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Thrill Me Thursday ~ Apologies!!

RF asked me to post an apology on her behalf.  She’s having major computer issues and won’t be able to THRILL us today *sob!*







I'm soooo sorry!

She promises to make it up to us next Thursday and I believe her on that…she told me the concept and it’s gonna be goooood!

Anyway, we didn’t want to leave you hanging, wondering WTF was going on!

None of us had something to post at such short notice, so we ALL apologize!!

That being said, Rob has been spotted in London (no photos) AND he’s confirmed for the Berlin premier of Bel Ami on February 17th…YAY!!!!

Love ya!

Rita and Robs Fan~tasy


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Monday Madness…Works of Art


Hello Everybody *waves*



This was not the post I intended for today, However I think I must be one of the luckiest people ever when it comes to Stumbling onto great things! “Happy Accidents” as I call them. Some of you may know that I made a living for many years on art work and other creative/crafty things. And if you know that then you know that I greatly admire true artistic talent.

Well I was searching for specific things for a post on google when I stumbled onto an Artist with a talent for drawing Rob!! Now I have no clue if these are hand drawn or done on PS or what but either way this Lady has a true gift and I thought it should be shared!


Ladies, I bring you  The art work of CezLeo…



Amazing Right? I Thought so! 🙂 She has other amazing drawings of other stars such as Michael Jackson so you should really go check out her page and leave her some love!

For those of you who do not know you can find more art work by other artists at the top of the page under the tab “Art.” While you are in there if you happen to know any of the Artist responsible for the drawings let me know in the comments on the art pages. I had many of them saved before I even started a blog so I have no idea who they belong to. Thanks!

Feel free to share your art work Poetry and great finds in the comments.

Much Love to you all!

Laters BBez



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Rob being, well…Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered

Triple whammy today, darlin’s!


Being the consumate actor that he is, Rob effortlessly convinces us that he is completely bewitched by his leading ladies.

However, you have to admit that Rob’s portrayal of Dali being bewitched by Lorca is quite compelling and just f*cking hawt!  Personally, I found this sinfully underrated film to be one of his best, so as a special treat for the slash h00rs among us, myself included, here’s their first kiss!

Beautiful, beautiful scene!  Hey, that full moon emerging from behind the clouds looks awfully familiar!?!?!


We’ve all seen how patient our Rob normally is; however, he does get bothered every now and then.  He certainly put Jimmy Fallon in his place…in the cutest way ever!

Yes, I realize it’s backwards, but believe me…it was the best quality clip I could lay my hands on!  Aw hell, who am I kidding.  This post is just an excuse to use this clip.  The way the wind gently ruffles his soft hair, the adorable expressions on his handsome face…and that lip twitch just kills me!  GAH!

Now, for a little cross culturization (we are nothing if not educational here on RA), let me introduce you to the UK’s Queen of Bothered, the fabulous Catherine Tate as irritatingly funny Lauren Cooper!


No one does bewildered better than Rob as Daniel Gale in The Bad Mother’s Handbook. As this was a made for TV movie, many of you may not have seen it.  This is one of my favorite Rob scenes.

Now THAT’s what I call bewildered!

From the photos we’ve seen from the set of Cosmopolis, I expect we will see a lot more of Rob being…



and Bewildered

I am soooo looking forward to Cosmopolis!

Have a great Sunday, ya’ll!



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Pick a Pic Monday…Ear’s looking at you, Kid!






 Good mornin’ ya’ll!  Just a quick Pick a Pic for you before I head off to work.  I’ll be back when I get home to announce the winner!

Ummm, lickable!!

Gonna be too easy, I can tell already!

If my partners in crime would like to keep this going while I’m out, that would be great!!

Feel better soon RFT darlin’!

Laters BB’s!


The Miss Mod Wins!

I THINK this was Pick a Pic #10 but I’d have to check with the boss on all the stats!

Congratulations BB!

Well Done!!!



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Pic The Pick 9

Hello Everybody *waves*


Here I am back with more,
A brand new pick for the hOOrs
You know his face but how well do you know the hands?
Come on Ladies, find the rest of this man!
Give me a hand?

Find me!

 Happy Hunting!!!

Since Jolori was the only one who played and got so very very close to the actual picture (lets face it she was just one snapshot away!) And she couldn’t have been any closer if she tried, I am officially declaring Jolori the winner of Pick the pic 9! Congratulations Jolori! Thank You for Playing!

Jolori you were on fire!

    Jolori Wins!!!
  Laters Ladies,


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Pick The Pic 8

Hello Everybody *waves*


 “Pick The Pic”
It’s time to play”Pick the Pic”
Sometimes it can be quite a trick.
Don’t you worry, there’s more on the way,
Just grab your friends and come to play.
Just find the pic that matches the crop
If you can’t find it, please, don’t stop
This pic came from our friend Cared,
I’m so happy that she shared.
I’m off to bed but I’ll be back you know,
On your mark… get set…now GO!!!
pick the pic 8
Lip porn any one?

            Spunkransomlover Wins!!!

Hey, spunkransomelover, Pucker up Baby"


Laters Ladies,



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Pick The Pick 5 anyone?


"Hello Everybody! *Waves*

It’s been a week or so and I’m back to challenge your knowledge of “The Precious Pretty Parts in your Pervy portfolios!” LOL (try saying that three times fast! *snickers*) Pick the Pick Pictures come from our very own Cared this week. so here we go.

Can You find me?

I see you!!!

If This one is found quickly I will post some more throughout the day…
Ready, Set, GO!

rdmickey 1989 *Wink*

           rdmickey1989 Wins round 5!!!

Laters BBez…


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Pick the Pic 4


"Hello Everybody! *Waves*

 Well, It’s that time again. No, I didn’t forget. I’m just trying to post these completely at random so that everyone has a fair shot at it. But this time I have a toughy for you thanks to rdmickey! (Thanks Girl!) She sent me this picture and I have to say I have never ever seen this pic of the Precious before and I’m willinng to bet ya’ll wont find it in 15 minutes this time! *LOL* Of course I could be wrong! (I often am! 🙂 )You Ladies really know your Rob porn!

The results so far are

Pic #1 goes to dazzledbyRP

Pic #2 goes to deanshoneybear

Pic #3 goes to rdmickey

Remember the first one to pick 10 pics correctly wins! Ok ready?

Have you seen this pic before?

Enjoy the search girls!

Much Love to you all,
Spunkransomlover wins round 4!!!

Cop a feel much? *LOL*


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PICK the Pick 3


"Hello Everybody! *Waves*

Because You all are too good at this I’m going to try to make this a little more difficult for you!! Rita sent me  this one (Thanks Girl!)  so I hope you find it a little more challenging to Pick this Pic…


I'm going to keep you ladies on your toes!!

Rdmickey Wins Round 3!!! Great Job!!!!

I'm all yours rdmickey 🙂


Pick the pick 4 coming soon!!! 


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Pick the Pic 2

"Hello Everybody! *Waves*


 Hello Ladies I’m back with another Pick the Pic crop for you all. Remember, the picture has to be the EXACT same photo. Enjoy searching through your “Porn Portfolios!”

Where have I seen this picture before?

Laters BBez,



Dean’s Honey Bear Wins!!! Congratulations BB!!



I think I need to make this a wee bit harder!!



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