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Monday Madness…Rob is a Thief!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Hi Ya Girls!

I’ve been having a hard time coming up with some post ideas but it always seems that at the last minute I seem to pull a rabbit out of the hat so to speak. Our Cared gave me a few ideas and I will put them all to use eventually. They are are stored up there in my Bwains with all the other ideas that are still percolating. This post is a combination of an idea from Cared and a conversation I had with Rita. (Before she abandoned my ass to go on vacay!! LOL (JK Enjoy yourself GF! I know you can see this and can’t reply so naner naner naner. Miss You Much!)

Several weeks ago Rita and I were talking about whether or not Rob could step out of The Twilight and into a new role or was he going to be type cast now? We both immediately agreed Rob’s acting ability is so great that he will easily be able to shake free of Twilight (just look at RM, WFE, BA for proof of that) but also that he would always be stuck with (followed by) Twilight as his major reference.

UNLESS he did another “Fantasy” type role that could at least compare to if not outshine Edward…er…no sparkle pun intended, honest! I seriously don’t think anything could out do the popularity of Edward.  However I do think there is a role that is a serious part and also fantasy that Rob could do quite nicely that would leave the Twilight a little farther behind him.

I thought that title would get your attention and it is true! Rob is a thief! He is a thief of hearts, of lives, of time, of dreams, of fantasies, of imaginations…But I think he would be so Hot as The Prince of Thieves! Remember how Hot Kevin Costner was in the role? (I don’t of course cause I am FAR too young to remeber that. *cough*splutter*cough*

There would be Lots of finger porn and Jaw and Back porn for us to swoon over if Rob played this part.

Rob looks Great in everything *almost*

Oh yeas, he could wear anything!!

And I think he would look really Hot in out fits like this…

Rob. in This ^^^ Hell Yeah!!

And we all know our boy has the smoulder down pat!!

S M O U L D E R ! ! ! (as if I needed another reason to post THIS) *FM*

And remember the line in the movie that said, “There was a man from Knottingham who tried to cross the river! What a Dope! He tripped on a Rope! Now look at him Shiver!” which of course means there would be a WET ROB!!

And lets not forget it is called Robin HOOD and we all know how great our Boyfriend looks in hoodies…

C’mon now, ya’ll KNEW I was going here!! And YOU’RE WELCOME! LOL

and we already know Rob knows how to use a bow and arrow and that he is a great shot!

SWMNBN Is doing the same thing with SWATH (and for the record I thought about Rob doing this long before the JF interview and before I knew about SWATH)

Personally I think Charlize is going to F*cking Rock this movie! (Psssst! Cared! I heard Viggo was up for the huntsman but didn’t get it!  😦  (Life just isn’t fair is it bb?) I think they should have made Rob the Huntsman. Not to keep him and KStew together but because after all Rob/Edward has gone through Chasing her in Twilight, I think he desreves the right to hunt her down and (attempt to) Kill her!! LOL

Plus, If they can do this for SWMNBN…

Just imagine the pics and manips that could come from a movie like this!

Seriously, someone needs to make some manips of Rob from these.

I mean after all it has his Name all over it,

“ROBin Hood Prince of Thieves”

so tell me girls, if Rob were to be in a remake of a fantasy movie, which one would you choose? What do you think of Rob as ROBin Hood?? 


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Monday Maddness

Hello Everybody *waves*


Hey girls! Did ya ever have one of those weeks when RL kicks you in the add and you fall behind on all your Rob Perving? (I know you have!) and last week was NOT the week to have that happen so of course, it did happen to me!! LOL I knew I was waayyy behind when my mom started telling me stuff about Rob that I DIDN’T KNOW!!!! {{WTF??? SERIOUSLY????}} So of course I jumped on the net and started searching for all the latest (re: Funniest and most interesting) Interviews i could find from our boy. Unfortunately I could not find the Ellen appearance so if you have it feel free to post it! Then it occurred to me I had just spent six hours chasing after the pretty! Someone with a Rob Blog should post all this in one spot so everyone could find it without having to spend 6 hours searching! Oh Wait! I have a Rob Blog! LOL So with no further delay, I bring you all the latest and greatest Rob Interviews!!!

Rob On Jimmy Fallon. I could Not find Part two. Does anyone else have it? If so embedd it BBez!!

Rob On David Letterman

Rob On Jimmey Kimmel

Various BD Interviews

Access Hollywood

Access Hollywood all about the hadboard

Access Holywood about Graumans


Regis and Kelly

 So There you go ladies!! What did I miss that I haven’t shown here? Post em if you got em!




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I showed you mine…

Hello Everybody *waves*


Ya’ll heard me sound off the other day about my opinion on SCUMMIT denying us the visual pleasure of seeing this on the big screen…


and many of you chimed in as well. (thanks for the support girls, I appreciate it alot!) Well apparently we are not the ONLY one who is a little verbal on the topic!

This Poor Kitty Just found out there would be no Headboard scene in BD and is Having a really hard time Coping with it. How ever she has no problem voicing her thoughts on the topic! LMAO

Then Rob found out about it and This was his initial reaction…

Are You F*cking Kidding me??

 No Rob it’s True. But then he realized just how stupid it was on Summit’s part…

Dumb asses! You pay me to spend hours in bed with SWMNBN. Then pull the scene Which means your not going to show all the fans the one major scene they've been waiting YEARS for? Can anyone say Stupid???

 But then The truth was revealed!!! The truth Being that it took so long (TWSS) to film the simple scene Rob was actually costing them a fortune…

Even after SWMNBN passed out from exhaustion, our Boy was still going strong!!!


Maybe I should create an all photo dictionary…called WikiP33nia with just pics like these LOL I showed you mine! Now show me yours? bwahahaha

Anyways, just incase some of you have not seen some of the really great Edits that have came out of the pretty in the last few days, I thought I’d share.

The finished Product


Beautiful profile

Could you imagine just standing by his side?
The Fingers!!! Gah!! *THUD*

Or having your hand in his?



Putting you lips there? anywhere?
Stunning, Absolutely Stunning!!!

Having those eyes look into yours??

Think you can handle a gfif after that??
well, you’re getting one, hang on ta somethin!!


I showed you mine…now show me some of your favorite pics from the last few days.




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Thrill Me Thursday…Amazing Face

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies,

Even though it is posted on the top right over there on the side bar I felt it neccessary for the post I am about to do to RE post the following warning:


OK, now just in case that didn’t get your attention and you weren’t listening, Maybe if you hear it from ROB himself You’ll believe me…

“It’s Dangerous For YOU!” 

You have been Warned!! 😛

As you can tell by the post title this is about the most amazing face. Two days ago I had a little “Accident”, you see I tripped and fell deep into the darkest recess of my Pornfolio. Don’t feel sorry for me, IT WAS FUUNN!!! LOL

But it has taken me two days to climb out, with the following pictures clenched between my teeth, so that I coud show them to you. Ok NOW you should feel sorry for me cause I’m no longer swimming among thousands of pics of “The Pretty” LOL

Wihile I was there I got to noticing something about our boy Robert, He has the most AMAZING face! Oh Don’t Roll your eyes girls! I know what your thinking, “Well DUH!” Right? am I right? I know I’m right. But Imma show you my PURDY Pictures anyway!!!!

So what I want to know Ladies,

Is, How can one Man…

Look so very Different…

Every time you see him?

Yes, I can hear you all now, “It’s because he aged in between those photos and they aren’t in chronological order either.” That’s what I though too at first. But look at these two photos of Rob on Leno.

*F*ckin cute ain’t he?”*

Yeah, I know they are a couple years apart and the hair is different But still very different,

It’s Like OMG Right?

Then I noticed this:…

*gulp* Rome Rob!!! *SWOONS*

These pics were all taken in the same day

And yet,

Verry Different…

Besides the obvious fact that our Man Robert hasTHE MOST AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL FACE EVAH I bet you are asking yourselves, What is her point? Right? well… to be honest. I DO NOT have one LMAO!! I just wanted a reason to post The Pretty’s pretty picture cause HE’S VERY PRETTY. SEE? SEE HOW PRETTY HE IS??!! HE’S VERY PRETTY!!!!

Latere BBEZ!!!



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Say What??

Hello Everybody *waves*





Ladies, This Post is so long I’m simply going to say…Enjoy!!! and add as you will!!!



Robcat ~A woman who is older than Rob but was not physically capable of giving birth to him in 1986. She is not a cougar, she is a ROBcat.

Robrator ~ I know you know! Requires batteries, some may have a different name for theirs (BLASPHEMY, plain and simple)

Robphoria ~ the “afterglow” from a few go rounds with the Robrator!

Robsicle ~ Great to lick on a hot day and one that you don’t really care if it melts all over you ;)

ROBHAZE ~ Being in a constant dream state and thinking of Rob…ALL the TIME

RobKittens ~ all the girls younger than Rob who are obsessed with him. ;P

RPatznip ~ Stuff that drives all RobCats wild!!

Roberstitious -when your hubby/boyfriend suspects you are on the computer watching Robporn after you shut the door and insist you need some “space” without distraction because you have so much work to do?

Pattinted – like Rob’s hair or anything nobody else does better than him?

Introberted – so obsessed with Rob and stalking him in cyberspace that you don’t go out anymore?

Robertuitous sex – you know, when you have sex with anyone or any equipment or with your fingers or our Robbrator because you are all hot for what’s-his-name-again?

    Movies: (in no particular order)

TWI ~ Twilight,
EC ~ Eclipse,
NM ~ New Moon,
BD ~ Breaking Dawn,
LA ~ Little Ashes,
BA ~ Bel Ami,
HP GOF ~ Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,
HTB or H2B ~  How to Be,
WFE ~ Water for Elephants,
TBMH ~ The Bad Mother’s Handbook,
THA ~  The Haunted Airman,
RM ~ Remember Me


NSFW ~ Not Safe For Work a warning to put on a link to RobPorn sofa king smexy it might get you in trouble at work if you open it and someone is lurking behind you.

OCDR ~ OuiCannesDoRob (a Club for ladies who loved the old navy shirt Rob wore on the Pier in Cannes May ’09 and who are ready to defend Rob’s clothing choices)

OME ~ Oh My Edward (also OMR ~ Oh My Rob)

OMG ~ Oh My God 

ONS ~ Old Navy Shirt (also ONDS ~ Old Navy Dad Shirt)

OT ~ Off Topic

Pattin Angel ~ a lady who loves HHH and is not very pervy with her comments

Pattin Angelo ~ PattinAngel or PattinH00r that makes beautiful RobArt, wallpapers, etc.

Pattin Coppola ~PattinAngel or PattinH00r that creates great moving RobPorn (videos)

Pattin Girls ~ younger Angels who don’t want to f*ck Rob … just stare at his f*ckhawt face.

Pattin Perv ~ a lady who loves HHH and is very pervy with her comments … has a one-track mind. also Pattin hOOr Pattin Slut

PCD ~ as in your Panties are in Combustion Danger … A warning you might want to put when sharing a Web link to f*ckhawt RobPorn.

PDS ~ as in Rob has a Panty Dropping Smile.

PEEN hOOr ~ A H00r who loves the HP.

Peen Porn ~ Pictures zooming in on Rob’s peen.

Peen Tamers ~ underwear, called underpants in the UK.

Pinky / the pink elephant in the room ~ Kristen Stewart.
PML ~ Pissing Myself Laughing.
PPL ~ People.
PPP ~ Peen Porn Prison … place you’ll be going if you look at the JapanPeenPorn or other PeenPorn pics for too long.
Praying at the alter of what’s down there ~ looking at PeenPorn … the RobCrotch
Pretties ~ as in “sharing the pretties” … Rob pics/artwork.
SAP ~ Secret Agent PattinAngel or PattinH00r … Someone who secretely and frequently visits RA while keeping her true identity, Robsession and comments hidden from RL friends and family, especially her SO or DH.
Scruff Porn ~ Pictures of Rob with scruff … a few days without shaving #yummy.
SO ~ Significant Other.
Sofa King ~ So F*cking (as in sofa king Hawt, smexy, beautiful, Talented etc.)
Team IdBangTheBone ~ Team of  H00rs who would bang Jackson Rathbone if given the chance.
Thigh Porn ~ Pics of Rob’s thighs.
Robtacular ~ Robtasticas in Rob pics and videos.
Robulance ~ see RobMedics.
Robward ~ Rob playing Edward.
ROFL ~ Rolling on Floor Laughing.
ROFLMFA ~ Rolling on Floor Laughing My F*cking A$$ Off.
ROFTN ~ Rob’s movie … Ring of the Nibelungs.
S*xboots ~ These are Rob’s Dr. Martens 1460 black boots … worn by RomeRob (October 2008) among others.
S*xspenders ~ Black suspenders worn by Rob. Named S*xspenders because when he wears them, he oozes sex.
SWMNBN ~ she who must not be named.
TMI ~ TMFI ~ too much (f*cking) information.
TSE ~ Rob’s movie  (a short 14-min. Film) … The Summer House.
TuxGasman ~ orgasm caused by seeing a pic Of Rob wearing a tux (e.g. Oscars 2009, on the WFE set)
TWSS ~ that’s what she said.
TY ~ TYSFM ~ Thank you (so f*cking much)
UNF ~ Universal Noise for F*cking [Term often written in reaction to a f*ckhawt Rob pic. And a reported sound by a PattinH00r’s hooha when viewing RobPorn and reading a FF lemon.
VF~ Vanity Fair … both the magazine and Rob’s movie (2004) … his scene was cut.
VPP ~ View Peen Pants, Rob wore on The View in March 2010.
VTs ~ vaginal tremors … after seeing f*ckhawt moving RobPorn.
WFE ~ W4E ~ Rob’s movie … Water For Elephants.
WTF ~  WTH~ what the f*ck / hell. Also HTF ~ How the F*ck WTF ~ Why The F*ck etc.
As Ever, 99.9 % of This list of Terms and Definitions were STOLEN snagged from RAoR with .01% being edited by me and was sheerly STOLEN Snagged for all the lovely new ladies who don’t know WTF we are talking about half the time because we are all SAPs and/or introberted we have created our own Language! LMAO!!! Welcome Home Ladies!!!
Much Love to you all!!!


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What Does It For You?


Well, I finally finished building my Robalicious web site. Now I’m writing my first RoBlog and I can’t think of a better topic for any Blog other than Rob can You? I Mean, You just have to LOVE a man who says things like, “I’m just a tool. I’m just A Big Hard Tool!” *LMAO*
As I was lurking around from site to site teaching myself about blogging and Building websites and basically Rob-stalking, (Yes I said it! I Own it! Can you blame me? *LOL*) I realized every one likes him for different reasons. Many, Many different reasons. So to get things started I want to know, What is it about Robert Pattinson that just Drives You WILD? I mean seriously,

      Was it his role in Twilight as the Gorgeous Vampire Edward Cullen
                                                 that captivated you…?
(Amber eyes to Ambush your heart!)
    Is it that GQ look he can pull off so well that makes your heart race….?

OH YEAH!!! C*H*O*M*P!!!

And then there’s his hair that is so often Messy and yet somehow Always Perfect…?

YEP PERFECT! A woman could happily get lost forever looking in a face like that!

 Or could it be those Long, Lush eyelashes, or maybe is it those Haunting Blue-Gray eyes that are so easy to get lost in you forget what you were saying….?

*Le sigh* *faint* *Thud*
 Uumm…where was I? *rereads blog & skips over pictures*…oh Yeah, is
                                           it those full, pouty lips….?
(Those lips are just begging to be kissed, and OFTEN!)
*Shakes away the day-dream* (Hmmm this may take longer than I thought.) I’ve learned that some people have real attraction for that
                                            Strong Gorgeous Jawline….?
(Rob’s Profile. Strong Jaw. ‘Nuff said. *Pffftt*
Could it be, like so many others, (and I absolutely agree with them) that   you’re attracted to his big, strong hands, with those long elegant fingers?
(Yup! That Works for ME!)
 Of Course, there’s always that Amazing torso to tantalize your thoughts…?
(Gah! Happy Trail! Happier Blogger!)
                        Is it that Tush that turns your insides to mush….?
(You Know! BWAhaahaaa)
Could it be that it’s the way he can be Red Carpet Glamourous one minute…?
      And then turn around and he’s completely “Adorkable” the next….?
(Damn! Even “Adorkable” he’s Sexy!)
And then the next time you see him he’s got that drop dead, Take your
                                breath away, “Come Hither” Stare….?
(Too…Pretty…Can’t Take it…)
          *Gah!!! Gotta… concentrate, Can’t. Get. Distracted. By. The. Pretty.*
                   There’s always his Amazing, Soulful, Beautiful Voice…?

(Lord, THAT VOICE goes through me like Liquid Gold! *Shivers*) 
                         And of course there’s that Wonderful Giggle….?

(Go on, admit it, you’re either laughing your butt off or grinning like an idiot trying not to! Ain’t no shame in that!)

 Is it the way he’s Swamped by all his adoring fans to whom he is always so Gracious and yet, he still manages to remain humble and disbelieving
                                               that so many adore him…?
(AWWW!!! Even when he’s shy and Bashful he’s HAWT!!!)
                                    I don’t know about you, but as for me,…


 So tell me, What Does it for you? What is it about Rob that gets you hot? Have I overlooked something? have I left something out? Please leave me a comment and a little love too. Mwah! 




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