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Monday MotU Madness…NSFW!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies. It’s Monday and you know I ain’t about to let you start a Monday off with the Blues. I think we should start it of with RED instead. Red Hot that is. As promised I’m bringing you a “Master of the Universe, Fifty Shades Video” tribute. So Brace youselves and IF you’re working wait till you get home!!! Cause if you don’t and your boss catches you watching this he/she is going to look at you like this…

So just to make sure I have your FULL attention…

Heh heh heh I knew that would work. Oh those hips just Bring all kinds of pervetry to my dirty mind.

This first Fifty Vid is about 98 % Exactly the way I pictured Fifty’s House looking. This thing screams sexy Fifty Shades….

This next lady is just amazing. She makes her own vids, she makes amazing Banners and gifs, Videos, writes FF, Writes sings and produces her own songs and I’m sure there is tons more. I am of course talking about the amazing Betti Gefecht…

This Next one was made by our very own Maggie!!! *waves* Hey BB!! I Love this song with this vid!!

**WARNING** Mild female nudety in this VID!!! If you are easily offended, under 21 or at work STOP NOW!!!

And once again I have to leave you with our very own pervy ol cougar mama’s FABULOUS Work! I swear Melbie! This song is so durhty!! LOL But so fitting for Fifty!!!

Well that’s all from me this week mah friends. Hope you enjoyed your Holiday weekend!

“Laters BBez”



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Monday Madness… A Video Tribute to FF Hawtness!!! Def NSFW!!!

Good morning, ladies!

Rita and I are putting our heads together for you today. We were trying to come up with ideas for posts that weren’t “Done to Death” and, since we aren’t as lucky as our California Counterparts *ahem :P, * we’ve kinda run out of idears…til now.

What could be better than hot video tributes to some of our favorite Fan Fiction stories?

Let’s start the day off RIGHT…which is code for:


 If you get caught watching these at work, you WILL be fired, so please do NOT jepordise your Jobs! Wait till you get home!!! If You are under 21 or sensitive, “TURN AWAY NOW!!” YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

So, first up is one of my personal favorites by Biel for Master of the Universe by Snowsqueens Icedragon:

Only THE BEST for my girls!! 😀

Now that I have your attention, How about a little something for all you working girls out there who had to work today, Think about this the next time you’re in “The Office”  (The Beautiful Bastard) By JustBiel1

Ok I never saw this vid or heard of this fic before last night but DAYYUM!!! This thing curled Mah toes!!! Not surprising since it too is from JustBiel1 Video inspired upon the twific “Incubus Anomaly”, by the awesomely talented elusivetwilight. IA is M rated for dark lemons and dark themes, so is this video.

 Holy Hell!! Is it HOT in here????

 Well if it ain’t it about to be!!!

When Renee is diagnosed with a terminal illness, Isabella makes the ultimate sacrifice. Selling herself to the highest bidder to do with her as they please may just prove to be more than she bargained for.
Rated M for a reason folks!

If you haven’t read yet then please do so! You won’t regret it, I promise:

OK, I gotta stop before I burn down The RA Mansion LOL so imma turn you over to Rita now. Take it GF!!!

* * * * * *

Damn, girl! Start with the best, why don’t ya LOL!

Well Biel vids ARE the best and THIS vid is the very reason I read The Red Line by Winndsinger…


Alitriona made GREAT Fan Fiction videos for one of the first FF’s I ever read, Wide Awake by AngstGoddess


and for the angsty goodness that is The Blessing and the Curse by The Black Arrow!


Many of us are completely besotted by anything written by CaraNo!  FrenchOthFan made this fabulous vid for Our Yellow House! OMG! I seriously need to read that now that it’s complete!!


Another complete story I MUST read is Sins of the Piano Man by Solareclipses!  She made her own super vid for it…


Not all stories are about Edward and Bella.  Dee602 brought this f*ckin’ AMAZING vid by MexicanGirlTat to our attention back in January on MC’s Friday Fan Fiction post “180 Degrees of Edward.”

Dee didn’t know which fic it was linked to so I did a quick search and we THINK it might be for a Tyler (Remember Me) and Mallory (Welcome to the Rileys) crossover fic called Fix You by HeartK.


ONE more before I turn it back over to RF!  I was just now searching YouTube randomly and found THIS vid for Life Unexpected by GoldenEyess…

Why have I not heard of this fic? Oh yeah…cause it’s not posted yet BUT IT WILL BE!! So go “like” it on Facebook and let her know how much we are looking forward to reading her story!!


Hey! It’s me again,

We started with a Fifty Vid and we’s gonna end with a Fifty vid!!! How could I NOT include Melbie’s…

“Call My Name!”

Want more??? Come Back Next Monday for another all vid post dedicated soley to, Snowqueens Icedragon’s “Master of the Universe ~ Fifty Shades Of Gray”

“Laters Babez”

RobsFan~tasy & Rita01tx


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