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Thrill Me Thursday … You Can Google it!

Hello Everybody *waves*


This should totally be a Monday Madness Post but to be honest, I need a laugh so I am posting it on Thrill Me Thursday. Don’t worry, I’ll throw in some Rob Porn to make it worth your while! 🙂  Ever since RAoR closed there has been some things I have really missed and among them was one of Jag’s posts, so with admiration for her brilliance I am going to carry on the tradition she started and bring you…WEIRD SHIT PEOPLE GOOGLE TO FIND ROB ATTACK!!!

For those of you that are new to this, the concept is really self explanitory. The words typed in red are actual search terms people have typed in and for whatever reason their search has lead them to Rob Attack. Sometimes we don’t know why but it’s funny as hell! So with no further ado…we’re Off…

Edward Not Smiling  Oh! We can’t have that!

We love your smile!

Rosie blog um…no!

Awkward running into your ex…well yeah but WTF does that have to do with RA?

goofy, pretty, blue steel… IDEK

Uncut Peens

rita Being… looks like you have a fan GF!

18 eyeporn

Rob Porno… Yes Please!

Caught skinny dipping

Skinny Dipping Sex… Yes we have that!

Porn E-mail Subscription… um…okay?

Tonguing arse… ewww~!

Tonguing ass…Ewww~again!

Arse Tonguing…WHEW! Some one has a one track mind!

Tongue all go to porn… RFM & MC look what you have done! LOL

Tongue Needle Porn…WTF???

Licking girla happy trail… Ewww NO!

Justin Beiber Happy Trail…*GAG* GTF OUTTA HERE!!!

These 2 are dedicated to RFM! Looks like she has a few fans LOL

La Boss RFM… bwahaha

night all night RFM…See I knew you was a bad girl!

Luscious Lipped Ladies…LMAO!! Yes we are but I don’t think RA is what you are looking for *giglesnort*

What is suit Porn?…Oh baby you need to stick around! You could learn alot!


Attack Hot Sex…Oh we’d like to attack Rob’s sex!!! LOL Pervology Blog… Sounds Like a class at Hogwarts LOL. Maybe Pervology should be a weekly topic here at RA! 🙂 Monica Geller pants…Um…I like “Friends” too but ewww!! Caps Fuck Porno…Say What? Tap Dance…??? Sexy and Sensuous…Hmm no wonder this lead them to Rob Attack.

Blue anyss Robert…oh I hope they meant Blue abyss’ Artwork of Robert and Not blue anus LMAo!!! finger for finger porn…ok I understand finger porn but this? Looks like I have a couple fans too *grins*Thrill me… I try to…Monday love to you…Always.

What does DBF mean…looks like someone needs my Dicktionary! Read it and enjoy Darlin’ https://robattack.wordpress.com/2011/10/06/thrill-me-thursday-2/ Well there are just a few Ladies but before I leave I will leave you with on last Hot pick to drool over…

Much Love to you all,



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