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Doin it differently with different dos!

Hello Everybody *waves*



In preparing for this post it didn’t take me long to realize I could stretch this out to a 32 part series! But I’m not gonna do that LOL! Yeah, I can hear the sighs of relief all over the Robuniverse. So what am I posting about you might be asking? Rob’s multiple hairdos of course!

Rob’s got more hairstyles than I ever knew!

Who woulda thought this geeky kid would grow to be the Sexiest Man Alive?

The Geek

 And then the hair got bigger than the eyebrows!

The Beatles

But he soon swung back to the other extreme.

The Buzz Cut

Talk about extreme hair cuts…I remember thinking WTF? When I saw this one.

The 50/50

Who could forget the *GASP* heard round the world when he showed up sporting this do? {Which is definitely a don’t IMHO!}

The All Gone

Before that, there was the lovely Cannes do in the “Dad Shirt!”

The Windswept

And, of course, Rita’s personal fav…

The Wet Rob

This is the best pic I could find of Rob with black hair. Most of these make Rob look like he’s actually Rob’s creepy uncle or something LOL!

The Black Raven

Rob makes a better looking werewolf than Jacob/Taylor. JS…

The Wild One

We all remember the days when Rob had a bad reputation for not washing his hair…at all!

The Unkempt

And then there is the allure of the Vampire…

The Edward Cullen

This one is just sexy as hell and ONLY ROB could get away with it!

The Cock of the Walk

And in contrast…

The Disheveled Chicken

One of my personal all time favorites…

The James Dean

This profile shot shows off his sweeping sideburns to perfection.

The Wispy Wings

And this do is part of what made Tybert so appealing.

The Soft & Fluffy

There’s something about the pic, I think it’s the flannel shirt over the T shirt, That reminds me of practically every teenage boy I knew growing up.

The Boy Next Door {if only!}

The slicked-back do of the wealthy man…

The Millionhair Do

Just recently, we saw…

The Mad Max

And the hair standing at attention…

The Mile High

Rob looks very professional with this do.

The Clean Cut

We musn’t leave out…

The Romantic

The hair says as much as the eyes do.

The Come Hither

Will there ever be anything better than is? Indeed Dear Melbie he is a sexy beast!

The Just F*cked Hair

Still in my top 5 fav pics is…

The F*ck Me Sideways!!!

I gotta say, I’m lovin this!

The Current Gorgeousness

So girls I know there lots that I missed. Got any better names for these dos than the ones I came up with? Let’s hear em! Let’ssee you hair favs and what you’d call them.

Much Love to you all,



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Sensual Sunday ~ Comic Con Coma!

Hello everybody!

Am I here? Are you here?  Is this real? I’m not entirely sure, at this point!  I’m think I’m still in a Comic Con Coma!!!

From the moment Rob arrived, until he vanished into the blue on a private jet, I watched it all!

No way was I gonna miss even one moment this time!

God Almighty, my heart near thumped outta my chest when he finally showed up, lookin’ all happy to be there and SO damn fine! {Check out those tight black jeans huggin’ his strong, manly THIGHS! Squeeee!!!}

As usual, Rob made time for his fans {lucky hoors!} and was quickly surrounded for autographs and photos…and sneaky hugs!!! {Did I already say “lucky hoors?”}

Sometimes the fans accidently take the most amazin’ photos of him, don’t they? {Can’t take  my eyes off his mouth *le sigh!*}

And so the circus began with the Press Line interviews.  Rob visibly struggled to answer the same damned questions over and over without sayin’ the same thing twice…wasn’t easy, bless him!

Did Rob realize how puttin’ his hands in his front pockets stretched his jeans so tight the white buttons showed, drawin’ our eyes to the Promised Land?  He didn’t really need to point it out, did he *gigglesnort!*

It would definitely have to be a full body costume if he wanted to have any fun at all…even then, his stride and posture would give him away LOL!  Which is actually too bad cause I’d love for him to have a fun day at Comic Con!

Before the Panel Discussion, Josh Horowitz of MTV got to interview Rob, Kristen and Taylor. Josh is such a fan boy LOL!

Bwahahaha!!! Rob takes nothin’ seriously, not even his own kissin’ skills {I’d like to get my own opinion on that LOL!}

But my favorite moment was when Rob spotted himself in the monitor and freaked out, hollerin’ that he looked FAT!  {No fuckin’ way!}

You’d think Rob woulda learned his lesson from last year that those stupid microphones screech when you mess with ’em LMAO!!!Remember? *Gigglesnort!*

When asked what advice BD Edward would give to Twilight Edward…I think he embarrassed himself with that answer…but it was too late to take it back…and Kristen just lost it LMAO!!! {Musta had a more accurate visual image than we did!}

When someone asked Stephenie Meyer what she would write as a sequel to BD, Rob started gigglin’ and she insisted he share his thoughts on the subject…BAD MOVE!  Rob thought that, 20 years down the line, Edward and Bella would be divorced and in Mr. & Mrs. Smith mode! When asked which of them would survive, he said vampires don’t die…at the same time, Kristin said “I would totally rip your head off!”  That’s one battle I’d like to see LMAO!!!

{Apparently there’s a fanfic based on Mr. & Mrs. Smith…don’t have the link, do any of you?}

A cheeky fan asked for Rob’s nameplate, so he made a paper airplane out of it and flew it to her…classic Rob impudence LMAO!!! {Note: All the above gifs were side-by-side in my draft…don’t know what happened or how to fix it *pouty face!*}

Looks like the photographer was impatient to start the portrait session…poor Rob couldn’t even finish his coffee LOL!

That’s OK, though…we LOVE Rob candids!  Especially those involving FingerPorn!!!

*THUD!* Did I say FingerPorn?  Add JawPorn, LipPorn, EyePorn, SexHairPorn…I’m just gonna shut up now on account of this man renders me speechless!!!

*GULP!* *Groan!* {noises don’t count LOL!}

Full blown sex hair FTMFW!!! Am I the only pervy h00r who wants to stroke his arm hair??

Cheeky angel that I desperately want to get my hands on!!!

Oh, hell…just one more or I’m a puddle of goo!

Hello biceps! *You can kill me now and I’ll die happy!*

I know wearing a baseball cap backwards is a dorky thing to do but, on Rob, it too damned cute for words LOL!

Mackenzie Foy is just the most precious little girl and I’m lookin’ forward to seein’ how she does in Breaking Dawn Part 2!!

Now do you see why I was in a Comic Con Coma???

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Rob, well…Takin’ Us Back to ROME!!

Rome has been calling to me all week, so I’ll just quote Alice in New Moon, “It’s time!”

Yes, it’s time to go back to Rome for the premier of Twilight.

Star date October 30, 2008:

Rome was where we first saw a 22 year old Rob for the man he was becoming…the man we would all completely fall for and stay with forever, no matter what path he chooses to follow!

For whither Rob goest, there goeth we. (Whut? You fergettin’ it’s Sunday??)

If he continues to make movies as an actor, producer or screen writer, we will be there.

If he chooses to give up acting and take up his music, we will damn well be there, too!

And, if he gives it all up some day up the road to be a stay at home daddy, we’ll miss him terribly, wish him well, and hope he blesses us with progress photos every now and then!

But I digress…Rome was when we saw Rob as himself and not Edward!!

Remember when our shy boy first strutted out onto that red carpet?

Aw crap! Look at all these people!

Oh, Rob!  We never stood a chance, did we!

That iconic thumb bite melted many a pair of knickers that day, I tell ya!

Oh, bite me!

With pleasure, darlin’!  Care to share that luscious thumb?  Just sayin’…

It took him a moment to realize all the screaming was for him…

You sure it's all for me? I don't know...

Yeah, baby! It’s all for you…who else would we scream like this for??

When it finally sank in, he started to really let loose and enjoy himself…

Well, let's get this party started!

See, Rob?  All you gotta do is just relax and enjoy it…twss *snickers*!

Any of you hOOrs still standin'?

Hot damn, baby!  You killed us all with your sex hair, scruff, eye porn, finger porn…GAH!!!

Didn't mean to hurt you, Angelz!

Oh, but it hurt so good, baby!

Well, if you're sure...

Yeah, don’t worry about us, wez tough and we want MORE!!

Oh, I got more..but can you take all of it?

Rob, darlin’!  We can take all you got, but we want to take you all at once, so see what your favorite hOOr, MelbieToast, made for us?

Oooh!  I found another one by HeidiForReal…

Hell’n these photos only covered a tiny part of the red carpet.  I’d have to make at least two more posts to cover the photocall, the photo shoot and the book signing.  You all up for that???

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Thrill Me Thursday…”Warm Fuzzies”

Hello Everybody *waves*


 Well, my friends for most of us we are a little over a week away from Christmas. It’s winter and that means
C-O-L-D Weather.
 (I despise the cold. Have I mentioned that before? lol) So I thought it would be nice to talk about the things that keep us warm, or rather a particular thing that we could curl up with and get warm.
You all are probably thinking that I am thinking along these lines… *Because I am after all a “PattinAngel” right? *Innocent look*

Yes very warm and cozy indeed but not exactly what I had in mind. not this time any way lol

Actually I was thinking a little more fuzzy that this. Yes, yes, I’m sure you saying to yourself, “I know where she’s going now,” and the image that pops into your mind is this one…

Who wouldn't want to be lying next to Rob on this rug and be the center of his attention? But still not what I had in mind.

It’s a nice and furry “Warm Fuzzy” place to be but I was thinking more along the lines of Man Fur Not Bear (Beah?) fur.
Now I knows you’re thinking I’m going to jump to the scruff right?

Who wouldn't want to be wrapped in those arms and snuggled up under that furry chin. But all these things are still not what I was thinking. I AM NOW! damn it but I wasn't.

Crap! Where was I going with this post? *turns away from computer and scratches head while trying to concentrate.*
OH yeah, I bet you’re also thinking Wild sex hair Rob right?

Wild Sex hair, scruff covered, sexy eyed, smexy looking Rome Rob FTMFW And I totally don't remember WTF I was going to say. *drools*

Crap! I neeed to put on my Winnie the pooh thinking face.
Hello Beautiful Rob!

I SAID THINKING FACE!!! Not Day dreaming about Rob Face…

*scrunches eyes closed*
Think, Think, Think, What was I blogging about…think, think, think,
Oh yeah, warm fuzzies,
No what I HAD in mind when I started this was something a little different and a little lower down *oh yeah* Here we go again. What I was thinking was the man fur. have any of ya’ll noticed how much more MANLY the man fur has gotten lately???







I just want to start there and follow the happy trail to the promised land!!

Just undo the next Button or three Rob please???

We need more Pics Like This but with our more Manly Rob!!!


Dying! edges towards the gutter

*pops head up from gutter to curb*
Show me your Rob man fur porn and I might never come out of the gutter again. Come on in girls the water in fine! lol


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