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I hope that you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!! Today’s post is inspired by Midnight Cougar. She gave me this great idea and then lo and behold…when I woke up in the morning it looked like someone had read our minds! All around yesterday was Rob and his lips. They were on  Popsugar’s 30 most memorable kisses. the new TV spot featuring DuRob kissing his costars, and these awesome videos by HisHandsObsessed (that we will get to later).

So here’s what Rob himself has said about kissing, “I always get carried away when I’m kissing. I just go nuts! Walking away after it is the strangest moment for me. It’s embarrassing – not knowing what to say to each other.” Well Rob, I think there’s a few ladies that might help you out with that!

I know what you’re thinking. Enough talking and let’s get to the lips!! Okay, okay.

We have to start out with a first kiss. And let me just say, if this is the way the boy gives a FIRST kiss, we are all ded!!!

And after some more practice it really gets going.

Sometimes it’s more than just the lips that wander.

Is it getting hot in here? Wow! Rob has done all kinds of kisses. From chaste forehead kissing, to man on man kisses, to full-blown passion and these  next videos have them all! And even if you’ve seen them before they are so worth watching again, and again and again.

Here’s part one with the song I thought of immediately when I think about kisses.

Part 2 takes us all the way to Breaking Dawn and starts to turn up the heat.

How are you holding up? I’m thinking if you haven’t changed your shamanties yet, you will after this! This one is packed with passion.

Whew!! Barely made it through that one without spontaneously combusting! I think HisHandsObsessed used almost every Rob kiss known to womankind. I say almost because I think there is one more that is so classic, so amazing and let’s face it, kinda hot. It has kisses on the lips, forehead and a kiss on the hand all rolled into one!

Oh yes! I think that the Taybert  kiss was a definite top kiss moment!! Shows that our guy is willing to do anything to make a good show. Now let’s see that one more time!

I bet you never thought you’d wish you were Lautner, now did you?  After all this I’m thinking next time I see Rob I’m going for a kiss!!! Screw Dean, it will be so worth it 😉  So ladies, what is your favorite Rob kiss? And don’t worry, we’ll focus on Breaking Dawn later! And I can’t wait for more kissing to come!



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Rob being, well…thirsty!

Ah! Rob’s lovely, luscious lips cause our imaginations go wild…their
repose when he’s just quietly listening, their curve when he smiles, their
mobility when he’s talking, and especially their curl when he’s drinking!
The Pretty has been photographed drinking through straws…
from cups…
from cans…
and from bottles….
We all know he likes his Heinekin…
But, when asked in an interview what was in his fridge, his answer
(click on the bottle to watch the gif)
Perhaps it’s the accompanying finger porn, or maybe the neck porn, or the
eye porn…hell’n I guess it’s just all ROB!
We could count the number of photos of Rob eating on one hand, but that’s
OK.  We love to watch him drink!!
and another just for shizz and giggles…
Laters, darlin’s!


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