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Monday Madness~Beanie Rob is Back!!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Hello Girls! Sorry for my absence lately. For those of you that don’t know, my mom had a stroke and I have been with her for the past 14 days.We are home now and she is doing ok. Not as well as I had hoped but better. It will be a long process to get her her back.

I came up with a post idea of wondering where Rob’s beanie went before mom got sick and Our Boyfriend must have read my mind because he brought the beanie back out that he has not worn for sometime.

We don’t usually use pap pics here at RA outta respect for The Pretty and his privacy but on occasion, if Rob is looking fairly happy and the pic isn’t too invasive into his private life we will use those pics. What surprised me most was trying to find a pic of Rob in his beanie that wasn’t a pap pic or a candid! They were practically impossible to find let me tell ya!!

It seems our boy liked his beanie best in 2006 and 2008. So strap on your seat belt, grab a shamwow and hold on tight cause we are going on a trip back in time with Rob!

What a nice looking young man! Why those eyes are so intense he just might be someone when he grows up!

November 14, 2005 photo mark peterson

Rob looking a little pale and thin and very boyish here in his beanie but he’s just about to steal the hearts of millions of girls and women around the world.

March 13, 2006 leaves the afterparty for the Empire Film Awards at the Cobden Club in West London.

Zipping forward a couple years the beanie makes several appearances in 2008 . Ahhhh…much more handsome and manly here at the ripe old age of 21! Gotta love the scruff, the black V neck T and oh yeah!…that smirk!

Thursday June 26, 2008. Robert Pattinson at Seven night club.

Rob has whipped out the Beanie and black V neck T again and looking a little worried about Camilla’s driving ability in this photo. What ever happened to her anyway? They were tight for awhile in 2008 but I never knew why they stopped hangin out together.

July 10, 2008 in West Hollywood, California. Rob and Camilla Belle (Photo by Jean Baptiste)

Oh my one of my personal Favs, The black beanie, black leather jacket and the “Plain ‘ol Gravy” T!!!  I am died!!! Scruff and perfectly plump and pouty Pattinson lips!! Have Mercy!! I’d like to sop that man up wit a biscuit! hehehe

Friday August 1 2008 at the T-Mobile Sidekick LX ‘Tony Hawk’ edition launch party held at 6121 Sunset Boulevard in LA. Photograph: ©Josephine Santos

Ok I have no idea Why Rob and his friends would hang out in a parking Garage but Damn, I wish I’d have been there! Just look at that gorgeous smile! I think if I’d been there I might have suddenly developed a case of the cold chills just as an excuse to snuggle next to Rob! LOL

September 02, 2008 Robert in a parking garage with a group of animated friends who joked around with the photographers as they snapped away at their good friend.

And who can forget the hottest pics ever, up to that point, The film festival in Rome! Rome Rob in his black beanie and gray helmut lang shirt will be hall of fame hawt forevah! not to mention that smexy “Mother Pucker!”

October 29, 2008 in Rome, Italy Robert Pattinson attends the Ciak Magazine Party at Hotel Exedra

This photo cracks me the F*ck up!! Rob looks like he’s about to go all gangsta on this poor guy and bust a a move *gigglesnort*

November 04, 2008 Robert on his way to the MTVstudios for TRL in New York

And then the beanie just disappeared!! {maybe it’s hanging out with the shiteous nikes, sex boots and sexspenders? Ya think?} From what I can tell from my research it hasn’t been seen since. But then on October 6, 2012 we saw Rob in a beanie once again!! YEAH!! FTMFW!!

October 6, 2012 Rob drills his name into a table

Rumor has it he stole this one from Tom Stu. If that’s true me thinks he’s keeping it LOL because he was spotted in Sydney Australia just yesterday wearing the beanie yet again!

October 21 2012 Sydney Australia BD Promo tour Begins

Does this mean the Beanie days are back?? If so, dare we hope that  maybe, possibly, someday, The Tri-Fecta of Win, the sex boots and sexspenders along with the beanie will return as well?

The Tri-Fecta of WIN!

*crosses both sets of fingers and squunches eyes tightly closed* “Please, Please, Please, Please!”

There were far too many Beanie pics to post them all here but I did include a slide show that has one pic from each of my personal beanie-porn folders and inserted them into a slide show for your drooling pleasure! 🙂

Much Love ❤ to you all!!


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Inspired Again! :D

Hello Everybody *waves*


Holy Hell Angelz! I haven’t been this excited for awhile now and though I’m still crazy about Rob I was totally at a mind numbing loss for things to post about our boy or even write in my fanfictions. My Rob mojo is strong but my writing mojo was just GONE. I had been trying to work on my fan fiction and wasn’t getting anywhere fast. Then I realized that today is our favorite Vamps one hundred and eleventh Birthday! I just kept thinking what could I say about Edward’s birthday that hasn’t been said 111 times already?

{Or his “Eleventy-first” birthday as Bilbo Baggins would have called it lol}

Well, it might be Edward’s birthday but I’m the one that got a present!

I was working on my fanfic “WIT” and got to thinking about the battle scene Bella was supposed to write. A reader asked me in a review once if I was actually going to write the Non Battle scene that was suppsed to be Bella’s work. I told her that from the on set that had been my intention, either as a chapter or as an outtake {still undecided about where and how I should put that in WIT.} So Breaking Dawn 2 has always been very important to me since the beginning of my Robsession when I first started thinking about writing WIT. I was thinking about things I could write for that scene and I remembered that I hadn’t seen anything lately for BD2. {Yes apparently I do live under a rock in RL! LOL} but at any rate I started looking for a pic to use in chapter 17 when I stumbled onto this…

OMG! Life will never be the same!

Then I saw where it said it  was a pic from Breaking Dawn {was it from 1 or 2? I didn’t remember seeing this in BD1 but it got me to thinking, November is not that far off and didn’t someone say there was supposed to be a teaser trailer out this week?} So of course, greedy little Rob fan-girl that I am I wanted MORE!~ So I started searching and I found this~

Lord he just gets more beautiful every time.

Lord he just gets more beautiful every time.

Well we all know how addicting Rob is, he’s like a bag of chips, you can’t have just one, so my hungry eyes started searching for more.

“My Familys in danger. I need your help.”

 Now I knows this gorgeous pic wasn’t from BD1 so that had to mean it was from BD2 and THAT meant there was MORE!!!! That caption reminded me that there was supposed to be a vid and I started looking. I was thrilled at getting to see these pics but at this point I still wasn’t all that inspired to do a post. {I know, WTF is wrong with me? I’ve been asking myself the same thing for weeks!}

Then, without even looking for it, I found this and I knew that elusive vid was real and it was more than likely on you tube.

Volturi vs. Cullen clan.

and just before I went to look for the Vid I saw this…

You’ll have to go through us to get to Nessie.

Side by side forever.

It was starting to look like BD2 was going to be Epic but having read the books and the Epic “non-battle scene” I still had my doubts. They hadn’t ever strayed too far from SM’s original story line so I was pretty sure that while it would look great on film, it was going to be a huge lead up into a pretty bland face off. So with a lack luster enthusiasm I headed over to You tube to find the Video…

Now first of all let me say… “SQUEEEEEEEEEE! FTMFW!”

Second, this looks like it was taken straight outta my mind as the “re-write” Bella was going to write in my fic. This look,

Fucking thrilled me to no end. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching/reading a story where the “helpless, delicate, fragile Girl” Finally gets enough of the bull shit, picks herself up and says “Damn it! You’re not going to fuck me over anymore! You want to go there? Then Bring it bitches.” Then to everyone’s utter amazement she kicks some serious ass!

I hope and pray that someone actually has re-written SM’s ending and the Cullen Clan go head to head with the Volturi and kick their weird asses all over the big screen.

I am more thrilled and anxious than ever to see this movie. So ladies, what do you think?

Much love to you all,



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Rob in Cannes…Cannes you handle it?

Hello Everybody *waves*



Hello Ladies, like all of you I have been licking clicking and saving all the Rob ~ Cannes goodness for days…

 and I’m still behind…

 no, not that behind Rob {snickers} although it IS a great one. When I heard Rob received an eight and a half minute standing ovation I was not only thrilled for him but undescribably proud of him. While searching for the beautiful edits I knew would be on FB and Tumblr I saw this one from Melbie Toast and she managed to elegantly put into words what I was feeling… {I Added some pics between her words}

“My dear friends, I’m still so overwhelmed by the events yesterday…which I shared with my dear friend Jackie, I felt I must write something to all of you about my feelings. The standing ovation Rob received at the premiere of Cosmopolis so moved me, and him… to see Rob FINALLY get the respect and admiration for his acting abilities by the elite…I know it must have been tremendous emotionally… Just incredible…I am so damn happy for him…

 As Jackie mentioned to me, “I think we actually think feel his elation and also his relief too. We are his fans and we love him so much but this is finally acceptance from those who matter in his career. It’s just so wonderful. He is blessed with a wonderful life at the moment and long may it last….I want nothing but love and happiness for this wonderful young man. Maybe it is a little strange, the effect he has on us…It’s like we feel what he feels…Well, a little maybe!”
I agree with Jackie; Yes, it is strange, in a way… how we feel about him… so devoted to his success…but we’ve followed his every move for years, rejoicing in his talents, and to finally see him recognized in such a profound way by his peers… this is just so awesome – we can’t help but vicariously enjoy and be moved by his success at Cannes. 

I’ve never cared so deeply for a celebrity… it’s just him…he is just so charming, disarming, uninhibited, humble, and filled with so much sweetness and sexiness at the same time and oh so very talented in so many ways…. he has beguiled us… this love and admiration I have for Rob is entirely new to me and I wonder sometimes why I am experiencing something like this so late in my life… maybe it is because I am mature enough to see beyond the shell of celebrity and truly admire the wonderful person that Rob is. 

Yes, Rob is a very handsome man, but there are a lot of handsome men out there…it is his personality that has reeled us in and made us love him so much and be devoted to him like no other. He joked in the past that his fans were in love with “the vampire”… and that may have been true years ago…but now…we have gotten to know his true self via hundreds of interviews and appearances and in many of your cases, an actual meeting… and we’ve heard all the stories of how wonderful he is to fans in person from those who have met him…. we have grown to truly love and adore this man for WHO he is…inside.

I just absolutely adore him and I think that is why his success at Cannes has so affected me… I’m just so proud of him and so happy for him, I had to put it in words! I just can’t go to sleep until I had done this…” ~Melbie Toast

Thank you Melbie for saying so beautifully what Icould not… {Bravo BB}

Until Next time ladies, Keep Lickin’ Clickin’ and Savin’!!

Much love to you all,



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Monday Madness~ A Smile that thrills

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning ladies. I must apologize for not posting last week. RL has it’s moments when it demands your full attention ya know? And, in all honesty, sometimes it’s really difficult to come up with some unique and entertaining posts. Then there are times when there is something about Rob that just keeps jumping out at you and demands your attention and it won’t let up until you share it with everyone you can. That’s where I’m at now. No matter how I try, every time I get on the internet I find a smiling Rob waiting for me and wanting my attention. *Sucks to be me huh? LOL* I kept tucking the pictures away but the new Comopolis grins really got me going and I really really noticed just how many different smiles our boy has. I mean I have always known it but for some reason it is just screaming at me to share so…here we go…

He’s always had a series of multiple different grins even as far back as the Harry Potter days.


This just cracks me up!

And the full on laughter that we would soon associate with his outrageous word vomit.


I wonder what he was laughing about?

And even then he was praticing that smile that would soon *POOF* the panties of women much older than he is. Ain’t no shame in it though cuz…well just look!!!


Oh no wonder so many girls fell for Cedric before they found Edward!

Which bring us to an even more lovable grin in the Twilight series…(Sorry couldn’t find my Cafeteria gif. 😦  )

Twilight Outtake

And who can ever forget this Beautiful smile?

Yes Rob, No matter what she told you, IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU!!!!


But my FAVORITE Twilight series Smile is this one!!! No matter what I am ding when this movie is on I drop everything and stop and stare just to see this Stunning smile…Oh my! *POOF*


Still in my top 3 panty melting smiles but little did I know just how swoon worthy Robowski would prove to be…


LOVE This SO SO MUCH! I swear his smile alone has the power to light up the whole world! But then there is his sweet, lovable smile that just makes you want to hug him…

And despite how much I’m positive he hates the phrase by now, Edward or Rob, when he smiles, the man just shines!!!


Yeah, I'm dazzled.

And he has a mischievious grin too…


Whut you up to Rob??

Then there is Goofy,ADORKABLE Rob grins….

IDEK what that Gif was about but it is Priceless! *Jumps in the gutter* But also among My favorites are his embarrassed giggle where he Laughs but turns his head in a shy way…So sweet!


And this one just makes me giggle!


Yeah you know it’s cummin  coming… The widely talked about…now well know Cosmopolis grin that is POOFING PANTIES  all over the world…






 And to all of you and Rob too…

Much Love to you All,



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