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Random Rita ~ Rob, Expert Sex Haver!

Wet Rob Avi


Don’t stop me…I’m on a roll LMAO!!!

Thing is, I found this gif and couldn’t figure out what the hell was goin’ on!

When was this? Where was this, and what IS Rob doin’???

BIG Rob 029

My only clue was the T4 logo behind him so I did a search of YouTube and found it posted back in November for the BD2 promo!

LMAO!  If you haven’t seen it already, watch {again} and enjoy Rob’s word vomit…it’s a hoot!

  • “Kick some ass!”
  • Edward and Bella are supposed to be “expert sex havers!” LMAO!!!
  • What award would he like to win? “Best at everything…King of the World!”

Happy Wednesday, y’all!


Night Raider


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Monday Marvelous! Mr. Fahrenheit!!

*blows kisses*


Good Morning Kitty Cats!!

I haz some Rob-yummies for you this morning!! Rob himself on set in Australia via Video. As we have come to expect from Rob, there are giggles, word vomit, lip biting and just pure beanie wearing smexiness! {Video Courtesy of Michelle of Robert Pattinson Australia}

And Rita provided us with a big Gif too!


And then I found this vid that absolutely sums up Rob and his career beyond Twilight!

Enjoy Ladies!

Much Love to you all,




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Monday Madness ~ Mad about the DERP!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Hey, hey, hey! I’m baaack, BB’s!!!

Been out forever trolling for RobGoodness and post ideas that are NOT like everyone elses!! It’s a dirty job down there in the RobGutter, but somebody has to do it, right? heheh!!

As you all know, the RA tag line is “Because he gives us a reason to Smile.” Well, with the following pics, I’m sure we will all be able to say “Because he makes us LOL!!”

Rob can be the Sexiest Beast out there, and that’s a part of his attraction, but honestly girls, it’s his ability to be completely Adorkable and Dorkalicious that draws me in just as much! Here’s the proof!


Hahahaha! I caught you! You’re all grinning just as big as Rob is, aren’t ya?



Rob’s adorkability knows no bounds…


He’s cute and cuddly and you just wanna smoosh him in a big hug, but we can’t, cause he keeps us LOLing all the time.


Only Rob could step outside looking like a homeless perv and still manage to look sooo Adorkable and Lovable!

WHOA! Rob is Excited! Wait! Wait! Wait! Did “ME” just goose him, hmmm?


I think he just did a little bit in his pants LOL!


Did one of his pervy fans just flash her boobs at him? *gigglesnort!*


Musta been a nice looking girl!


Oh, Rob! We all know you can play better than that!


With all the funny signs his fans hold up during the premiers, I can just imagine what he’s caught a glimpse of!


Oh, you’ve seen them all before? Nothing original?


Oh no you didn’t just post that picture!

Uh…sorry Rob but yeah I did!


Either Rob’s about to sneeze, or that’s his “O” face!


What’s got you so giggly, Rob?


“I have no idea!”


“Cedric! Get to the cup!”


“…Give me a kiss, From that Elvis lip, You don’t wanna miss this…” { a line from Sugarland song, All I Want to Do}


And this would probably be his exact reaction if I ever got close enough to say that to him! LOL


The Vogue, Rob? Really??


I fall off my chair laughing every time I see this one. I happens to him a lot LMAO!!


Being you is exhausting, isn’t it?


“You have no idea!”


Did you forget what the square root of Pi is, Rob?


“I forgot everything I learned in school!”


Biceps and Grins are all kinds of WIN!!! So, Rob, did you like my post?


Ummm, welll….eeerrrr…



Oh well, I tried.




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Sensual Sunday ~ Wet Wet Wet!!!

Oh my Rob!

I have died and gone to Heaven!  Nuthin’, but NUTHIN’ turns me on more than Wet Rob!

{Changed my Avi just for today LOL!}

So, when Jimmy Fallon challenged Rob to a Water War the other night, I nearly fainted! Well now, if you know me at all, you know I was never gonna be able to resist postin’ epic Wet RobGoodness!!!

Pretty sure Rob had been warned ahead of time, because…

there was a distinct twinkle in his eye when he walked out…

and a wonky spring in his steps that usually spells trouble…for us! LMAO!

OMG! He’s wearing GREEN…again!!!

Waaay better than the Kenzo suit he wore in Sydney…well, except for the Dad tie LOL!

Has Rob spotted the signal for the games to begin? {THIGH PORN ALERT!!}

Gotta give kudos to the people who build these crazy set contraptions LOL!

Round 1 to Jimmy and Rob was such a good sport about it!

So good, in fact, that even when he won the next round, he poured the water on himself instead of Jimmy LOL!

But once he discovered how much fun it was to soak JF….

Rob showed no mercy LMAO!!!

Aw hell! Why wasn’t Rob wearin’ a white shirt too? {Pouty face!}

ROTFLMAO!!! The look on Rob’s face is fuckin’ priceless…JF’s too!!!

And the winner is….ROB!!!

*Gigglesnort!* Hit  ‘im again, Rob!

Hell’n Rob’s havin’ way too much fun, ain’t he?

Nah! The Pretty deserves all the fun he can get after the hellaciously busy week he’s just had.  Now, let’s watch the whole thing again…and again…and again…and again!!!!

One more week of BD2 promotion for Rob and the team. This week’s premier schedule is:

Monday, November 12th, LA {Waves to all our friends campin’ out down there already!}

Wednesday, November 14th – London

Thursdday, November 15th – Madrid

Friday, November 16th – Berlin

Ladies, this was my last post for a couple of weeks, it bein’ time for my annual vacation to Texas for Thanksgiving!  See you when I get back! MWAH!!!

Happy Sunday, y’all!



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Doin it differently with different dos!

Hello Everybody *waves*



In preparing for this post it didn’t take me long to realize I could stretch this out to a 32 part series! But I’m not gonna do that LOL! Yeah, I can hear the sighs of relief all over the Robuniverse. So what am I posting about you might be asking? Rob’s multiple hairdos of course!

Rob’s got more hairstyles than I ever knew!

Who woulda thought this geeky kid would grow to be the Sexiest Man Alive?

The Geek

 And then the hair got bigger than the eyebrows!

The Beatles

But he soon swung back to the other extreme.

The Buzz Cut

Talk about extreme hair cuts…I remember thinking WTF? When I saw this one.

The 50/50

Who could forget the *GASP* heard round the world when he showed up sporting this do? {Which is definitely a don’t IMHO!}

The All Gone

Before that, there was the lovely Cannes do in the “Dad Shirt!”

The Windswept

And, of course, Rita’s personal fav…

The Wet Rob

This is the best pic I could find of Rob with black hair. Most of these make Rob look like he’s actually Rob’s creepy uncle or something LOL!

The Black Raven

Rob makes a better looking werewolf than Jacob/Taylor. JS…

The Wild One

We all remember the days when Rob had a bad reputation for not washing his hair…at all!

The Unkempt

And then there is the allure of the Vampire…

The Edward Cullen

This one is just sexy as hell and ONLY ROB could get away with it!

The Cock of the Walk

And in contrast…

The Disheveled Chicken

One of my personal all time favorites…

The James Dean

This profile shot shows off his sweeping sideburns to perfection.

The Wispy Wings

And this do is part of what made Tybert so appealing.

The Soft & Fluffy

There’s something about the pic, I think it’s the flannel shirt over the T shirt, That reminds me of practically every teenage boy I knew growing up.

The Boy Next Door {if only!}

The slicked-back do of the wealthy man…

The Millionhair Do

Just recently, we saw…

The Mad Max

And the hair standing at attention…

The Mile High

Rob looks very professional with this do.

The Clean Cut

We musn’t leave out…

The Romantic

The hair says as much as the eyes do.

The Come Hither

Will there ever be anything better than is? Indeed Dear Melbie he is a sexy beast!

The Just F*cked Hair

Still in my top 5 fav pics is…

The F*ck Me Sideways!!!

I gotta say, I’m lovin this!

The Current Gorgeousness

So girls I know there lots that I missed. Got any better names for these dos than the ones I came up with? Let’s hear em! Let’ssee you hair favs and what you’d call them.

Much Love to you all,



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Monday Madness ~ just for shizz and giggles

Hello Everybody *waves*


Hello my Lovelies! Well 2 more days and it will be Halloween here in the States. It made me realize I hadn’t posted Anything Halloween related. WTF is wrong with me? I Love Halloween! That means it’s time for some scary shizz and a few giggly treats right?  I thought about it being the End of The Twilight Saga…*nope didn’t want to go there! *wipes away tear*Not ready to say good-bye just yet*

Let’s Start with some scary shizz awwight?

Well you should be afraid because I went Trolling for some current Halloween Rob porn I could use and saw something Truly Frightening…

NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!! Not my Edward you don’t!!!!

Don’t make me have to hurt you Abe!!!! We “Protect The Pretty” ’round here so just Back off Dude!

If you thought your vampires were bad, trust me when I say You don’t want 50 million screaming fan girls coming after you! We will make your Vampires look like a pack of Care Bears! LOL

ummm. Don’t ask me why he’s dripping blood from his hiny cuz IDEWTK!!! Ewwww

I just couldn’t get away from Abe’s Evil Plot to destroy our Boyfriend. Everywhere I turned I found shizz like this…


As if this wasn’t silly enough…

Somebody has too much time on their hands!!

Oh somebody had to put a stop to this!!!

*warning: this has a little bit of blood and gore in it* just saying…

Ok this was getting Ridiculous! Why was everyone wanting Abe to kill MY Man!?!?!?!?

They were making Abe out to be some kind of major Bad ass out for Edward’s erm…blood?

But I knew There had to be an End to this somewhere…. Then I saw this….

Looks like this is one Battle Abe looses!!

bahahah THIS is so NOT where this post was going when I started it but it is What it is BBz! Hope you enjoyed it anyway Cuz, We all go a little mad sometimes!

Much Love to you all,



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Monday Madness…Tickled at Twilight

Hello Everybody *waves*


Well I kinda got my laptop troubles fixed (FB AND PB still hate me) but at least RA Loves me still! SO here I am to keep my promise for Funny Monday Madness. We’re takin it to the Twilight. Now I just want to make it clear from the get go that I LOVE TWILIGHT and I am NOT putting it down in any way! I also Love most of the cast and there is no personal opinions of the cast in this post. That being said, these pictures just struck me as funny for many reasons so I had to share. Again, many were sent to me over a year ago and unless they are tagged I have no idea where they came from. If you know or if you are responsible let me know so I can give the credit where it’s due!
If I do know the source, you can mouse over it and the source will be revealed.









By now you all know I have an affinity for Great Art work but this isn’t exactly my cup o tea! LOL

hee hee…ok, I’m done…for now…bwahaha

much love to you all


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Monday Madness…Worth a giggle or two

Hello Everybody *waves*


Hello Kitty Kats. I’m in the mood to have a little fun girls so I thought I’d bring you some funnies I’ve been holding on to for ages. Now I don’t know where many of these came from. My 11 year old niece and my sister sent them to me more than a year ago so if you are resposible for these creations that are untagged, speak up BB! They are hilarious!
Let’s start out with some Rob Funnies, shall we?
ilovetwilightmorethanyou flickr page

How true!


Hell Yeah!!!I need a Hero! LOL You can be my hero Rob.

ilovetwilightmorethanyou flicker page

I loved this one.


*Giggle snort* He can't help it...he looks cool no matter what. This was obviously made by a Slitherin *snickers*

ilovetwilightmorethanyou flickr page

I dunno what this look is about but it made me LOL


Here's a good one! If I remember right, I got this from LTR Ages ago.


A RAoR Classic and Ever So True!

Now here is some of Rob just being his adorkable self, which we all know is a laugh a minute.

A Camry Rob? Really? How Cute are you???


Believe me Rob, it's TRUE!!! YOU ARE!!!


A fave of mine. I love to watch the Twinkle hit his eyes!

Well, there’s a few. Do you have some Rob giggles I haven’t posted here? Show me!!

Come back next Monday and we’ll share some Fanmade Twilight/Twilight Cast Giggles that include Rob. So, keep an eye out for them and share in the coments.

Much Love to you all,



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Say What?!

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of hearing some of the Rob interviews from the Breaking Dawn press junket. And what a surprise, there was Word Vomit!! We all knew that this was just the beginning of this press time and I for one couldn’t wait to see what else Rob had to say in the coming weeks. Well, wait no longer. The junket has come to a close and before the next drought hits us, let’s enjoy some more of Rob’s Word Vomit. Although in this first interview he calls it something else. But I prefer Word Vomit, it’s much more genteel. 😉

Word Vomit or Verbal Diarrhea, whichever you choose, Rob has given us some more!

And this poor lady asks Rob to be serious about what he would name his baby. She obviously doesn’t know him as well as we do! (2:15ish)

Last time we showed the clip of Rob saying he might be married. I told you he’d never hear the end of it! But with this answer, maybe he will now. (3:30)

Some of my all time favorite Rob quotes are from Moviefone. But this time it’s not just Rob that makes me laugh.

This interview makes me think I’ve missed a whole slew of interviews. Seriously, multiple interviews mentioning Twilight sex toys? Why haven’t I seen these interviews?

Now there wasn’t quite as much Word Vomit as I hoped for and I think I know why. Rob’s figuring out that he has no filter! Please tell me there will still be W.V.Rob in the future. He’s one of my favorites!

This one isn’t really Word Vomit but Rob talking about wearing a wet suit is always win!

And of course we need to show the Ellen sketch…priceless.

Oh to be Ellen for that moment!

So what did I miss? It’s hard to get caught up on everything when you’ve been out in the trenches! Let me know what your favorite Rob moments were in the comments.



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Oh the Things You Can Say!

It’s Press Junket time!!! And one of my absolute favorite things about Rob is the Word Vomit he brings while being interviewed. What is Word Vomit, you might ask? Basically, it’s the spewing of words from a person with absolutely no filter. I’m sure we’ll all agree that Rob is the King of this, right? And although we have only had a few Rob interviews so far, he has given us so much to enjoy already.The first one that made me giggle was in Brussels, it was a brave fangirl’s birthday…

Are you 3 years old?  LMAO!! The poor girl couldn’t figure out the joke, she just asked Rob to kiss her. She was probably shaking in her boots! But she did get what she asked for…awwwww.

Now that was sweet, so let’s take it to the complete opposite end of the spectrum with Rob’s story about Edward’s thrusting and the Executive Producer’s “borrowing” Kristen. (check out the 1:06 mark)

The one where Rob calls all of us crazy and you should just give up trying to understand women. Thanks a lot Rob!

The one where Rob wants Twi fans to bring french fries and mayonnaise to events. (I’m on it Rob!) 1:30ish

And whether you’re a Robsten, a Nonsten or an IdontGiveaCrapsten, we all know Rob is not gonna hear the end of this one!

And for those of you who want to go back in your little bubble (like me), I leave you not Word Vomit but Hope For All. (or just me, lol) 1:35ish

By the way Rob, how many times do we have to tell you…We Love YOU!! Looks like we all have bad taste.

Until next time, because you know he’s just getting started,


So what did I miss? What was your fave Word Vomit so far?

PS- Tonight I’m going to be hanging out at the backdoor of Jimmy Kimmel with this amazing banner made by the lovely and talented Cared. Let’s hope I get it signed and have a story for you when I return!


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