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Monday Madness ~ Corrupt Me Please!

Hello everybody *waves*


Hey ladies, I want to take a minute before I begin to thank mississippibellalis for my new Avi. She gave it life by making “me” blink! Isn’t it Cute! Thanks GF!

Rita and I tend to think a lot alike. We were talking about Rob in leather the other night. As you saw she went straight for the surreal hawtness of Caitlin Cronenberg’s Vogue L’Uomo photo shoot. Heaven help us!

But while we were talking about Rob’s gorgeous body wrapped up tight in leather, I stumbled onto this Rob video by kathk9p and it  just about did me in!! The words scream Fifty Shades and RRoP! Add in Leather Rob and we don’t stand a chance of surviving! So get your shamwows out cuz you’s gonna need it!!


I could corrupt you in a heartbeat
You think you’re so special
Think you’re so sweet
What are you trying
Don’t even tempt me 
Soon you’ll be crying
And wishing you dreamt me
You’d be calling out my name
When you need someone to blame
I could corrupt you
It would be easy
Watching you suffer
Girl, it would please me
But I wouldn’t touch you 
With my little finger
I know it would crush you 
My memory would linger 
You’d be crying out in pain
Begging me to play my games
fashion_scans_remastered-robert_pattinson-black_book-september_2012-scanned_by_vampirehorde-hq-5 (1)
I could corrupt you
It would be ugly
They could sedate you
But what good would drugs be
But I wouldn’t touch you
Put my hands on your hips
It would be too much to 
Place my lips on your lips
You’d be calling out my name

Begging me to play my games.


We all go a little mad sometimes


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FanFiction Fridays – Recs for July 13/12

TGIFF!! and a happy one indeed! Did you all see our sexy, sweet Rob at Comic Con yesterday… *le sigh* he was so adorable, smiling, laughing, yeah, loved him!

*so damn beautiful, I just adore this man!* San Diego Comic-Con Thursday, July 12, 2012

Okay, on with the recs… *shakes my head to clear it of all the lusty Comic Con Rob thoughts* 😉 …so today I have 3 recs for you, a WIP drabble that has been owning my ass, and a hot one shot,  also a recap of a previous rec that I am enjoying as well…

Any of you who read Twilight fanfiction on a regular basis will be familiar with my first author, the incredibly talented SoapyMayhem, who is owning me with her new Olderward drabble, Hello Beautifulwhich posts in short 200-600 word chapters at least once daily Monday – Friday until complete.

*banner made by SoapyMayhem*

Summary for  Hello Beautiful: “Bella Swan-Cullen has always thought her stepfather was a handsome man. What happens when that small spark of attraction ignites? It’s not just Bella that stands to get burned. Her secret attraction could tear her family apart! – Bella/Edward Drabble See Disclaimer Inside

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Drama/Romance – Chapters: 21 – Words: 10,220 – Reviews: 1938 – Updated: 7-12-12 – Published: 6-29-12 – Bella & Edward”

Now, before I begin, I will quote SoapyMayhem’s Disclaimer for this story:

Warning – This story will contain content, themes, and language which some may find offensive, including an inappropriate sexual relationship between a young woman and her stepfather.

…Firstly,… Hello Beautiful will have a HEA. Second, there will be no lemons or anything other than a vague mention of sex between Renee and Edward. Third, there will be a 17 year age difference, and lastly, there will be cheating (Edward on Renee but not on Bella) and no hanky-panky between Bella and Edward until Bella is of legal age.

I love how Soapy has presented this drabble story, each chapter giving us just a little bit more of the key elements to unlocking the controversial relationship between Edward and Bella. She’s taking us to a new level of interesting, and has had me pining for updates, while trying to piece it all together, ever since she started posting 06-29-12. It’s told all in BPOV, and begins with us learning just how she and her mother, Renee, were hurtfully betrayed by her father…


•~Bella Swan~

There comes a time in a little girl’s life when she begins to see her father in a more realistic light. He’s no longer the perfect prince or knight in shining armor standing guard to save her from the mean old dragon. He’s no longer the one who’s always there to quiet her fears and kiss her boo boos, and he is certainly not going to be her future husband. He’s flesh and blood. He’s fallible.

That time came when I was about six years old.

My mother and I had spent the weekend at my grandmother’s ranch upstate. Grandmother had come down with the flu during our trip, so we ended up coming home early, only to find my father on the couch, his naked body hovering over a woman who was certainly not my mother.

At the time, I really didn’t understand what was happening, but the shared looks of horror and subsequent screaming and arguing that followed told me that my father had done something very wrong.

To this day, I didn’t know why my mother didn’t call my father to make him aware of our early arrival home, though I wondered if she hadn’t already suspected what he’d been up to behind her back.

It was a long time before she found anyone again, and after that, a few times a year, I’d come home from a weekend at Dad’s and would be introduced to yet another boyfriend.

Sadly, none of them measured up or lasted very long for that matter, at least not until him.

Now that Renee is moving on, our curiosity is peaked to see what will happen next, as we see there is life for Bella and Renee after her father’s indiscretion, in the form of “him” – the debonair, rich, and handsome Edward Cullen…


•~Bella Swan~

It was on my fifteenth birthday that mom introduced me to her new boyfriend, Mr. Cullen.

At first, I was pissed – birthday dinners were supposed to be “family only.” However, all that changed when I spotted the ridiculously handsome man waving us over to the quiet little booth he’d reserved for the occasion.

“That’s Mr. Cullen? Wow, he’s hot, Mom!” I exclaimed discreetly, tugging on her dress sleeve. I had to laugh when she blushed and giggled a little at my comment.

“He’s really very sweet too,” she added excitedly, her pace speeding up to get to him.

By the time the we made it to the table, Mr. Cullen was standing at his full height, a warm smile on his handsome face. The man was dazzling, of course, and on a purely superficial level, I couldn’t have been more excited for my mother.

By the time dinner was over, it was decided that, not only was he extremely good looking, he actually was a really nice guy.

He was a keeper.

“Thank you for the gift,” I told him, feeling genuinely excited about using the small, leather-bound journal he’d given me.

We hadn’t even met before this evening, yet his gift had been one of the most thoughtful ones I’d gotten this year.

Mr. Cullen’s eyes lit up at my gratitude. “You’re welcome, Bella. Your Mom said you love to write, so I thought you might be able to put it to good use,” he told me, his eyes cutting to hers.

I had to smile at them – clearly, they were both smitten.

“Oh, and thank you for dinner too, Mr. Cullen!”

“Please, Bella, call me Edward,” he corrected gently.

“Edward,” I repeated, liking him even more.

Yes, he was a keeper, as the story progresses so does Renee’s relationship with Edward, they get married and Bella grows up, much to the chagrin of her step-father. We are at the point in the story now, after 21 chapters, where Bella is graduating High School and preparing to turn 18 and move onto College. We are also seeing some fighting and problems arising between Renee and Edward, but I won’t tell you my theories as to why I think this is, I will let you read Hello Beautiful for yourself because it is  so well-written, keeps you intrigued chapter after chapter, and definitely wanting more! Please enjoy! ♥

SoapyMayhem’s Blog

SoapyMayhem on TWCS 


My second rec is a hot, excellent one shot called Eight Herculean Weeks, that I betaed for MidnightLove87, for which she WON 2nd Place Winner for the Public Vote in the Driven to Desire Anonymous UST Contest! Congrats my sweet girl! We had a hell of a great time with this, and she insists I tell you all (or she threatened to have RF change this post) that I should take credit for the ending, which, yes, was my idea to throw in that twist. *There ML87 are you happy now?!* lol

Eight Herculean Weeks: “A new intern may cost Edward his job, will he have the strength to keep his hands off of her for eight weeks or will he give in and have his wicked way with her? Oh did I mention that the intern is his boss’ daughter? 2nd Place Public Vote Winner in the Anonymous Driven to Desire UST Contest!

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 1 – Words: 12,803 – Reviews: 32 – Published: 6-25-12 – Edward & Bella.”

At 32 years old, Edward Cullen thinks the world is his oyster. He’s successful, as the Senior Partner of Swan Consulting Firm, he has an active social life, enjoys the finer things life has to offer; his life is all in order, that is until he meets the Boss’s daughter, the lovely, captivating, and young, Ms. Swan…

First Day

“Edward, this is our new summer intern, Isabella Swan, my daughter,” Charlie, my boss of almost ten years said as he introduced me to the shy looking brunette.

Isabella looked about seventeen with her hair pulled back, standing there holding her purse.

“You can call me Bella,” she murmured as she jutted out her hand for me to shake.

Her delicate hand slipped into mine and my eyes widened. Her soft skin gave me a jolt I most certainly wasn’t expecting.

“Nice to meet you, Bella,” I told her, before dropping my hand and turning my attention back to Charlie.

My eyes slid to see a flush lighting up her pale cheeks, but before I could let myself truly appreciate the sight, I made sure they were glued to Charlie’s face.

“Edward, Bella will be with us for the summer, so please try to assign her actual tasks and not the typical coffee runs, okay?”

I nodded because he was the boss and you never fucked with the guy who signed your paycheck.

We made small talk for a few minutes. Charlie told me all about how Bella had just graduated high school with honors. So she wasn’t all good looks and no brain.

“Bella honey, have a good day and obey Mr. Cullen, he’s your boss now,” Charlie said before giving her a hug and walking off.

I took a moment to look over the bashful Bella. She was dressed in a red scoop neck blouse and a gray pencil skirt. It was pretty much office appropriate, except the shirt looked like it was painted on and there was definite cleavage showing, which according to the employee handbook was a big no-no, but, hell, who was I to argue. And that gray pencil skirt hugged her hips in the most sinful manner. But her face… it was all innocence and youth, there was no way she could even be eighteen.

I took a shaky breath and tried to clear my head of any impure thoughts like how sexy her ass looked as she turned away from me to glance around the room.

Bella was the boss’s daughter for fuck’s sake and I wasn’t about to head down that road of professional destruction, not after ten years at a company that had become like a family to me.


“Yes, Mr. Cullen.”

“If you’ll follow me, I’ll show you to your desk and you can get to work,” I told her in my calm, authoritative tone I used on the rest of my team. Yes, I had a team. Working diligently at a company for ten years got me that. I did all the right things needed to move up in the world in that time frame. I started out as a mail room technician, which was a nice name for a mail bitch, and slowly worked my way up over the years to being Charlie Swan’s pride and joy. My official title was Edward Cullen, Senior Partner of Swan Consulting Firm. Yep, pretty fucking snazzy if you asked me. I was thirty when I got that title two years ago, so it was a great way to celebrate my birthday.

Bella looked up at me as I stopped in front of the empty desk just outside my office. I noticed then she had a set of deep brown eyes that were almost breathtaking when you paired them with her pale skin.

“Alright this is your desk, if you need anything you can either ask Jessica, my assistant, or myself. Don’t hesitate to come into my office, just make sure you page me first, okay?”

She nodded and slipped behind the intern desk and started unpacking a few personal effects.

I left her to it for a few minutes, so she could have some time to get settled before I had to give her an assignment.

Yes, most of her work would consist of making copies and getting coffee, it was just the definition of an intern. But I always went above and beyond when I had one because that was what Charlie did for me when I was one of them.

So in a couple of weeks I’d have Bella sit in on some meetings and really get a feel for what it was that we did here at her father’s company.

I sat in my chair really trying my best to shake any thoughts of her that weren’t related to work. I watched the clock tick by and fifteen minutes later I figured I had given Bella ample time to get settled.

I gathered up some documents and files on my way out, fully intending to keep up my professional act. There was no need to let her see what I thought of her.

But when I opened my office door I wasn’t prepared for the sight before me.

“Fuck me,” I breathed under my breath.

Bella was bending over the front of her desk and my mind was running wild with that image.

My slacks tightened and I quickly retreated back into my office before she noticed I had even stepped out.

For the love of Christ, she was out there bending over her desk right outside my fucking office. That was close, it could’ve ended badly. Me exploding all over the back over her, wrecking her shirt wouldn’t have been a good thing.

The next eight weeks were going to be hard. Pun intended.

Oh yes, Hardward 😉 has a long, eight weeks ahead of him, as he tries to stave off his draw to young Bella Swan. Can he do it? Stay away from her, his enticing, curvaceous intern? You’ll have to read and find out! And what will he do to make it through those eight, herculean weeks? He may just have to take things into his own *cough* hands! Enjoy!

MidnightLove87 on TWCS

Driven To Desire Challenge – on – great entries to read!


I’d also like to mention another story that’s totally owning me, that was rec’d by Cared last month on FanFiction Fridays – Recs for Jun 15/12, it’s Indecent Proposal by Pattyrose. This is an excellent story, still updating faithfully twice a week, usually Tuesday and Friday, and I anxiously await each update, and really can’t wait for more of this exciting storyline and great characters! Bella is kick-ass, so friendly, refreshing and fun, and Edward is sweet but complicated and learning that there is more to life than he ever realized. I am really enjoying his romantic drama.

*banner made by Cared*

Summary for Indecent Proposal: “Edward’s heart was broken by the girl he’s loved for almost a decade. Drifter Bella wanders into Forks aimlessly one hot summer day. When their paths cross, he proposes a scheme to get them both their deepest desires. But things aren’t always as they seem & Fate can have other plans. Rated M.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 13 – Words: 63,082 – Reviews: 1811 – Updated: 7-11-12 – Published: 5-30-12 – Edward & Bella”


Have a lovely summer week, and please let me know what’s been owning you in the fanfiction world! I’d love to hear from you. xo

Midnight Cougar

*swoon* San Diego Comic-Con Thursday, July 12, 2012


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Robert Pattinson’s Birthday Blog Train ~ Day 3: Presents for Rob!!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good evening, ladies!

Welcome to day three of the Robert Pattinson Birthday Blog Train!!

Today, we are sharing our presents for Rob and, thanks to Rita’s help (you’ll hear more from Rita in a little bit), we have some doozies!

For those of you who don’t know, from the day we opened the RA doors here on WordPress, RA inadvertently took on the reputation of having a glorious Mansion… a new home for all the RAoR refugee hOOrs and Angelz. (If we/they are hOOrs, this is a mansion for them and I created it… does that make me a madam?? Bwahahaha!!)

They all came in carrying their bags full of toys errr, I mean their luggage *snort.* They picked out their rooms, made themselves right at home, and God Bless them for it!! If you’d like to see the RA Mansion and all the rooms, you can see it HERE (feel free to comment on that post too… we still get them!) But for now, I’ll show you the bedroom we gave Rob way back then for those nights when he decides to come over and play with us (we can dream, right?)!

I HAD to give Rob a headboard he could NOT break, but just think of all the other interesting things WE could do with it! *snickers*

That makes me think of images like this…

Talk about your Fifty Shades of f*cking Grey!!! Now tell me he wouldn’t be the best choice for that role!

And, of course, we gave him some FINE living quarters!

Oh! just think of that long lean bod stretched out on that sofa!! *SWOOON*

Can’t you just see his long lean body stretched out on that leather sofa? Something like THIS perhaps…


Rita suggested we give him a room full of Heinekin but we REALLY LOVE Rob here at RA and a room full of beer just isn’t quite good enough for our man! Nah, we think BIG here at RA! How about something BIGGER, like this…

But then, one good party with the Brit boys and The Eiffel Tower would be toast {pardon the pun}!!! Maybe we should just give him a whole city made of beer…

With an entire harbor filled with beer…

 What do you thinkof that, Rob?

Ahhh! That’s more like it! But then we are talking about Rob here! As grand as a city and harbor made of beer may be, our Beautiful Man deserves MORE! Rob can’t have this much beer without a lifetime supply of …

We will, of course, provide him with a special cake…

Nothing like a nice piece of *** for your Birthday, eh Rob? *Snickersnort!*

 Oh, and I have one more surprise for you after you blow out the “strategically placed candles”…

Rob, I saw you lick your lips there, baby *wink wink!* I knows what you is thinking!! Now that I have given you a room of your own to play in, gotten you drunk, made sure you were energized off the hot pockets, and bouncing off the walls from a Bum Cake sugar high, it’s time for me to turn you over to Rita…

Oh, I’ll be gentle with you, angel…I promise {fingers crossed behind my back LMAO}!!

My turn in the barrel, is it? LOL!

Well, I don’t know that I can top RF in the gift department, but I’ve had one little ol’ idea just screaming for attention…

Rob, darlin’! I know you’re not a violent man, BUT…next time one of those asshole, fuckin’ paps gets all up in your face, or hassles your sweet baby girl, feel free to go all caveman on his ass! 

This “Get Out of Jail Free” card guarantees NO legal or financial consequences!

 Yeah, baby! Let your inner tiger ROAR!!!! {I LOVE watching Rob lose his shit LMAO!}

Next stop…

12 Months of Rob

Thanks for riding this year’s Rob Birthday Blog Train

RobsFan~tasy & Rita01tx
Don’t forget to join us this Thursday for: Birthday Memories – we’ll be showing Rob something we love that he did this year!!


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Monday Manip Madness…NSFW!!!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Well Ladies, Take a seat and strap yourselves in, it’s gonna be a hot ride today. I have stumbled on the lovely work of and, if you’ve never heard of her before now, I promise you will not forget the name after this post. I was Not a fan of manips when I first learned what they were because most of the ones I saw were bad…I mean REALLY BAD!!! Then someone sent me a couple of Amazing pics of Rob and I was floored. I couldn’t believe our boy Rob had such a great body (was so muscular) and that our shy boy would pose half nude!!! Then I figured it out (LOL @ ME!)  The trick to a good mani is NOT being able to tell that it IS a manip in the first place. Well Kez (AKA Kerry Delaney) has done an amazing job on these pics and I just had to share cause hey, that’s what we do here at RA.

OMG! Rob wearing package hugging leather pants just makes my panties go *poof!*

What was it about this one that spoke to me? Can’t decide if it’s like a young Brando a la On the Waterfront OR…I got it! That’s so gotta be an Irishward!!!

Carrie and Maggie will know what I mean when I say that this pic reminds me of the Lord Master!! I dunno why…maybe it’s the dark pic and the hooded figure but hell yeah, I love it!! And if the Lord Master looked like this, who could blame Alina for falling for him?

You know, I was never a fan of Tattoos before but F*CK me if they don’t look hot on Rob! Can you just imagine being the tattoo artist that would get to do the tatts on a body with this face!! *THUD* Hey I wonder if there is a fic out there where Bella is a tattoo Artist?? If not, there’s a plot bunny for ya!!

I included this one not only for the great job Kez did with it but also for our very own Rita01tx! Cause we all know how much she lurves a “WET ROB!”

This one just makes me think of all the naughty things you could do in the back seat of a car with Rob LOL. The fact that he looks like Rome Rob just makes this Pic all the more f*ckHAWT!

*GULP* umm…yeah, I uh…err…*Falls on the floor*

Hello, biceps! Hello, scruff! Hello, pouty lips and bedroom eyes *THUD!*

For our Music Lovers out there, Rob wants to show you his Chords heh heh heh. Oh my!! I knows if I came home to see that live and in person in my bed, I he could make me sing 7 ways from Sunday!!!

This pic I swear is just picked right out of my mind for a fic I am working on and I just am in love with it. I wish it were larger and had more color but DAYUM!!! Hello BABY!!!

Oh, how I wish I would have had this to promote SofA LOL *singing* “Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars…”

And now playing Devils Advocate…”Why Rob! Who cares about Spooning? I wanna Fork!” LMAO and you sure do gotta big fork there Baby *SNICKERS* Isn’t this just sinfully delicious? And we won’t even talk about the finger!!!

Now, I apologize…this one is NOT Kez’s but RED is definately Rob’s color and just the thought of that man, that body naked under red satin sheets is just too good to be ignored!!!


On a side Note: For personal RL reasons TMM will no longer be blogging with us. We will miss her a lot and hope that she stops by once in awhile to say hello. With the loss of TMM And RFM, Rob Attack needs some new Administrators. If you have blog ideas, or would like to write a weekly blog, or even if you would like to write just one, send us an E-mail at and Rita or I will get back to you. Thanks so much!!


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Monday MotU Madness…NSFW!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies. It’s Monday and you know I ain’t about to let you start a Monday off with the Blues. I think we should start it of with RED instead. Red Hot that is. As promised I’m bringing you a “Master of the Universe, Fifty Shades Video” tribute. So Brace youselves and IF you’re working wait till you get home!!! Cause if you don’t and your boss catches you watching this he/she is going to look at you like this…

So just to make sure I have your FULL attention…

Heh heh heh I knew that would work. Oh those hips just Bring all kinds of pervetry to my dirty mind.

This first Fifty Vid is about 98 % Exactly the way I pictured Fifty’s House looking. This thing screams sexy Fifty Shades….

This next lady is just amazing. She makes her own vids, she makes amazing Banners and gifs, Videos, writes FF, Writes sings and produces her own songs and I’m sure there is tons more. I am of course talking about the amazing Betti Gefecht…

This Next one was made by our very own Maggie!!! *waves* Hey BB!! I Love this song with this vid!!

**WARNING** Mild female nudety in this VID!!! If you are easily offended, under 21 or at work STOP NOW!!!

And once again I have to leave you with our very own pervy ol cougar mama’s FABULOUS Work! I swear Melbie! This song is so durhty!! LOL But so fitting for Fifty!!!

Well that’s all from me this week mah friends. Hope you enjoyed your Holiday weekend!

“Laters BBez”



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Monday Madness…Rob is driving.

Hello Everybody *waves*



Good morning Ladies, We all know Rob is notorious for his driving skills or lack there of. But he has more than one way to drive ifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo!

He can drive us crazy as the Sullen Cullen

He can drive us to perverted thoughts just by walking…

Don’t even try to tell me you are not grinning your add off and thinking perverted thoughts!!

He drives us all wild…

Yeah Rob is driving alright, driving me to madness by hiding so well. How is it possible to wish him luck in remaining to well hidden and at the same time wishing you could see him again?

I’d be glad to give you some lessons Rob!

And when I’m done you’ll definately need to crash for awhile *snickers*

Of course it’ll take more than one lesson baby but I’m sure you’ll be a real good student. *evil grin*

I’m sure you’ll hear something similarto this *giggles* especially the “again” part.

See you’re already getting the idea!! LOL

I don’t know about that baby, you definately have me tied up in knots!

*gets sudden visual*




“Laters Baby”



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Fifty Shades…the Movie?!?!

Yes, you heard that right! There are rumors going around the cyber world that the newly published novel Fifty Shades of Grey is going to be made into a movie. In case you live under a rock, that’s Fan fiction’s Master of the Universe by Snowqueens Icedragon. (click here for the news article) Now, whether this is true or not. Whether you love me or not…wait! What? (Sorry, Rob quotes get jumbled in there now and again.) No really, whether this is true or not, it brings up a lot of questions. Here are some of mine:

How the HALE is this going to be just rated R?!?!!?

Who in the world would they get to play Christian Grey?

Would Rob even consider the role?

Would it even make it in theaters or just go straight to DVD?

Would any of us survive the film even if Rob wasn’t cast?

Let’s look at some great quotes of the story with some wonderful Melbie Toast edits and see if it’s even possible.

See? We’re barely getting started and I KNOW I’m already losing a few of you!!! Hang in there! There is much more to come (twss).

Gulp! Do we need to take an intermission? And we thought seeing Bel Ami in the theaters would be tough!! Rob as Fifty would kill us ded!

Oops! I am so sorry, sir! I didn’t mean any disrespect. It’s just that this is oh so hard! (twss) But you do know we have our own RRoP here at the RA mansion to help with discipline problems, right?

Well, the only question that I CAN answer is this. Yes, we will all surely die a wonderfully slow death if this ever were to make it to film. Rob, or not. Because that’s who will be in our minds the entire time!

And how about a f*ckhawt video also by the uber talented Melbie to finish this off right? (NSFW, it’s Fifty. So you know…)

So what to do you think? Can you handle this as a movie? Who would you want to play Christian/Edward if Rob didn’t do it? Share your opinions in the comments! But please remember that we here at RA don’t mind a difference in opinion but we do ask that you be polite and courteous to all. We all love Icy and the wonderful fic that she has written. So let’s show our love and encouragement to her even if this film is never meant to be! Thank you!



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Thrill Me Thursday…Welcome Home!!!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies,
With the New Year here I thought I’d throw us all a little Welcome Home Party and show you all just what the RA Mansion looks like. Everyone can have their own room (post yours in the comments) and there’s lot’s of room for hanging out, partying and well, heh heh whateve…
So Follow me  “Ladies” and I’ll take you on a tour of Our New Home here at the Rob Attack Mansion…

The RA Mansion

  Rob has graciously volunteered to escort each of you to the room of your choice…feel free to show us which room you’d like to have for your very own! And hands off The Pretty..well, unless he makes the first move {snickers}!
(Hey nobody said we couldn’t flirt! LOL)

"Ladies," *nods and grins as he opens the double doors*

 “Come…on in…”

Welcome Home!

I Knows You all like a view from the rear *snickers*

Uh....That's not exactly what I had in mind Rob but heh heh I'm not complaining.

Lovely in the day time, but beautiful at night…

Party Anyone?

We can all catch Rob’s eye as we descend these backstairs stairs…

A Grand Entrance

Anybody up for a dip?

Pool Party With Rob? Hell Yeah!!



I thought you might you might all like to see each of our rooms in the RA Mansion. I’ll start with TheMissMod’s room and a direct quote from her,

“All righty! Here tis, The Mod Suite! I picked this room because it’s the epitome of 60’s cool and I can just see myself grooving to records on the Dansette before settling down in the evening (perhaps waiting for a visit from the House Master) XD All ladies are welcome to share my space and drop by every once in a while, no biggie!


An our Wandering RFM’s Suite, with a direct quote from her, 
” I love the cozy but chic bedroom and I’m all ready to curl up with a book by the window. The only thing that’s missing is this inspirational saying on the walls. Keep Thrusting and Carry On. The sitting room is also a fab place to entertain guests! I can see a night of video game annihilation going on in there, hehe. And if we get a little hungry after all those shenanigans, the kitchen will be fully stocked with hot pockets, Heinekens, cereal of your choosing and and anything else that I don’t have to cook! So whether your into book clubs or slayer games, come hang out with robsfuturemate!  I love the cozy but chic bedroom and I’m all ready to… Keep Thrusting and Carry On hehe… come hang out with robsfuturemate!

Passionate purple

And or very pervy and lovable Rita01tx’s room,
You know, I’m a country girl at heart and my ideal bedroom would have…”
Grandma’s Feather Bed ~ John Denver
“It was nine feet high and six feet wide
Soft as a downy chick
It was made from the feathers of forty-leven geese
Took a whole bolt of cloth for the tick
Itd hold eight kids n four hound dogs
And a piggy we stole from the shed
We didnt get much sleep but we had a lot of fun
On Grandmas feather bed”
To my mind, there’s just nuthin’ better than sinkin’ down into a big ol’ brass bed made up with a soft, thick mattress covered by bout a hundred quilts and lots of downy pillows.
“I can just imagine burrowing under the covers to *ahem* cuddle up to a warm Rob on a real cold Texas night!!”

"We wouldn't get much sleep but we'd have a lot of fun" ~ Rita

 You know what they say Rita, “Save a horse…” heh heh heh. This pic reminds me of a certain FF called “Another Fine Mess!”

 And Of course, Rob has a Penthouse Suite all his own, With a bedroom and a room to relax in.

Had to give Rob a head board he couldn't break *snickers* Unless...


Lastly we have My room.


And Just in case you ever hear this from Rob,…

Wheeee… errr um I mean, We have a room for that here at The RA Mansion too

RROP for Bad girls!

And I know just what your reaction will be to this too…

"Yee Haw!!!"

We have full accomodations here at RA, Music room, game room, kitchens, on suite baths, wine cellar, ballroom and more so you can imagine I had to draw the line some where. I am going to make this a page at the top with all the other rooms I mentioned showing a slideshow so show us how you have chosen to decorate your RA bedroom and stake your RA Mansion claim!!
Much Love to you all,


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Thrill Me Thursday… Wishing on a star…in 50 shades

Hello Everybody *waves*


Dear sistas and friends,

     It’s been an extremely long day for me as I have been awake and moving almost non stop for going on 48 hours. I am fighting to keep my eyes open as I type this. I’ve been out christmas shopping since early this morning. We all know how tough that can be with crowded stores (then add  pushing a wheelchair and pulling a shopping cart to boot! *whew*) On our way home my sister asked me about a specific alignment of stars in the skyand did I know what they were? (duh, do I look like Capernicus??? NO! LOL) But that simple question believe it or not got me thinking about our boyfriend. And I was thinking about RFM’s wish list post too and somewhere the two collided. Now it is stuck in my head and you know what that is like. So I bring you today’s Thrill me Thursday Post in fifty shades of hawtness.

"Star Light"


"Star Bright"


"The only star I see each night"


"I wish I may, I wish I might"


"Have this star to hold each night"


"Star Light"


"Star Bright"


"I'll see you in my dreams tonight"


"I know you will make it right"

Good night My Lovlies

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