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Sensual Sunday ~ But He’s Not There!

Wet Rob Avi

No, I’m not referrin’ to the fact that Rob’s been pretty much off grid since the last promo tour for BD2.

It’s actually somethin’ I noticed in a photo I came across recently that intrigued me enough to go searchin’ for more!

Seems that, even in the midst of chaos, Rob goes missin’…in his head!

For just a split second, his beautiful eyes go all blank and unfocused and I bless the photographers who capture that because it’s pure Rob, which is a thing of beauty!

001 010613

You know, I just this second realized Rob was chewin’ on a plastic bottle cap LOL! Wonder if HE’s even aware of what he’s doin’?

002 010613

This mighta been on The View and I sure don’t blame him for zonin’ out on those cacklin’ hens {tryin’ to be polite here}!

003 010613

Never endin’, repetitive questions would bore me to death, too LOL!

004 010613

The results of Rob’s photoshoots are endlessly fascinatin’ for us, but Rob might not find the process all that interestin’!

005 010613

If MY man stared off into the distance in the middle of fuckHAWT sex with ME, I’d…well, he wouldn’t escape unscathed! Just sayin’! {Gawd, I love Rob’s sticky up sex hair in that scene! Wish it had been my fingers makin’ it look that way!}

006 010613

I’d venture to guess Rob’s signin’ autographs here, only on autopilot LMAO!!!

007 010613

Easy to overlook that fact that Rob’s “gone” because of the JawPorn, LipPorn and FingerPorn LOL!


This is the same press conference so I don’t know why these 2 photos are givin’ him such red hair, but I like it!

009 010613

Almost missed Rob’s glazed over eyes for the DimplePorn *THUD!*

010 010613

Anyone else yearn for more “Rob as a Sex GOD” photoshoots? *DED!*

011 010613

Rob might be driftin’ away for a moment, but my eyes are rivited by LashPorn, LipPorn and the tip of that lady’s finger restin’ on his chin! I wouldn’t mind havin’ HER job…well, only for Rob!!!

012 010613

Much of Rob’s role as Tyler Hawkins in Remember Me revolved around him bein’ introverted.  Guess they found the right man for the part, ’cause it just seems to come natural to him!

013 010613

I always wondered what Rob was writin’ down in that journal! Too bad we never got a good close-up LOL!

014 010613

A quiet moment in the midst of chaos, indeed! Musta been a million people runnin’ around the set that day!

015 010613

See what I mean by pure, beautiful Rob? He doesn’t even have to try…he just IS!! *le sigh!*

016 010613

I mighta been a little dubious about includin’ this one, but decided the gratituous TongPorn was well worth keepin’ LOL!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


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Sensual Sunday ~ Black and White Tease!

Hi Ya'all

Good mornin’, Ladies!

The dark, cold days of winter have me wishin’ for the warm, sunny days of summer!

You know…the days when Rob’s wearin’ way less clothes LMAO!!!

Cause, don’t he look FINE in those cool, soft tees we all love? Rob has a wide collection of them, but give me plain ol’ black or white t-shirts any day!


Especially, the V-neck tees that show just a little bit of chest hair! {Oh, sweet button-fly jeans…how I miss thee LOL!}


Rob’s hands in his pants…thumbs pointin’ to the Promised Land!


Black tee, dirty jeans and bare feet…sweeeet!


OK, the FingerPorn was what drew me to this one LOL!


Please tell me HHP didn’t get rope burned!


When Rob looks like he’s enjoyin’ himself, he lights up my world!


Oh, crap! This has got to be one of the hottest shots ever made of The Pretty!


Can’t get enough the SexHair/FingerPorn combination LOL!


See what I mean? Wonder if Rob’s hair is as soft and silky as it looks!


We don’t get much Adam’s apple Porn, so I treasure this photo!


What would YOU do if Rob tapped you on the shoulder while you were tryin’ to work?


You know, much as I love Rob in bed with a white t-shirt, I’d prefer NO t-shirt at all LOL!


The man does NOT need to wear clothes in bed…just sayin’!


Even beat the hell up, Rob is HAWT!!


Excuse me while I get back in bed with Rob for a minute LOL!


Do I envy his leadin’ ladies? Is the Pope Catholic???


Sorry, couldn’t resist another roll in the hay with HHH!


Long and lean Rob just does something to me…if you know what I mean and I think you do!


Hello biceps!


Once again, the FingerPorn steals the show LOL!


If you find a girl who reads, keep her close. When you find her up at 2 AM clutching a book to her chest and weeping, make her a cup of tea and hold her. You may lose her for a couple of hours but she will always come back to you. She’ll talk as if the characters in the book are real, because for a while, they always are. Date a girl who reads because you deserve it. You deserve a girl who can give you the most colorful life imaginable​. — Robert Pattinson

Well, it sounds like something Rob might say…who knows if he really said this!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


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Sensual Sunday ~ Remember Me…With Love From Me to You!

Welcome back, Angelz!

If you’re wonderin’ about that little ♥ symbol at the top of my avi that’s been makin’ an appearance lately, it’s just to keep the text from starting off so high up {just don’t look right to me}.

Coulda been any symbol, I guess {Ω ♠ Ψ ♣ Σ or ♦}, but I  Rob, and I you all, of course, so ♥ it is LOL!

There IS a point to this…I think!  Yeah, I was thinkin’ about Remember Me!  One of the only films where Rob looked and dressed so much like himself for the role of Tyler Hawkins that the end scene just broke my !  I know I wasn’t the only one!

I didn’t show you this edit by Sally ~ InRobWeLust last Sunday.  I was holdin’ out on you cause it’s what inspired today’s post!

So fuckin’ beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes!

Sally wasn’t the only one to move me with their lovely edits, enhancements and banners for Remember Me…

I credit this one to Floren83, even though it’s not tagged, cause I snagged it from her RobPorn stash a long time ago {shameless lurker that I am}!

You have to look close, but I promise this is a Robelied edit {gonna have to search for more of her stuff}!

Have I ever told you how much I love Rob in RED???  This is tagged RPAU {Robert Pattinson Australia}, but it has Jules’s fingerprints all over it…Jules? This yours?

Now, I KNOW this one is Jules’s!  Absolutely one of my very favorites!

The lovely Biel made this photo look like it mighta been found among the debris of the Twin Towers…soooo haunting!

There’s a raw earthiness to some of Biel’s edits that speaks to me!  I like her style!!

If you’ve never seen this Melbie edit before, shield your eyes…it will burn itself into your bwainz!  Oops…too late!  I consider this a triumph of her craft!

Once again, I can only tell you this fabulous banner is credited to Nylfn…people need to tag their shit, damnit!

If I knew who made this beautiful banner, I’d hug ’em to death, I tell you! {You guys double clicking these things? They’re huge!}

Such a poignant scene {unknown bannermaker}!

By the time Rob / Tyler spoke those words, I was sobbing my  out…I just broke *ungh, ungh, gulp!* {damnit, Jules!}

Thanks, Melbie darlin’!  Just what I needed to, uh…refocus LOL!

Oh, yeah! Now we talkin’!!!

Lordy, the light on his hair! Those lips…GAH!  With plenty of red in the background? FTMFW!!!

Another Melbie Masterpiece I just had to share with you all!

Am I crazy for lovin’ that beat-up face?  Only because I know it’s just make-up, right? But, oh, that razor sharp jawline *drool!*  So lickable!!!

Whoever chose this photo for the official movie poster was genius! Love the way the wind ruffles his hair!  And the half smile on his beautiful face *groan!*

Take us out with a smile, Biel darlin’!

And, if all that RobGoodness wasn’t enough for you, I’ll leave you with her awesome vid “Just Tyler  / with love from me to you”…

Now, Imma just go watch Remember Me again!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Sensual Sunday ~ Rob…Let Me See You Stripped!!


Good morning, Angelz!

Ain’t gonna lie!  I’m waiting impatiently for a screencap…HQ still (preferably)…gif (even better) of Rob’s moonlit, thrusting bare ass from the first sex scene in Bel Ami!

Cause, fully clothed or buck nekkied, that man’s body is f*ckHAWT and I wanna see as much of it as possible!

So let’s strip him down, ladies, and see what he’s got…

Lemme just get his shirt off!

Oh, no...NO! You're NOT talking me into this one, Rita!

Aaaaw, come on, Rob!?!?!  What if I put on a little music for you, baby. Will that help get you in the mood?

Heeey! I really like that song! I can work with that, thanks!

Me too, darlin’…it’s what inspired today’s post! {There’s his beautiful nose!}

Still not so sure I wanna do this, ya know?

Just TRY, sweetie…we only want to admire your beautiful bod a little bit!

All right, then. I wouldn't do this for anyone else, Rita...just so you know!

Thank you, Rob…I really do appreciate you doing this for me! {I don’t care HOW many times I’ve seen this, I can’t get enough!  *GASP!* the Glorious “V” !!!}


*Squeeee!*  Yes, please!!

Rita? You still there, Rita?

*Grooaaan!* Uh, yeah, baby…mighta fainted there for a second, but I’m good…

Can I put my shirt back on yet???

Well, I was hopin’ we could maybe check out your back, if that’s okay with you?  {HAPPY TRAIL ALERT!!!  *THUD* HOOR DOWN!!!!}


DAMNIT, Rob!  Stop teasin’! You KNOW what I want!!! *gigglesnort!*

Yeah, I think I got you figured out by now, Rita LOL! This what you're looking for?

Close…close!  But no cigar!  We’re lookin’ for THE ultimate shot of your back, baby!!!!


Rita, you crack me the fuck up! If we're done here, I'm going swimming with my girl! Laters, baby!!!

Thanks, Rob!  We can always count on you to “ahem” deliver!  LMAO!!!!

Now, each and every one of us has self image issues and Rob’s no different.  I’ve heard him complain of his too long back, wide, womanly hips and hard to maintain six pack, but, when you love someone as much as we love Rob, every little flaw he thinks he has is beautiful to us!

THIS is what I believe Rob looks like stripped…pure PERFECTION!!!!

Happy Sunday ya’ll!



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Sensual Sunday ~ Rob…Perfect in Plaid!


If there’s anything I love to see Rob wearin’, it’s plaid!  Don’t matter what color plaid…it all looks f*ckHAWT on our boy!

Well, as long as he NEVER wears plaid pants!  Those shiteous orange pants were bad enough, but PLAID?  Just…UGH!

Oh, Rita...you shouldn't have said that! Now I'll have to dig up a pair just to tease you!

Don’t do it, Rob!  I’m watching you {2 fingers pointing from my stink eyes to his twinklies}!

OK, where was I?  Oh yeah!  So, beanie Rob gave us black plaid during rehearsals for Cosmopolis …

Purple, baby! It's purple...black plaid is so boring!

I dunno, Rob…looks black to me!

Well, I'm standing by purple. And, damn it, Rita! No dissing the red pants!

Soooory!  Must be the light cause those pants look orange to me…no need to pout, but I love the LipPorn, so go ahead and purse those pretty lips at me anytime LOL!

Now, as to red, NOBODY rocks red plaid like The Pretty!

Awww, baby! One photo wasn't enough? Looks like a "scatter shot" LOL!

Rob, honey!  We could NEVER get enough of you, and you know it!!

Blue plaid is so cooool on our boy!  Love the blue plaid jacket he wore for the Vanity Fair 2009 shoot!

Hey! It was cold that day, and I really liked this jacket. Too bad they wouldn't let me keep it!

Yeah, baby!  Looks good on you {and I’d like to be all cuddled up under there against your warm chest *sigh*}!

{Thanks for the multiple Robgasms on these 2 gorgeous wallpapers, Jolori darlin’!}

Oh hell, let’s have us some more blue plaid Rob!!

Uh, Rita? Hate to tell you, but this is check...not plaid!

WHAT? Noooo!  It’s plaid…ain’t it?  Crap, you’re right!  It’s definitely blue check.

That's what I said! Maybe you should get your eyes checked, Rita! Get it...checked?

Well, you can’t go wrong wearing blue AND red PLAID, Rob darlin’!!!

Um, Rita? Forgive me for that eyes remark? Didn't mean to hurt your feelings!

Sweetheart, I’d forgive you ANYTHING you look at me like that! {Damned ol’ Baby Boomer Cougar eyes!}

Good! Cause I was wondering what you thought of boring ol' BROWN plaid LOL!

On you, Rob?  Just looks waaarm!  {Gah! TonguePorn!  Just kill me now!!!}

So, brown plaid doesn't turn you off?

No, baby! It purely don’t! {will…not…get lost…in the EyePorn!}

Hmmm...well, what color plaid DON'T you like, Rita?

I dunno, Rob…yellow’s not really my favorite color, so maybe yellow? {GAH!! Can’t take much more LipPorn!}

Gonna have to agree with you on yellow plaid, Rita!

Aw, it ain’t THAT bad, darlin’!  But, of all the plaids, Tybert plaid is my absolute favorite!!

Tybert? What the hell is a Tybert???

Tybert is, well…Tyler Hawkins and Robert Pattinson…Tyler / Robert = Tybert.  See?

LMAO! Damn it, Rita! You crack me the f*ck up! Good thing I wasn't actually drinking this coffee!!

Oops! Well, now it’s MY turn to apologize, Rob darlin’ LOL!

Gotta run now, Rita! It's been fun...see you next week!

Thanks for dropping in, Rob!  It’s a date! {OMG!  MuffinPorn… FingerPorn… LipPorn… HairPorn FTMFW!!!}

Crap! And I had about a million more Tybert photos, too!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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What Would You Say?

Hello Everybody *waves*


I’ve been feeling very down-hearted this weekend. It’s been too quiet both at home and on the net. It’s been down-right lonely in fact.

As I’ve come to realize alot in the past few months Rob is, if not the cure then definately a comfort for the blues. There were times when he made laugh out loud…
WTF is he doing?


 but then the blues came back eventually.
There were times when he made me smile the most ridiculously Huge smile…

Yes those are the sexspenders. Gah!

when I stumbled into 400 pics of him I didn’t already have.
And he made me cry with his sweet as honey, soft as silk voice. There was several pictures of him with screaming fans and as we know, he is so patient and kind with everyone, trying to make sure they all get an autograph, a picture with him, and he tries to hear and answer all their Questions, (such a sweetie).
Yeah Baby!!!

OH MY! *fans self, faints*


So Sweet!

*Not too high there Rob Heh heh heh*

I continued on with my search and found a site that professed to have the address where you could write to Rob. (as if he’d ever get to read any of them). It got me to wondering though, SRSLY, if you had the chance to write to him, If you knew he would get just one letter and that it would be your letter, what would you say to him?
Tybert, I want one!

Rob, Put that smutty letter down and WRITE ME BACK! LOL


What would you say to steal his heart away and make him want to know you better? I mean, that’s the whole point of wanting to get near him right? Or, if you had just twenty minutes to talk to him, What would you say? How would you act? Could you speak at all? Would you just stand there and drool? LOL It’d be hard not to. I thought about this for several hours as I worked on my site and when I thought I had it all figured out I sat out to put it all down on paper just to see how it sounded and what it looked like. I wrote for three and a half hours ( I said I Thought I had it figured out. lol) It’s not as easy as it sounds, when you’re trying to talk to someone like Rob (what the hell am I saying, there is NO ONE like ROB) and tell them what an effect he’s had on your life and how much he means to you without sounding like an idiot and scaring him off.
Tybert in Remember Me

Don't Run Away! I'll Protect you BB!! hee hee hee


LOL Think about, give it a try and let me know what you come up with.  :)
P.S. Lets be Honest, IF any of us were to meet him face to face, we all know that there is only one TRUE reaction we would all have and it would be this one…
Freakin' Kitty

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