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Wandering…Around the World News

That’s right folks! We have news from around the world today! I thought for sure we would be having a bit of a drought but it seems that Rob had another idea in mind, little Rob snippets to help us get through the week. Thanks hun, we do appreciate it 🙂

Our journey this week starts off in New York City. Rob left LA and was spotted in NYC doing a little shopping.

That's right baby, we're looking at YOU!

Did you know it was cheaper to go shopping there compared to LA? Well, that’s the story that’s going around. Rob was also spotted in New York with Dean.

It's okay Dean. They're keeping their distance.

And whenever I see Dean, or bodyguards in general, I think there must be some work to be done! The rumor for this one is a Cosmopolis photo shoot. That would be frickin awesome!!! But we need to take it with a grain of salt because there has been NO confirmation.  😦

Tell us what you're up to, baby.

Whatever Rob was up to in New York didn’t last very long. The next day he was on his way to Paris. And has been spotted at various fashion type things. And we all know how much Rob loves fashion!

But at least he looks like he’s enjoying himself!

How drunk are you, Rob? hehe

But the most newsworthy thing I heard that came from Paris was this. Rob met with Paul McCartney and is rumored to be in talks with him on a new film project. An ANIMATED film project. In which Rob would play Wirral the Squirrel.

Yes, Paul McCartney wrote this children’s book and is in works to make an animated film.

I don’t know why, but I really want this one to be true!!! Maybe it’s because I’m a teacher and love to read (so adding this to my collection). Or maybe because it’s a G rated cartoon I can watch while at work. And my niece and nephews can finally watch their Uncle Rob Robert Pattinson on the big screen.  I don’t know, but I’m a little giddy just thinking about it! It will probably come out in theaters before I ever see this movie:

Yep, that’s a new clip of Bel Ami. VERY newsworthy!! And it looks like a few more countries have release dates now. So yeah for you!! Sorry, US residents, still no official release for us yet. I really want someone to make a vid with all the clips in order so that it will feel like I’m seeing the movie.

Here’s to hoping there will be more info to come!


What are you looking forward to? Any Rob news that made you feel like a giddy schoolgirl? And who gets to see Bel Ami in the theaters? *sigh*

Thanks to robsessed  and  tumblr (my new addiction) for the pics.


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Wandering…through 2012; A glimpse at the future.

I know, I know. We’ve barely just started 2012 and I want to take you all the way through it! Well,  you will too when you see all the yummy Robgoodness we are going to have with  movies. And hopefully, with more photo shoots and interviews!

So let’s start off at the beginning of the year. We’ve been focused on this one a lot around here. So here’s just a tidbit to remind us that in 2012 we WILL have R rated, thrusting, naked ass Rob!!!

And even though the prequel to this movie is still in theaters, November will have us longing for this:

Okay, not really. Unless they’re running to their new cottage for some steamy Cottage Destroying Sex. AND those clothes will be shred to pieces because really?! Chris Weitz what WERE you thinking?!?!  But either way, hopefully will get more of this type of Word Vomit from Rob interviews…

Yeah, I’m partial to that one, sue me. But it really was the best Word Vomit interview of the entire junket. Here’s to hoping 2012 brings so much more!

The final Rob movie of 2012 is the most intriguing one for me. It should be very interesting to see Rob pull off such a different character that is Eric Packer. And he becomes much more manly to me wielding a gun.

Another thing I’m hoping for this year is better photo shoots. I mean, who wants Amishward when you can have  Rob oozing the sex appeal without the alligator props!

There is another thing I’m hoping for in 2012. And that is that Rob does some more of this…

Right, well that’s never gonna happen again. But it was one of the best things to happen last year!

What I really want to see is this…

Yep, you got it! I want to see Rob filming in 2012!!! Because without that this could be the longest drought yet. But it seems he’s in the talks and I hardly see him falling by the wayside now. But filming does need to be done, preferably in the Southern California area with open sets! hehe

And finally, I leave you with some great tidbits from theMan, himself.

Cheers to 2012!


So what were your fave moments of 2011? And what are you looking forward to in the year to come?

Photos found from various Google sources. You can try it, it’s very common!


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