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Thrill Me Thursday… Wishing on a star…in 50 shades

Hello Everybody *waves*


Dear sistas and friends,

     It’s been an extremely long day for me as I have been awake and moving almost non stop for going on 48 hours. I am fighting to keep my eyes open as I type this. I’ve been out christmas shopping since early this morning. We all know how tough that can be with crowded stores (then add  pushing a wheelchair and pulling a shopping cart to boot! *whew*) On our way home my sister asked me about a specific alignment of stars in the skyand did I know what they were? (duh, do I look like Capernicus??? NO! LOL) But that simple question believe it or not got me thinking about our boyfriend. And I was thinking about RFM’s wish list post too and somewhere the two collided. Now it is stuck in my head and you know what that is like. So I bring you today’s Thrill me Thursday Post in fifty shades of hawtness.

"Star Light"


"Star Bright"


"The only star I see each night"


"I wish I may, I wish I might"


"Have this star to hold each night"


"Star Light"


"Star Bright"


"I'll see you in my dreams tonight"


"I know you will make it right"

Good night My Lovlies

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