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Monday Maddness…Heatin it up with a Special Guest

Hello Everybody *waves*
Well, Ladies it’s cold outside and so far we have been pretty tame here on Rob Attack so I think it’s time to turn up the heat! And today we have a very special guest joining us. What do you think Rob is it a little chilly in here??

Crank up the heat RF baby!

You heard the man…

Is that better?

  Well Ok Rob I can fix that for ya Darlin’…

How's that Love? All Better now?

I just want you to be comfortable and warm. Are you sure it’s ok?
Ok Ladies now that Rob is happy, and sexier than ever,
 As the head hostess of Rob Attack hOOr House (uhh…does that make me a “madam”?) it is my job to make sure you are happy as well. I know better than most that after surfing for Rob porn all day no raoring fireplace is going to get you any where near Hot enough to survive this cold weather but heh heh heh *sing-song voice* I know what wiiilllll….
  And then we add…

Damn he's got sexy arms and hands *THUD*

 and throw in a touch of this…

some sexy Eye, hair and goatee porn mixed with a little full body porn...

Not to mention the man fur… Uh…err… Where was I?
OH! and did I mention this…
And As if that weren’t enough….

Bottom lip porn *drools* Imma HAVE to do a Bottom lip porn post! *whimpers*

Hey Rob, are you ok with this Darlin’?


Ok, Just Checking Cause I did want to show the girls a couple more things ok?


 OH Rob! Your mind is Always in the gutter! THANK GOD!!! LOL Just a couple more. Please?

Yeah, ok. Anything for you RF.

Thank You Sweetheart!! MWAH! *smooches* Ok girls just one more (or two or three) *giggles*
 So there ya go girls. Is that Hawt enough for ya? heh heh
Well Rob, You have over a hundred women all hot and bothered and revved up over you. How does that make you feel?

"Ain't Nothing wrong with a litttle bit o' bump and grind"

Well you heard it for your self ladies…Why Rob!!!…*surprised look* 


Uh Rob, Whatch doin there Baby? Do you need some help with that? heh heh
Sorry Ladies I have to see to our No. 1 guest right now. If you’ll excuse me.
Laters Babies!

I put this in last well,...because I can and it's F*cking HAWT and I'll find any excuse to use it!! LOL



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Pick The Pic 8

Hello Everybody *waves*


 “Pick The Pic”
It’s time to play”Pick the Pic”
Sometimes it can be quite a trick.
Don’t you worry, there’s more on the way,
Just grab your friends and come to play.
Just find the pic that matches the crop
If you can’t find it, please, don’t stop
This pic came from our friend Cared,
I’m so happy that she shared.
I’m off to bed but I’ll be back you know,
On your mark… get set…now GO!!!
pick the pic 8
Lip porn any one?

            Spunkransomlover Wins!!!

Hey, spunkransomelover, Pucker up Baby"


Laters Ladies,



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What Does It For You?


Well, I finally finished building my Robalicious web site. Now I’m writing my first RoBlog and I can’t think of a better topic for any Blog other than Rob can You? I Mean, You just have to LOVE a man who says things like, “I’m just a tool. I’m just A Big Hard Tool!” *LMAO*
As I was lurking around from site to site teaching myself about blogging and Building websites and basically Rob-stalking, (Yes I said it! I Own it! Can you blame me? *LOL*) I realized every one likes him for different reasons. Many, Many different reasons. So to get things started I want to know, What is it about Robert Pattinson that just Drives You WILD? I mean seriously,

      Was it his role in Twilight as the Gorgeous Vampire Edward Cullen
                                                 that captivated you…?
(Amber eyes to Ambush your heart!)
    Is it that GQ look he can pull off so well that makes your heart race….?

OH YEAH!!! C*H*O*M*P!!!

And then there’s his hair that is so often Messy and yet somehow Always Perfect…?

YEP PERFECT! A woman could happily get lost forever looking in a face like that!

 Or could it be those Long, Lush eyelashes, or maybe is it those Haunting Blue-Gray eyes that are so easy to get lost in you forget what you were saying….?

*Le sigh* *faint* *Thud*
 Uumm…where was I? *rereads blog & skips over pictures*…oh Yeah, is
                                           it those full, pouty lips….?
(Those lips are just begging to be kissed, and OFTEN!)
*Shakes away the day-dream* (Hmmm this may take longer than I thought.) I’ve learned that some people have real attraction for that
                                            Strong Gorgeous Jawline….?
(Rob’s Profile. Strong Jaw. ‘Nuff said. *Pffftt*
Could it be, like so many others, (and I absolutely agree with them) that   you’re attracted to his big, strong hands, with those long elegant fingers?
(Yup! That Works for ME!)
 Of Course, there’s always that Amazing torso to tantalize your thoughts…?
(Gah! Happy Trail! Happier Blogger!)
                        Is it that Tush that turns your insides to mush….?
(You Know! BWAhaahaaa)
Could it be that it’s the way he can be Red Carpet Glamourous one minute…?
      And then turn around and he’s completely “Adorkable” the next….?
(Damn! Even “Adorkable” he’s Sexy!)
And then the next time you see him he’s got that drop dead, Take your
                                breath away, “Come Hither” Stare….?
(Too…Pretty…Can’t Take it…)
          *Gah!!! Gotta… concentrate, Can’t. Get. Distracted. By. The. Pretty.*
                   There’s always his Amazing, Soulful, Beautiful Voice…?

(Lord, THAT VOICE goes through me like Liquid Gold! *Shivers*) 
                         And of course there’s that Wonderful Giggle….?

(Go on, admit it, you’re either laughing your butt off or grinning like an idiot trying not to! Ain’t no shame in that!)

 Is it the way he’s Swamped by all his adoring fans to whom he is always so Gracious and yet, he still manages to remain humble and disbelieving
                                               that so many adore him…?
(AWWW!!! Even when he’s shy and Bashful he’s HAWT!!!)
                                    I don’t know about you, but as for me,…


 So tell me, What Does it for you? What is it about Rob that gets you hot? Have I overlooked something? have I left something out? Please leave me a comment and a little love too. Mwah! 




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