was arrivin’ at the Museum of Modern Arm for the Cosmopolis premier on August 13th???

Not that I blame her, but it must be frustratin’ to get so close only to watch him disappear into the maddin’ crowd!

Might as well add some RobBeauty to the mix! You know I love light and shadow play LOL! {You NEED to see this full screen…click it!!}

So, that was Rob all spiffed up and lookin’ fine!  How ’bout tossin’ in a little Hobolicious Rob? Only our cheeky man could get away with turnin’ up at an interview with the New York Times wearin’ a backwards baseball cap and bumble bee striped shirt LMAO!!!

Of course, bein’ the pervy hOOrs we all are, his wardrobe malfunction did NOT go unnoticed…

As much water as he was drinkin’ durin’ that long-assed interview on August 15th, I’m not surprised he got “sidetracked” between the end of the interview and the photoshoot LOL!

Yeah…laugh it up, Rita! Like you’ve never come out of the ladies room with the back of your skirt all tucked in the top of your pantyhose!!!

Wha…how…who TOLD you that?!?!?!? {True facts, unfortunately *sigh!*}

Just a dash more RobBarrassment?  It would appear Rob’s switched from boxer brief to boxers!!!

Crap! He was movin’ too fast! Did we miss it? Uh, not likely LOL!

Time for Rob to have some damn FUN after all the rushin’ around and who better to have fun with than our favorite RobFanboy…Josh Horowitz!

And Rob DID have fun! No pressure…just laughs, giggles and evil chuckles when Josh handed over the award for beatin’ Hunger Games for the MTV Movie Brawl with Cosmopolis!

Rob had a couple days down time {I hope} before turnin’ up for Jimmy Kimmel on August 22nd!

JK always gets the best interviews out of Rob! They have a rapport that’s the envy of every other presenter LOL!

Ha! Rob knew exactly who all those women were there to see and it wasn’t JK LMAO!!!  Ummm, I just gotta steal me a little taste of sweet, sweet WonkyFeet!!!

After the show, Rob disappeared off into the night…

and went into full ninja mode for a couple weeks! That is, until Jayme kindly escorted him through LAX just in time for the VMA’s on September 6th!!!

Can you say Alpha Male?” {Now, that packs a punch…need some of that, too!}

And the Alpha Male will have his due LOL! {yeah, I KNOW it’s just the camera angle, but still…}

Rob melted a ton of panties as a result of…THIS bit of RobHotness {beautifully captued by @fearlessmore}!!!

Not only did Rob melt our panties at the VMA’s, he completely melted our hearts with RobHumbleness when he made a surprise appearance at the Stand Up 2 Cancer charity event the very next night!

Rob, darlin’! You’re the BEST!!! {a RobHug FTMFW!!!}

As always, Rob left us pantin’ for more…just can’t get enough of that man!  Francies67 gives us this partin’ shot of RobAngelness!

Heeey! I know what to put into my Rob Soup for the finish touch! RobPizazz!!!

Garnished with a drizzle of Rob’s DreamCream, and there you have it…Rita’s Rob Soup!

Happy Sunday, y’all!



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Sensual Sunday ~ The Cuteness Factor!

WARNING: If you’re readin’ this at work, you might wanna wait til you get home…just sayin’!

Don’t know ’bout you, ladies, but I feel the need to exercise our Rob given right to PERV!

These pics have been burnin’ a hole in my pocket for a while now, and I do believe it’s the perfect time to share!

It wasn’t until recently that I found out who was doin’ these, but I remember laughin’ my ass off the first time I saw Jayme DuRob puttin’ herself right where we all want to be…in the photo with Rob!!!

Jayme has done this in the cutest way imaginable {and the perviest…just wait for it} !!!

What? No itsy bitsy teeny weeny purple polka-dot bikini, darlin’?  {Hell’n I should talk…gave up wearin’ bikini’s years ago LOL!}

Ride ‘im, Jayme!  Wooeeeee!!!  {I cursed and blessed the fuckin’ paps in the same breath that day, ’cause there wasn’t any way in hell I wasn’t gonna watch The Pretty havin’ the time of his life!}

It ain’t easy gettin’ Rob’s attention, is it sweetie?  Anyone who’s ever stood in line for him can testify to that LOL! {Anyone else findin’ yourself livin’ vicariously through “ME”? GAW…just the chance to stroke that face…DED!!}

Now what the heck’s the name of those shoes with the red soles again? Don’t look like he’s impressed with fancy footware, angel! {Although I think HE might be makin’ a BIG impression on her butt…stop wrigglin’, darlin’ *gigglesnort!*}

I think you got his attention that time, hon…just not the kind you were lookin’ for! {Can’t tell if he’s about to scratch or sneeze LOL!}

All riiiiight! Now we’re gettin’ somewhere, darlin’!  Well, damn…Rob seems a bit distracted, though. You got any other ideas?  {Man don’t kiss with his eyes open if he’s payin’ attention, right?}

OK, good strategy! Make friends with sweet little Mackenzie! {Rob can play “Bad Daddy” with me any time!  Oh yeah, guess we’d have to play “Bad Mama” LMAO!!!  What can I say…Rob makes me FEEL young!}

Why, Jayme darlin’!  Thanks for includin’ me in your Rob encounter on the red carpet in Cannes! What? Oh, it’s not me {pouty face}, it’s your bestie SD? {Don’t have permission to use your name, SD, but you know who you are LOL!}

OMFG! Goin’ straight for the Promised Land, you pevy little hOOr?!?! {Yup! Jayme is definitely one of us LMAO! You go, girl!!!}

Damn, woman!  If that don’t get Rob’s attention, nothin’ will! {Not quite the strategy I was expectin’, but whatever works LOL!}

NipplePorn FTMFW!  I like where this is goin’, angel!!!

Smart girl!  Keep alternatin’ moves on him…his attention’s definitely on YOU!!!

Well, hell!  If SD gets a turn, I want one, too!!!

Holy Hell in a Handbasket, Jayme darlin’!  {Livin’ vicariously, livin’ vicariously, livin’ fuckin’ vicariously THUD!}{Ya’ll just hang on a minute while I go change mah drawers!}

LMAO! After all that, um…exercise, you and Rob both deserve to chillax with a nice, cold Coke! {In Texas, pop, or soda, is a Coke no matter what it is LOL!}

For those of you who are followin’ the Olympics, enjoy them with Rob and “ME!”

I’d like to thank the fabulous Bornonhalloween for suggestin’ this merry madness LOL!!!

If you aren’t readin’ her fic “Lather, Rinse, Repeat,” you’re missin’ a great story!


Freshly graduated from Cosmetology School, Bella takes a job in a health club beauty salon called Mystique. First days on the job can be so boring…until that perfect head of hair walks in! All drabble, All human
Rated: Fiction  M – English – Romance/Drama –  Bella & Edward – Chapters: 281   – Words: 57,237 – Reviews: 13,022 – Favs: 805 – Follows: 1,210 – Updated: 07-28-12 – Published: 11-26-11 – id: 7584064

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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