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Rob Where Are You? part 2

*blows kisses*


Morning Ladies,

I’m gonna continue Rita’s post, (without her permission) as I’m missing him too.

Not Gonna say too much…this time…I think the videos will say it all for me.

Melbie_Empire 2008 002

GMA Melbie edit001

a 005 Melbie_WFE Barcelona 001

Melbie blues Tyler

Time passes so slowly. The minutes ticking on forever in your absence.

Miss you Rob!

Much Love to you all,




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Sensual Sunday ~ A Farewell to Edward!

Hi Ya'all

Well, ladies!

Here we are at the end of 2012, with 2013 hot on its heels! I know I’m not alone in anxiously awaitin’ Rob’s new films, startin’ with The Rover, which he should begin filmin’ in January! Woo hoo!!!

Our Aussie friends have promised to keep watch over him for us while he’s on their home ground {lucky hOOrs} and I know they will!

Now, since his role as Edward in the Twilight Saga was how many of us came to know and love Rob, I thought it fittin’ to wave farewell to Edward {hell’n without Rob, there would have been no reason for me to even read the books, let alone see the films}!


000 Edward_4

And I was a goner! No one could have played Edward better than Rob!

001 Twilight

Tell me there was a dry pair of panties in the whole audience when Rob strutted into the cafeteria!

002 Twilight

Even with glarin’ black eyes, I woulda melted into a puddle of goo if I’d been sittin’ next to him in that class, ’cause those lips just BEG to be kissed!

005 Melbie Edward Twilight 001

Golden eyed perfection! {bless you, Melbie, for this gorgeous edit!}

RobasEdward45_zpsee9e4dbd 1This was as nekkid as we’d see Rob get as Edward in the first film, but HOT DAMN! Happy Trail Porn FTMFW!!!

NEW MOON ~ 2009

000 edward_9

Anticipation for New Moon ran high in 2009! Although I was curious about how they’d portray the wolves on screen, I was mostly jonesin’ for more ROB!

001 edward_17

Edward was way more sparklie in New Moon…almost too much, but then again…NAH!!

002 Melbie NM002

I hereby proclaim Rob’s parkin’ lot strut waaay sexier than the cafeteria strut LOL!

Maybe it was the music that went along with it {you had your headphones on, right?}

005 rob_NMblacknwhite_0001

Shirtless Rob…the scene we were ALL waitin’ for! Love how this b/w gives us more definition of Rob’s hot new abs, manly V and his delicious Happy Trail {never can get enough LOL}!

006 floren83_NMrobcrack_001

Thank you, Fearlessmore, for our first glimpse of Rob’s ass crack LOL!

007 rob_NMPortrait_005

The fight scene with the Volturi was fuckin’ AWESOME! That bein’ said, it really sucked that Edward got his ass handed to him…I thought he and Alice could “hear” and “see” their every move before they made it???

ECLIPSE ~ 2010

000 eclipseedwardcullencrestposter

Honestly, there were some really good parts to Eclipse but, overall, not my favorite {probably ’cause we didn’t get to see any RobHAWTNESS a.k.a. nekkid Rob LOL}!

001 Melbie Edward Eclipse 01

Rob was as beautiful as ever, but didn’t you find the vampire make-up more white than usual?

002 Francies67040

Fierce Rob…uh, Edward got me all hot and bothered LOL! One of the best scenes!!

004 Dancing

You know I couldn’t resist includin’ Rob’s BTS funky dance gif LMAO!!!

006 riley_edward_victoria_2a

Damned if I didn’t cringe when it looked like Rob {crap! Edward Edward Edward} was gonna get his head ripped off!  I cheered like crazy when the tables were finally turned!!!

007 rob_eclipseportrait_008

Edward’s hair in Eclipse was the most like Rob’s own Sex Hair! Shoulda been like this in ALL of them…just sayin’!

BREAKING DAWN Part 1 ~ 2011

000 Edwardcardcrop1

Edward would seem more “human” in BD1 than in any of the previous films!

001 nov25uhq-4

The weddin’ was absolutely gorgeous, and funny, and tender…I loved it!

002 Headboardsex_500

But THIS is what we all waited on pins and needles to see! And were we disappointed? HELL NO!!! Rob was {IS} a Master “Thruster” LMAO!!!

003 RobertPattinsonBDCaps1052

I couldn’t have been more pleased that they included a glimpse of Edward’s dark past! The red eyes and bloody lips just killed me!

You’ve seen Olia’s vid in a previous post of mine, but it’s worth watchin’ over and again just for the “dark past” scenes, if nothin’ else!

006 HHO054

Gotta say, Rob DID look very much like a 17-year old boy is much of the film, which was a good thing, since that’s what he was SUPPOSED to be LOL!

007 BD1_500

Bless him! His cute as hell man-giggle will keep him forever young!!!


Is there anything more glorious than Rob havin’ the time of his life? {like I was gonna leave this out LOL!}

BREAKING DAWN Part 2 ~ 2012

000 RobertPattinsonEdward-2

We might not see Edward and Bella again, but what do you wanna bet Scummit tries to tack on another Twilight story?  Maybe Jacob and Renesmee? Any other of the Cullen family’s pasts???

002 BD2

BD2 was all about Bella, so my RobPorn stash was a little short on stunnin’ solo Edward shots! I do love this one, though!


What real scenery we got to see {not green screen} was sooo beautiful…wonder where this was filmed?

004 BD2

Rob conveys such emotion with just a quirk of his eyebrows…those gorgeous eyebrows! *THUD!*

005 Francies67442

Still boyishly beautiful *le sigh!*

006 BD2

Yeah, I know it’s Benjamin and not Edward rockin’ with the big crack, but the battle scene was the best part of the film!


Well, this turned into a rather epic post LOL! Just like the Twilight Saga!  Which was your favorite film, and why?

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider


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Sensual Sunday ~ The Last Time I Saw Sydney!


We have lift off, ladies!

Rob and Dean {good to see ya, Dean darlin’!} are wingin’ their way to Sydney, Australia as we speak!!!

LAX – Friday : October 19, 2012

Hell’n they probably landed already {they have!}, but I’m breakin’ our non-pap photo rule cause I’m just so excited that it’s finally happenin’!

Wooeeee! We’s gonna be rollin’ in RobPorn like Scrooge McDuck rolls in his money!!!

The one and only time Rob’s been to Sydney brought us some absolutely gorgeous RobPorn!

Star Date:  May 6, 2011

Location:  Sydney, Australia

Event:  Premier of Water for Elephants

Wow! They’re all here to see ME?

Yup! You didn’t think all your Aussie h00rs and angelz were gonna miss the chance to bask in your presence, did ya darlin’!! {And it wasn’t even for a Twilight premier LOL!} Ever notice how many women make up Rob’s entourage? I can understand Stephanie being there as his agent, but the rest?  Hair, make-up and wardrobe…maybe?

Eat your heart out, Rita! You’re just jealous you aren’t one of them!!

Hell yeah, I’m jealous! How ’bout I volunteer to lay out your pj’s at night?  Maybe brush your teeth for you and sing you to sleep?

Not happening, Rita! Now, stop trying to distract me, woman!

Sheesh! OK OK, I’ll shut up…for now {pouty face}.

Aaaah! Feeling love, love, love, love, love…!

Rob sucks up the energy of the crowd like a vampire sucks blood LOL!

The sweet sounds of success! There’s nothing like it!!

The Pretty {and boy, was he pretty in Sydney} deserves all the adoration we can give him!

Don’t Bogart that Sharpie, Dean! I need it!!

Rob does let himself get carried away when he’s wallowin’ amongst his fans…

Aw, come on! Just give me five more minutes!

jonesing like an addict for just a little more time with them LOL!

Just when I was having fun, damnit! He’s not the boss of me!

Anyone else would be completely freaked out by it all, but not Rob!

Let’s see how many female reporters I can confuzzle!

It’s his opportunity to dazzle us all and he never misses the chance!

Wait for it…she doesn’t stand a chance LOL!

Just when those reporter ladies think they’re gonna be cool with a face-to-face encounter…


he stuns them with That Look!!!

Come wiz me to the Casbaaah, my dear!

LMAO!!! One down…

Boobage! Sweeeet!

Oh, Rob! You dog, you!!!

Sorry! I can’t help being tall enough to look down her dress and…shit, they were RIGHT THERE!

Aw, baby! I wouldn’t give you hell for lookin’ at MY boobs and they’s bigger than Reese’s!

Hmmm, in that case, I might reconsider our…um, relationship!

OMG! Really, Rob?

No, not really!

Well, poodiddle! Way to dash a girl’s dreams!

Rita, Rita, Rita! Make me an offer I can’t refuse!


What’s the matter, Rita? Cat got your tongue?

DAYUM, Rob darlin’! If I didn’t think you were just funnin’ with me {again}, me and my tongue would be down on our knees IYKWIMAITYD!!!!

Here’s wishin’ Rob a Sunday filled with fun to make up for last time before Monday’s madness begins!!!! {Remember how pissed off he was about missin’ out on stuff like Jet Boatin’ and Shark Divin’ LOL!)

Happy Sunday, y’all!



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Sensual Sunday ~ Pucker Up, Dollface!

Alright, ladies!

Who has the most kissable lips God ever gave man? ROB!

Can we ever get enough of lookin’ at ’em? NO!!!

We all have a whole bucket list full of things we’d like to do with {and/or to} Rob, even if it will only ever be in our dreams…and dream we do!  But, suckin’ face with The Pretty is way high on that list!

First time I saw this photo of Rob at the Tokyo premier of Goblet of Fire is when I went “DAYUM! That’s ROB?” Cause I hadn’t started seriously huntin’ down RobPorn until Twilight came out!

And while I am completely enamoured with Rob’s PantyMeltin’Pout {I refuse to call it a TroutPout cause that’s just nasty}, what I will be focussin’ on today is the Mother of all Puckers, aka Rob’s MotherPucker!!!

Jayme! What did I just say? ME has no control LMAO!!!

See, every now and then, someone catches Rob puckerin’ those sweet lips like he’s sayin’ “Oooooh!” and I just fuckin’ SWOON!

You can see ’em  beginnin’to loosen up…

just a little bit more…

Until they look as soft as downy pillows! MWAH!!!

Aw, now that’s just overkill! And who the H E double hockey sticks put lipstick on our man!?!?!

Rob pops that MotherPucker even when he’s not aware of the cameras….

Or, maybe he IS aware of the cameras!

{Needed to see that one up close!} DAYUM! That upper lip just begs to be attacked!!!

Either way, I’m pretty sure he’s flirtin’ with us when pops it durin’ personal appearances!

How he keeps switchin’ from top lip pucker to bottom lip pucker, I’ll never know!

But MotherPuckerin’ both of ’em together? Must take a lot of practice LMAO!!!

MotherPuckerin’ even gets to us when it’s framed by Rob’s glorious scruff…

OK, so a more subtle approach to highlightin’ Rob’s MotherPucker with a little red might just grow on me…or, maybe it’s just because it’s BIEL!

Melbie’s black ‘n white just proves that Rob doesn’t need color to suck us in with his MotherPucker!

Give us a profile, MotherPucker! {wipes tear…I just kill myself sometimes!} {Click on it if it turned tiny on me!}

Three-quarter profile? Yeah, better…

OMG! The half-open MotherPucker! *THUD!*

Well, that’s me DIED, so I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Clairebamboozle…my partner in crime on this post. She provided the gifs and some of the photos! Thanks, BB!!!

Thank you, Rob!

Happy Sunday, y’all!



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Sensual Sunday ~ Rob’s Panty Meltin’ Stare!

Yeah, ladies!

You know the one I mean! The one where Rob stares straight at the camera…at US…as if he knew ALL our durtiest secret desires!

Once I got that thought in my head, I knew there was only one place to go to find the best of the best, and that was our beloved Melbie Toast’s tumblr archieve LOL!

That’s the one I’m talkin’ about! *THUD!*

Rob’s eyes should be registered as lethal weapons!

Rob might not be lookin’ straight at us, but SOMEONE sure as hell was on the receivin’ end of it…hope they survived *gigglesnort!*

*GAH!* Makes me want to know what wicked thoughts are runnin’ through his beautiful head!

Would he like me to tie him up and have my evil way with him? {Where’s the key to RA’s Red Room of Pain when I need it?}

Oh, God! Maybe he wants to tie ME up? {I’ll just run get those ropes…BRB!}

No? Ah, Geez! Not the nipple clamps! Well, on second thought…

Holy hell! If I was a mind reader, I’d be thinkin’ a very nekkid Rita might be crawlin’ his way on hands and knees right about now! Or maybe that’s just wishful thinkin’!

Oh, Baby! The things I’d like to do to you! Better yet, the things you could do to me!

See that slight tilt of his lips? The man KNOWS he does this to us!  How can we resist him? We can’t…it’s that simple!

I just…

I mean…


*Can’t breath!!!*

*Hyperventilating now!!!”

If y’all ‘re lookin’ for me, I’m the big puddle of goo on the floor!

Which means I’ve lost the power of communication LOL!

Now, THIS is why Melbie’s pet name for Rob is “Sexy Beast!” LMAO!!!

I think we are all in unanimous agreement that Rob is Sex Incarnate!!!

And nobody…I mean, NOBODY rocks the Sex Hair like Rob!

I rest my case!

Happy Sunday, y’all!



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Monday Madness~Thrill Me Thursday 4 Part Series Part 1!

A/N:  This is the kind of weirdness you get from chatting with Rita! Once one of us gets an “ah ha” idea, the other one eggs it on like you wouldn’t believe! Well, here…lemme show you what that crazy woman double-dog dared me to do!

It was a day like any other…or so it seemed this beautiful autumn morning. I woke up, stretched, yawned, and dealt with a few essential human moments before getting dressed. Satisfied that I looked my best, I headed to the kitchen, my heart set on an omelet for breakfast. I gathered all the fixings, started the coffee pot and got started on my masterpiece. The bacon was frying, the onions were sautéing and I was chopping up some other ingredients when there was a knock on my door. Hoping it was who I thought it was, I looked out the window on my way to the door and, sure enough, a UPS {United Parcel Service} truck was parked in my driveway.  Yay! I’d ordered a few things on line and had been expecting them to arrive soon and here they were. I knew I’d have to sign for it, so I checked my face in the mirror before answering the door.

“Hi, can I help…” Holy Hell! This guy looked like just like Rob! I don’t mean a Rob look-alike, with subtle differences…no, he looked EXACTLY like Rob!

“Morning, ma’am. I have a delivery for RF?” he looked up at me questioningly. Fuck me sideways! I couldn’t get over how much he looked like a young Rob!

“Uh…yeah, I’m RF,” I stated dumbly. “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Robert Pattinson?” I asked as I signed for my packages and handed back his electronic clipboard thingy.

“Robert who?” he asked smirking at me. Oh my!

“Um, never mind. Are you new?” I asked. I couldn’t remember if I’d ever seen the UPS man around here before so I had no way of knowing for sure.

“No, ma’am. I’ve been the UPS man around here for a few years now,” he replied, biting his lip and looking at me appreciatively. Oh man! I was definitely going to have to start ordering more things on line if HE was my delivery man! Hell yeah! RobPorn delivered to my house by living RobPorn? You bet your sweet bippy!

“Okay. Well, thanks!” I said, pretending to shut the door. I couldn’t help myself…I watched that cute little ass in the dark brown slacks walk itself all the way back to the truck!

Sighing as he drove out of sight, I turned away and went back to making breakfast. As soon as I had everything done but the last pan of bacon, I set it to frying before deciding I had time to quickly check the mail. About half way down the sidewalk, I saw the mail truck drive up so I figured I’d just get my mail directly from the driver. The truck stopped at my mailbox while I was still several feet away. As I got closer, I could see that he was digging around in his mail bag. Just as I approached, he turned, saw me standing there, and smiled.

“Good Morning, ma’am. Lovely day, isn’t it?” he said cheerfully, handing over my mail with a fuckhawt smile. What. The. Fuck? I was absolutely spending way too much time perving over Rob! I was seeing him everywhere! The mailman looked like Rob’s Water for Elephants character, Jacob Jankowski!


“I…you…” I stammered.

“You all right, ma’am?” he asked in that velvet smooth voice I knew so well.

“Um, yeah…no. I’m fine. It’s just that you look like someone I know, that’s all,” I said trying my damnedest to stay calm.

“Do I? Well, I hope it’s someone you like,” he said with panty melting grin.

“Yeah, you could say that. You’re not my usual mailman. Are you a temp?” I asked.

“No, ma’am. You could say I’m brand new,” he snorted. Somehow I got the impression there was more behind that statement than I knew or that I wanted to know.  “You have a nice day now, ma’am,” he said, climbing back into his truck and driving off. I stood there for a minute trying to clear my head.

Tired. Yeah, that was it…I was just tired. Too many nights without enough sleep, staying up till the wee hours of the morning drooling over RobPorn while trying to come up with some fun ideas for posting on RA, and writing my fic about Rob. That’s all it was…I was thinking about him too much and my brain was tired…exhausted, really. Either that, or I was one French fry short of a Happy Meal! Okay. maybe two!

As I began my walk back to the house, I knew one thing in our neighborhood that would never change. The crazy old man living a few houses down from me watched every movement in the neighborhood through his blinds. He was paranoid and didn’t think anyone could see him through his magic blinds. Every morning when I went out to get my mail, he would be there watching. It had become a habit for me to wave at him and he would instantly shut his blinds as though, if he moved quickly enough, I wouldn’t see him when it was obvious I already had! So, as I neared his house, I looked up from my mail, smiled and waved at…Holy shit! He was there, staring out his blinds, but it wasn’t him…it was a young Rob!!!

This time, though, he didn’t duck behind his blinds and hide. He continued to stare at me, watching my every move. I ducked my head and forced myself to walk very quickly back to my house. My heart pounded out of my chest as I slammed my door shut, locked it, and fell back against it. Rob was everywhere! But that couldn’t be! It was freakin’ impossible! If I wasn’t absolutely certain I was losing my mind, it would be freakin’ awesome, but I was truly going off the deep end! I had to do something! I had to talk to someone! I grabbed my purse and drove down the street to my best friend’s house, hoping to catch her before she left for work. She’d talk some sense into me. She’d tell me I wasn’t losing my mind. She’d find a reasonable explanation.

I did my best not to panic as I made the very short drive to Carrie’s house. “You’re just tired. You’re exhausted, that’s all! Too much Rob over the past two tears. That’s the problem,” I kept telling myself over and over again. I pulled into her driveway and raced to the front door, pounding on it rather than knocking. I shuffled from foot to foot nervously as I waited for her to answer the door. Oh, God! I hope she answers the door! If a Rob answered the door in one of Carrie’s dresses, I’d run from here screaming and never stop! They’d have to lock me up in a padded cell for the rest of my life! I grew more and more anxious at the thought of a Carrie/Rob opening the door. Finally, the front door opened and my heart lunged into my throat. I was flooded with relief when I saw my friend’s familiar face.

“Oh, Carrie! Thank God it’s you!” I sobbed, throwing myself into her arms.

“RF! What in the world is the matter with you? Are you okay?” she gasped at the state I was in. Pulling back to look at me, she searched my face. “No…no, you’re not. Whatever is wrong?” she asked, ushering me inside with an arm around my shoulder.

Sitting at her kitchen table drinking strong Irish coffee with trembling hands, I told Carrie what’d been happening to me. She agreed that I’d been right in thinking that it was just exhaustion. We both concluded that I was imagining it all, spending so much time with all my Rob stuff that I was just overloading and that my mind was playing tricks on me. Feeling much better now that she’d talked some sense into me, I sat and talked to her for a few minutes while she finished making breakfast. A really bad feeling crept up my spine, for some reason.

“RF, would you please go wake up Thomas? Carrie asked, yanking me back out of my thoughts. “I’ve been calling that boy for an hour now and he just will not get up!” she said.

I made my way back to her son’s bedroom and knocked on his door. He was seventeen and a great kid…I liked him a lot. When he didn’t answer my knock, I tried again and slowly opened the door, peeking around it.

“Hey, kiddo. Your mom’s calling you” I said gently. I could see his head was completely covered by the blanket, so I entered the room intending to uncover his face and shake him awake.

“Hey, Thomas! Your mom’s got breakfast ready for you,” I said loudly, pulling the covers off his face. The sight that greeted my eyes made my blood run cold. I’d watched this kid grow up over the past few years, but he was no longer the black haired boy I knew!

He was asleep in Thomas’s bed, his face half covered by his hand, but I’d know that face and those hands anywhere and it was Rob!!!

I ran screaming from my friend’s house, jumped into my car and tore out of her drive way, leaving a bewildered Carrie staring after me from her front door.

I drove as fast as I could back to my house only to find that someone had called the fire department. Oh, God! The bacon! I had left it on! Black smoke was rolling out of my windows and there were firemen with oxygen masks going into my house. As I lunged from my car to try to get into the house, a neighbor lady grabbed me. “Everything is all right. It’s just smoke. They got here before the fire started,” she told me. I was flooded with relief! One of the firemen approached me and removed his mask.

“This your house, Ma’am?” he asked. I just stood there in open-mouthed shock. Even the fireman looked like Rob! I just nodded in response, staring at him like an idiot. I examined the face and characteristics of the fireman Rob. I knew Rob’s every expression, every look…I knew the sound of his voice better than I knew my own. I had seen his face and heard his voice multiple times every day for 2 years now and there was absolutely no difference!

“You really should be more careful, Ma’am. It’s lucky we got here in time. A grease fire can be very dangerous,” he was saying to me.

I covered my mouth with my hand to stifle the hysterical giggle threatening to escape. It was true…I’d lost my mind completely. I was going mad and there was nothing that could stop it.

“Joe,” he hollered, “Call the ambulance! I think she’s in shock or something.”

Joe came from inside my house and removed his facemask. Oh, big surprise! He looked like Rob, too! By now, I was giggling hysterically.

“Going to the hospital? Oh, goody! Maybe they could help before I totally lost my shit! Oh wait, it was too late for that,” I thought and started giggling all over again.

One of the Robs opened my car door and sat me down in the driver’s seat with my legs out of the car while they used their radio to ask for an ambulance. The UPS guy, the mailman, the old man down the street, Thomas, and now these two…all of them looked like Rob, at various different points in his life. Not one of them over the age of twenty six, which was Rob’s current age. I looked around, seeing my neighbor lady talking to fireman Joe and quite obviously enjoying the view. The nameless fireman was looking back at the house, giving directions to the ambulance.

Except for the fact there were so many Robs around, everything else seemed normal. I quickly ran a mental check: I knew my name, age, address, the date and year. Would I know all that, or be this rational, if I was losing my mind? I didn’t think so. Now that I’d had a few minutes to think about it all, I’d calmed down. Something just wasn’t right, but I honestly didn’t think I was the one that was wrong. I quietly pulled my feet into the car and shut the door quickly, locking all four doors with the automatic door locks. The two firemen descended on the car telling me I’d be okay… that I shouldn’t drive in my condition. I paid them no attention and peeled away, leaving hot stripes of black rubber in my wake.

…To be continued… 😛

Much love to you all,



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Sensual Sunday ~ Rob Can Ring My Bell!

Good evening, ladies!

Sorry for bein’ AWOL last Sunday but, as we all know, RL sometimes takes priority over Rob pervin’…much as that really pisses me off LOL!

When I heard Rob was goin’ to ring the startin’ bell at the New York Stock Exchange as part of his promotion for Cosmopolis, I was so proud and excited for him!

Star Date: August 14, 2012

Location: New York Stock Exchange

Event: Ringing the Starting Bell

Our beautiful man looked the part, wearin’ that gorgeous suit, crisp white shirt, and perfect blue silk tie!

Mr. Sex-on-Legs in the City!!!  {Security Dude was still doin’ a bang up job of watchin’ out for him while Dean was engaged elsewhere!}

Is there anything more beautiful than seein’ Rob excited about a new adventure?

*THUD!*  Yup! Seein’ it again…up close!!!

Not many people ever get to see the inside of the NYSE Boardroom! That musta been surreal!

Looks like they were more excited about havin’ Rob and David in their place of business than vice versa LOL!  Didn’t take long for the Boardroom to fill up with admirers!!

Did they let Rob keep his personal badge as a souvenir, I wonder? If not, who got to keep it???

Can I go ring the bell now? Can I? Can I?

Time to get this show on the road, Rob!

That woman was very professional throughout, but I’ll bet she was quiverin’ inside LOL!

“Fuuuck! This feels like one of those nightmares where you go out on stage naked and you can’t remember your lines!”

LMAO! I can well imagine!

“I’ll just picture THEM naked! Wait…not the guys!”

There ya go, darlin’! You can do this!

Rob, stop picturing them naked! “I can’t help it…it’s in my head now!”

This is serious business! I WILL be professional!

THIS! This one perfect photo was worth the whole visit to the NYSE!

Just look at what our Melbie did with it!! Simply mouth-waterin’ *Drool!”

Even Sally {InRobWeLust} couldn’t resist lightin’ up this shot of Rob’s truly noble face!

Her partner in crime, Fearlessmore, flipped it and gave us this stunnin’ black ‘n white version!!!

Did I do it right? Was that OK?

You done real good, baby!

These people are way too “normal” to be dirty capitalist pigs!

Actually, David said in their New York Times interview that he’d never seen such happy, warm and friendly capitalists LMAO!!!

David! I just heard the cast of Jersey Shore rang the bell last week! “WTF?”

I don’t know if that’s true…rumor has it that a number of “celebrities” have been ringing that damn bell!

Well, it was still a fun thing to do!

Yes it was, angel! And fun to watch you do it LOL!

See? They even gave us these cool commemorative plaques!

I see…very cool, Rob! {Probably didn’t let him keep his badge after all LOL!}

Now, just because it’s “Sensual” Sunday, I’ll leave you with Tanita’s hot, steamy, NSFW vid with the song, “Ring My Bells” by Enrique Iglesias!  Enjoy!

Happy Sunday, y’all!



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Sensual Sunday ~ Through the Looking Glass!

Well, good afternoon, ladies!

This has been one helluva week, hasn’t it?  Were you all as shakey and nervous as I was to see Rob again, after so long?

And, all of a sudden, there he was! Girdin’ his loins, as it were, and ready to dive into promotin’ his ass off for Cosmopolis *THUD!*

Rob quote: “I don’t have awkward moments. I have an awkward life, occasionally interrupted by normalcy.”

Lookin’ all fine and fit, if a trifle thinner than I remember…AND the wonky legs are BACK!

We’ll get to the premier of Cosmopolis another time, cause I’ve got some photos in my head from the Good Morning America show that will explain the title of my post!

Arrivin’ at the GMA building, Rob was hustled from the car by his ever present security team.

But, I think Rob had failed to anticipate the hords of screamin’ fans waitin’ on him LOL!  {Aw, crap! I just spotted that triangle of Happy Trail *THUD!*}

This guy was glued to Rob’s side 24/7 the whole week! {Wonder how much weight he lost tryin’ to keep up *gigglesnort!*}

{*GAH!* TonguePorn alert!} Rob was like a vampire…feedin’ off the energy of all the adorin’ women waitin’ for a chance to grab him {they wish}!!!

Hell’n if it was me, I’d be scared shitless!  This particularly avid fan musta been stalkin’ him all over NYC, cause I spotted her when he arrived at the Museum of Modern Art for the premier, too!

And here’s what I mean by “Through the Looking Glass!” Someone took photos from outside lookin’ in and the effect gives Rob an ethereal beauty that does my head somethin’ fierce! {Bet that girl’s hands were tremblin’ so bad, it took her a lot longer to hook him up than it should have LMAO! OR, maybe she made it last as long as possible!?!?! I know I would have *snickers!*}

It must be kinda like Alice climbin’ through the lookin’ glass into an alternate reality for Rob to be yanked so abruptly from solitude to chaos in a heartbeat!

I swear, I’m seein’ stars just lookin’ at him!!!

And his adorable man giggle makes my lady bits tingle LOL!

Am I completely crazy for bein’ so Robsessed that watchin’ him do somethin’ as simple as drinkin’ a cup of coffee warms my heart? If so, then I completely own it…I AM crazy!

Don’t know ’bout you, but I’m lovin’ Rob’s longer hair! {That little forehead pluck tryin’ to escape? *squeee!*}

Imma just lose myself in Rob’s eyes for a while…

Sorry, still lost *gigglesnort!*

Could Rob be more adorable?

Why, yes he can!!!

And then, that buttfaced, swarmy presenter {don’t remember his name…don’t care to} addressed the “elephant in the room!”

“What do you want your fans to know about what’s going on in your personal life?”

Well, Rob thought about it for a second…

Looked out the window at his fans… {thank you, Sista Melbie, for this devine B/W of Rob’s profile *swoon!*}

{God, I hate that ScumDude made him so uncomfortable!}

“I guess…”

And then, our sweet man came up with the perfect answer!!!

“I want my fans to know that…Cinnamon Toast Crunch only has 30 calories a bowl.” {In case WP super minimizes these 2 gifs!}

And there you have it!  Ain’t none of our business…never has been…never will be!!!

Here’s hopin’ all you ladies in the good ol’ US of A can find a theatre near you to see Cosmopolis! Supportin’ Rob’s career is where we need to be concentratin’ all our energy!

Happy Sunday, y’all!



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Profile of Perfection

Hello Everybody *waves*


Hello Ladies, I finally got a day off work and found time to put up a post!Hang on to yourselves cause Imma taking you to Jaw Porn Heaven!!!  Back when Rita did her “Remember me” post We had a conversation that got me to thinking about Rob’s Perfect Profile ~SWOON!~ Then the Black Book photo shoot came out and while I loved it, *so different for him & I was  loving the tatts!* I was disappointed that there weren’t more profile pics, just this one gorgeous shot.

Black Book photo shoot 2012

I don’t know about you girls but I think Rob in Leather is a freaking stroke of genius not to mention sexy as hell. Case in point, The stunning pics from the “Another Man” photo shoot!

I just want to wrap myself around him like a gumby figure and never let go!

Look at that neck, that Jaw, those pouty lips, those lucious lashes, eyes, eye brows, side burns, hair! THUD!

No other photo shoot has captured Rob’s strong, sexy, purrrfect profile Better than this one. It’s absolutely stunning in its simplicity and B&W photos.

Unbearably Beautiful!

Rob looked pretty wiped out and exhausted when he appeared at the Today show back in 2010 while promoting Remember Me But from that show came one of the most beautiful and inspiring {for me}Profile pics of Rob EVAH! This picture is all kinds of WIN and remains my Twitter avi and one of my favorites of all time to this day.

One of my personal favorites of all time

This Profile shot is so perfect in my eyes I want to have a cameo made of it to wear all the time. I even looked into having it made once from an online site who makes custom made Cameos from family portraits but apparently they are no longer in business as they never replied. {Total Bummer!}

While “Edward” is man-scaped, he still has one of the most beautiful, intense and compelling profiles as seen here in Melbie’s Fabulous Edit.

No one can deny the sultry sex appeal of what I call the “work out” photo shoot. {Mark Segal 2008 another  great Melbie edit} I call it the work out shoot because just looking at it makes you breathe heavy, get all hot and sweaty and then you need a shower! LOL


Is it just me or does every profile picture seem entirely different? I Love the inquisitive eyes in this soft InRobWeLust edit of Remember Me and the smile playing at the corners of his mouth. We won’t even discuss those full, soft lips cause I have to finish this post and if we go there, I’ll never get it done! I also love how this picture hints at the cleft in his chin that we all know is there but we don’t always get to see.

Thanks Sally!

I don’t remember if this was a professional profile pic or if it was a fan pic but what a great shot. {Great edit by Francies67} I love the way Rob’s face is bathed in light and yet his eyes are in shadow. That just screams Rob to me. He is so open to the public and to his fans, friendly, out going, personable but you just know that there’s more to him than what we see. I think he has a brilliant mind and if you could hold a serious conversation with hm for a long period of time you’d find him to be very philosophical.

Again with that damnable smile playing at the corner of his mouth! I want to play there too!

Rob looks slightly perturbed here in this RM profile shot but somehow he even manages to make perturbed sex as hell.

See what I mean in this Rome Rob edit? He looks like an entirely different man and yet same beautiful face, great smile but he just looks like a different man all together!  How is that possible ladies?

Ok I am beginning to think Rob is actually a sex-tuplet *snickers* and that is why every pic is so the same and yet incredibly different! Another great Melbie Edit! What would we do without her?

*sigh* As usual when i start to TRY to focus on one specific part of our man I inevitably find something new to perv on and it’s happened again! Is it just me or are his freaking sideburns sexy as hell too!?!?! I never really liked sideburns before but Rob makes them look hawt  and makes me wonder why I the hell have I never noticed this before? I’m never going to get over this man!

Show me your favorite profile of Rob!

Much Love to you all,



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Sensual Sunday ~ Lost in Those Eyes!

So, are ya’ll still standin’?  What a rush, huh? All that RobGoodness for Cosmopolis justa pourin’ all over us?

But it’s never enough…hell’n I’m already havin’ withdrawal pains!!

What I’m pretty much missing the most? Rob’s eyes!  Yeah, I get lost to distraction in those eyes of his *le sigh!*  I’d recognize ’em anywhere!

LOL! Bet you knew instantly these were Rob’s eyes! The thick eyebrows…the unique shape…no other eyes like ’em in the world, right?

Nobody had to tell us whose eyes these were when this Mission Blacklist poster came out, did they!

THE Most Beautiful Eyes in the World!

No matter what color is used to portray them!

Although why anyone would want to mess with perfection is beyond me and I KNOW this was the photo used for the MB poster above!

Even in black ‘n white, Rob’s eyes are absolutely mesmerizing!!!

They could talk me into anything…and, when I say “anything,” I mean ANY…THING!!!

Could you say no to these eyes? I think not!

Rob’s eyes inspire the artist in many of us, including ileana…isn’t the detail awesome?

I have no idea who made this beautiful banner, but bless ’em for it!

Nor do I know who made this wonderful blinkie for Pastiche Pen’s “If Love Could Light A Candle!” {click the photo and watch the eye change colors!} In case you newbies have never read this, here’s the link….


Edward Cullen: telepath, vampire, and psychologist. When a new patient ignites unfamiliar feelings in his soul, can he reconcile his past with his future? A la Midnight Sun. Warnings: Violence, lots of character death, and the usual. AU.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Horror – Chapters: 13 – Words: 122,587 – Reviews: 2758 – Updated: 9-25-09 – Published: 4-26-09 – Bella & Edward – Complete

See, even just one of Rob’s eyes shivers me timbers LMAO!!!  OK, OK…I’ll give you the link to TKegl’s “Cutlass!” {She did this banner herself!} Her One-eyed Eddie Cullen is fuckHAWT!!!


Isabella Swan is certain notorious pirate, Edward Cullen, murdered her father and stole his prized cutlass. Out for revenge, she sneaks onto his ship, but Captain Cullen claims she has the wrong man. A tale of the search for truth…and treasure of course.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Adventure/Romance – Chapters: 20 – Words: 101,712 – Reviews: 2868 – Updated: 6-18-12 – Published: 1-31-12 – Edward & Bella

Now, when you combine Rob’s EyePorn with FingerPorn AND SexHairPorn, it’s a lethal combination!

But, let’s “face” it LOL!  It’s the whole package we adore! {JawPorn…LipPorn FTMFW!!!}

Haven’t had enough yet? Me neither!  So, check out this vid by BCD/CML {with a shout out to MelbieToast for contributing her work}!  I couldn’t help myself! Gotta share…it’s what we do!!!

You didn’t think I’d forget Rob’s “Edward” eyes, now did you?

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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