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Sensual Sunday ~ Baseball Boy!

Wet Rob Avi

Oh my God, ladies!

I’ve been laughin’ my ass off all week readin’ one of the funniest fics I’ve come across in a good while LOL!

Bella at her snarkiest best…Edward {a.k.a. Baseball Boy} at his dorkiest EVER!

“Wait! What?” you may ask. “It’s not Fan Fiction Friday!”

Yeah, but it’s the inspiration for my post today and, therefore, fair game! Get it…Fair Game LMAO! But, seriously, do yourselves a HUGE favor and start reading:

Curve Ball by Staceleo


Opposites attract don’t they? Not in Bella Swan’s world. Unfortunately, the Captain of the baseball team has other ideas. A short chapter tale written for mauigirl60.


The key word bein’ “baseball,” it stood to reason I’d hark way back to the Vampire Baseball scene from Twilight LOL!

Like a baseballcage

Of course, it’s from Cosmopolis rehearsals, but Rob’s got to practice first, right? Well, it does look like he’s at a battin’ cage, don’t it?


And, Rob’s wearin’ a proper baseball cap. What? I liked that pic in color, too!


You have to catch the ball, before you can throw it Rob!


There ya go, darlin’! {Are you catchin’ Rob’s pout? *Drool!*}


Time to suit up and get out on the field…give ’em hell, baby!!


Why so serious? It’s supposed to fun!

Edward Twilight07

Oh, I get it…someone’s cheatin’! Fuck ’em up, darlin’!


LOL! I spy blue boxers!!


Don’t let that big bully push you around, darlin’!


Sorry, Missi! Guess Rob’s not beyond flippin’ someone the bird after all LMAO!

Edward Twilight05

Heads up…you still have a fastball to catch!

Edward Twilight06

Faster Rob!




Uh, oh! They saw you cheatin’ with the wires, baby!


Bunch of pussies! You call that rumblin’?


Game called on account of gross incompetence LMAO!!!

One of the reasons that made the whole Vampire Baseball scene so much fun for me was the music that went with it…Supermassive Black Hole by Muse!

Hell’n I was stuck in a Classic Rock rut for years until Twilight came along and updated my taste in music LOL!

What life change did Twilight do for you?

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider


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