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Thrill Me Thursday

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies,
Just when I thought I had ya all stumped Mydenofsin went and got the right pic. So now Imma do another one But this one is going to be a little different. Might be easy, might be difficult, I don’t know. Last week our very own Jolori posted a Zombie Rob that she made. I’m going to repost that picture and you have to show me what the original pic was BEFORE she converted him into a flesh eating zombie. Ok? here we go…

I want to eat your brains...

That’s even creeping me out! Special thanks to Jolori for allowing me to use her awesome Edit!
Good Luck Ladies!


Mydenofsin WINS AGAIN!!!


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Pick The Pick 12

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies, The special Project I was working on has been delayed due to some RL issues but “HOPEFULLY” will be posted this Monday.

So anyways, Here’s a new pick the pic. for you to search for. No clues this time. Hoping this one will take you all a bit of time since there are No facial expressions to go by and no additional clue either!

Oh! dontcha just want to curl your finger around that strand of hair?

I will add the list of all the previous winners later today with the winner of this post.

Happy Hunting Ladies!!!

Can I come (TWHS) in your den of sin?

                                  Mydenofsin Wins!!!




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Pic The Pick 9

Hello Everybody *waves*


Here I am back with more,
A brand new pick for the hOOrs
You know his face but how well do you know the hands?
Come on Ladies, find the rest of this man!
Give me a hand?

Find me!

 Happy Hunting!!!

Since Jolori was the only one who played and got so very very close to the actual picture (lets face it she was just one snapshot away!) And she couldn’t have been any closer if she tried, I am officially declaring Jolori the winner of Pick the pic 9! Congratulations Jolori! Thank You for Playing!

Jolori you were on fire!

    Jolori Wins!!!
  Laters Ladies,


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Pick The Pic 8

Hello Everybody *waves*


 “Pick The Pic”
It’s time to play”Pick the Pic”
Sometimes it can be quite a trick.
Don’t you worry, there’s more on the way,
Just grab your friends and come to play.
Just find the pic that matches the crop
If you can’t find it, please, don’t stop
This pic came from our friend Cared,
I’m so happy that she shared.
I’m off to bed but I’ll be back you know,
On your mark… get set…now GO!!!
pick the pic 8
Lip porn any one?

            Spunkransomlover Wins!!!

Hey, spunkransomelover, Pucker up Baby"


Laters Ladies,



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Pick the Pic 4


"Hello Everybody! *Waves*

 Well, It’s that time again. No, I didn’t forget. I’m just trying to post these completely at random so that everyone has a fair shot at it. But this time I have a toughy for you thanks to rdmickey! (Thanks Girl!) She sent me this picture and I have to say I have never ever seen this pic of the Precious before and I’m willinng to bet ya’ll wont find it in 15 minutes this time! *LOL* Of course I could be wrong! (I often am! 🙂 )You Ladies really know your Rob porn!

The results so far are

Pic #1 goes to dazzledbyRP

Pic #2 goes to deanshoneybear

Pic #3 goes to rdmickey

Remember the first one to pick 10 pics correctly wins! Ok ready?

Have you seen this pic before?

Enjoy the search girls!

Much Love to you all,
Spunkransomlover wins round 4!!!

Cop a feel much? *LOL*


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PICK the Pick 3


"Hello Everybody! *Waves*

Because You all are too good at this I’m going to try to make this a little more difficult for you!! Rita sent me  this one (Thanks Girl!)  so I hope you find it a little more challenging to Pick this Pic…


I'm going to keep you ladies on your toes!!

Rdmickey Wins Round 3!!! Great Job!!!!

I'm all yours rdmickey 🙂


Pick the pick 4 coming soon!!! 


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Pick the Pic 2

"Hello Everybody! *Waves*


 Hello Ladies I’m back with another Pick the Pic crop for you all. Remember, the picture has to be the EXACT same photo. Enjoy searching through your “Porn Portfolios!”

Where have I seen this picture before?

Laters BBez,



Dean’s Honey Bear Wins!!! Congratulations BB!!



I think I need to make this a wee bit harder!!



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Just for Shizz and Giggles…

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies! 🙂
We are doing our best to keep you ladies Distracted, … err entertained while we work the bugs out of the system here.
One day while surfing for my daily dose of Rob Porn, I accidentally hit the zoom button and only saw a portion of Robs head when the page loaded. Even though I only saw a small amount of his hair I recognized the picture instantly. This gave me an idea for something fun to do.

So I thought We could play a little game for now that I like to call “Pick the Pic!”  This is a great way for everyone to share their personal collections of the pretty.

I’ll give you a glimpse of a specific photo of Rob and all you have to do is try to find The EXACT Picture and post it down below… I am the ONLY person who knows EXACTLY which pic I am using and I have it tucked away in a folder to add into the post once the correct picture has been found by you lovely ladies. I will also add in the winners name on the post as soon as I see the correct picture posted.
I will Not use manips. I will only use actual photos taken of The Pretty from Public appearances or photo shoots or stills from his movies. Since all comments are dated and time stamped, the first person to guess it correctly wins! What do you Win? Well, Bragging rights for being the Biggest Pattin Picture hOOr of all time (?) *LOL*
And maybe if you guys enjoy this and find it challenging enough (and if you don’t that’s ok too!) I will see if I can get one of our very talented Pattin~artist to make up a special prize for the first person to correctly guess 10 pictures. (any artist/blinkie makers/wallpapermakers out there willing to take me up on this and provide the prize?)
Now, due to my limited know-how of PS I can only crop the photo and paste it as whatever size it  happens to be after croping so the picture will be very small but this should only make it a little more interesting.
 We will start with an easy one for the first time.
Ok are you ready? Here we go…Pick the Pic…
Find the rest of me!

Where have I seen this face before?

Enjoy digging through your “Porn Portfolios” and feel free to post any particularly HAWT photos that strike your fancy even if it has nothing to do with the above picture.
Much Love to you all,

Update!! Maggie / dazzledbyRP  Wins!!!!



OH Maggie, I KNEW you'd find me!!!



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