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Rob, well…Takin’ Us Back to ROME!!

Rome has been calling to me all week, so I’ll just quote Alice in New Moon, “It’s time!”

Yes, it’s time to go back to Rome for the premier of Twilight.

Star date October 30, 2008:

Rome was where we first saw a 22 year old Rob for the man he was becoming…the man we would all completely fall for and stay with forever, no matter what path he chooses to follow!

For whither Rob goest, there goeth we. (Whut? You fergettin’ it’s Sunday??)

If he continues to make movies as an actor, producer or screen writer, we will be there.

If he chooses to give up acting and take up his music, we will damn well be there, too!

And, if he gives it all up some day up the road to be a stay at home daddy, we’ll miss him terribly, wish him well, and hope he blesses us with progress photos every now and then!

But I digress…Rome was when we saw Rob as himself and not Edward!!

Remember when our shy boy first strutted out onto that red carpet?

Aw crap! Look at all these people!

Oh, Rob!  We never stood a chance, did we!

That iconic thumb bite melted many a pair of knickers that day, I tell ya!

Oh, bite me!

With pleasure, darlin’!  Care to share that luscious thumb?  Just sayin’…

It took him a moment to realize all the screaming was for him…

You sure it's all for me? I don't know...

Yeah, baby! It’s all for you…who else would we scream like this for??

When it finally sank in, he started to really let loose and enjoy himself…

Well, let's get this party started!

See, Rob?  All you gotta do is just relax and enjoy it…twss *snickers*!

Any of you hOOrs still standin'?

Hot damn, baby!  You killed us all with your sex hair, scruff, eye porn, finger porn…GAH!!!

Didn't mean to hurt you, Angelz!

Oh, but it hurt so good, baby!

Well, if you're sure...

Yeah, don’t worry about us, wez tough and we want MORE!!

Oh, I got more..but can you take all of it?

Rob, darlin’!  We can take all you got, but we want to take you all at once, so see what your favorite hOOr, MelbieToast, made for us?

Oooh!  I found another one by HeidiForReal…

Hell’n these photos only covered a tiny part of the red carpet.  I’d have to make at least two more posts to cover the photocall, the photo shoot and the book signing.  You all up for that???

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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