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Saturday Club: Exhibitionists!

Well now chickies, I’ve been spending a lot of time in art galleries lately, and yesterday I was in a conference with a local film director and one of his lead actors (who incidentally looked and sounded a bit like Hugh Grant)! Here’s hoping we up the stakes and get a conference with Rob some time soon! 😛

Aaanyway, what this all leads to is today’s pondering post with a bit of perviness thrown in, because why not?!

Today I will put this question to you; you’re hosting an exhibition at your local museum/gallery. It’s all about Rob (of course!)

What does the exhibition involve??!

Is it interactive?

Are there special rooms?

Does it take up more than one floor?

Is it *ahem* free entry?

Let me know in the comments! Happy Saturday chickies!

TMM xoxo


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