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Tonguing it Tuesday Robporn: Jaw Droppingly Gorgeous

Tuesday is always such a fun day of the week. I mean, who doesn’t love them some Robporn?! But this week is extra special because it’s our 200th post!! And looking back through our collection I feel like we have missed a very important body part…THE JAW! After all it is the foundation for a good Robgasm!

But in honor of our 200th post, I think it will be nice to give you not only the jaw but a little bit from every section of the Robgasm Pyramid! So let’s get on with it, shall we?

This one is double the pleasure with some eyebrow porn!


I love the smile in this one.


Now let’s move on up on the pyramid with finger and lip porn with some pics I found from the talented Jolori and Melbie!

Just imagine what these flexible fingers can do

These lips...unf!

The next rung moves us on up to hair and the promised land of the CROTCH!! Can you handle it ladies?

When speaking of hair, we must go to one of the most loved places…RomeRob!

Sex hair at it's finest

And now, for the crotch! Brace yourselves cause I’m going all out on this one!

And finally, for extra schmexy I think we just need to watch this video! And yes, there’s a whole lot of tongue in there!

Thanks for supporting us and helping us get to 200 posts! And thanks again to Jolori, Melbietoast and Biel for allowing us to perv on their creations 🙂

Robs Fan~tasy

Bring on the jaw porn ladies!!


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Monday Maddness…Heatin it up with a Special Guest

Hello Everybody *waves*
Well, Ladies it’s cold outside and so far we have been pretty tame here on Rob Attack so I think it’s time to turn up the heat! And today we have a very special guest joining us. What do you think Rob is it a little chilly in here??

Crank up the heat RF baby!

You heard the man…

Is that better?

  Well Ok Rob I can fix that for ya Darlin’…

How's that Love? All Better now?

I just want you to be comfortable and warm. Are you sure it’s ok?
Ok Ladies now that Rob is happy, and sexier than ever,
 As the head hostess of Rob Attack hOOr House (uhh…does that make me a “madam”?) it is my job to make sure you are happy as well. I know better than most that after surfing for Rob porn all day no raoring fireplace is going to get you any where near Hot enough to survive this cold weather but heh heh heh *sing-song voice* I know what wiiilllll….
  And then we add…

Damn he's got sexy arms and hands *THUD*

 and throw in a touch of this…

some sexy Eye, hair and goatee porn mixed with a little full body porn...

Not to mention the man fur… Uh…err… Where was I?
OH! and did I mention this…
And As if that weren’t enough….

Bottom lip porn *drools* Imma HAVE to do a Bottom lip porn post! *whimpers*

Hey Rob, are you ok with this Darlin’?


Ok, Just Checking Cause I did want to show the girls a couple more things ok?


 OH Rob! Your mind is Always in the gutter! THANK GOD!!! LOL Just a couple more. Please?

Yeah, ok. Anything for you RF.

Thank You Sweetheart!! MWAH! *smooches* Ok girls just one more (or two or three) *giggles*
 So there ya go girls. Is that Hawt enough for ya? heh heh
Well Rob, You have over a hundred women all hot and bothered and revved up over you. How does that make you feel?

"Ain't Nothing wrong with a litttle bit o' bump and grind"

Well you heard it for your self ladies…Why Rob!!!…*surprised look* 


Uh Rob, Whatch doin there Baby? Do you need some help with that? heh heh
Sorry Ladies I have to see to our No. 1 guest right now. If you’ll excuse me.
Laters Babies!

I put this in last well,...because I can and it's F*cking HAWT and I'll find any excuse to use it!! LOL



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Just Sayin’

As I’ve said many times, I’m a little late to the Par-tee but I’m catching up quick. Catching up means I spend most of my days and nights, (I don’t sleep since Rob became my obsession) lurking and reading etc. In doing so, I’ve noticed that there has been quite a bit of speculation about the size of a certain body part. *cough*Peen*cough* all because of pictures like this one…


 And this one…
Scruffy Rob

Humina humina humina

And this one caused QUITE the stir all along the internet!!
Paps Peen

HHhhmmm?? Cell phone?? Oh I hope not! LOL

If you don’t get my drift in this post just zoom in on the Pattinson “package”
And THIS collage was fun too….


I threw this in just so you’d have a perfectly pattinson peen porn day!!! 😀
With Everything and every pic that comes out, this topic invariably comes up all because some one always crops and enlarges the pic to “examine the evidence.” (green with envy cause I didn’t think of it first) 😀 There are all kinds of theories out there…
There’s the comparison to the size of his rather large hands. Big hands= big…*ahem*
 Some say “that part” is the equivalent in inches as a man is feet tall (i.e. 6foot tall =6in) *shrugs*.
 Some people say that it’s the same distance between the thumb and the tip of your index finger. *shrugs again*
Well, Ladies, I think I can add one more (maybe 2) things for you too consider on this topic. (that is until I have my way with Rob and I can visually confirm it for myself and then tell you all about it. ;) )
You see  *an anonymous source told me* it’s a well known fact that your foot or your shoe size is exactly the distance between the crook of your elbow and the tip of your wrist. Don’t believe me? Go get your shoe and check for yourself, Go on, I’ll wait…(waiting…drumming my fingers on the table…more waiting…) Are you done? I’m right aren’t I? Perhaps just slightly over the edge of your wrist right? Implying it’s actually a little Longer? uh-huh thought so… Coincidence? Nope. Check with your friends, you’ll see I’m right.
 Everyone is like that. Stress the word EVERYRobONE.
Now, based on the same *all knowing* source, and the evidence I’ve just provided, I also happen to know that certain male body parts *cough*peen*cough* just happen to be the same size as the man’s foot!! (when its at “attention” that is) *snickersnort*
Ladies, Pervs, & Angelz,
RobsFan-tasy Is Proud to bring you the following pic for you to survey…(courtesy of WFE)


Notice how Rob’s foot is convienently aligned with the length of the TRUNK of the Elephant. *wondering if that is a subliminal message to the RAoR crew* Hmmm… His foot doesn’t seem small at all in comparison now does it? *WEG* (Wicked Evil Grin) Looks to be about a size 13 at the Very Least…*fans self*
Hello? Anybody? Did you all shizzle and faint? Thought so. Well anyway, when you wake up, just let that thought run around rampant (with its big bare feet) in your minds and I’m sure you’ll have a great day!!


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